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Fractional FD

Do you want to scale your business without committing to hiring a full-time FD? You want to consider hiring a fractional FD. Whether you’re a start-up or an SME, hiring a fractional FD can help you get control of your finances, create a long-term strategy, or prepare for fundraising opportunities.

At FD Capital, we have a wealth of candidates available to work on a fractional or part-time basis. These candidates can work within your organisation on a schedule that works for your organisation, whether it’s a few days a week or a few days a month. We pride ourselves on matching candidates with the specific needs of organisations to help them get the most out of their fractional FD.

Every business will have its own reasons for wanting to hire a fractional FD. You might be considering exploring VC fundraising or your company might need a systems overhaul. Read on to find out more about the benefits of hiring a FD and how FD Capital can help you find the candidate that ticks all the boxes.


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Traditionally seen as a full-time executive overseeing an organization’s financial strategies, a notable evolution has taken place with the advent of Fractional Finance Directors in the United Kingdom. This nuanced approach to financial leadership challenges the traditional notion of a full-time finance executive, offering businesses flexibility, expertise, and cost-effectiveness.

The Rise of Fractional Finance Directors

The concept of a Fractional Finance Director involves engaging a seasoned financial professional on a part-time basis. This departure from the conventional full-time role is driven by the increasing recognition that not all organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), require a constant, full-time commitment from a Finance Director.

How to recruit a Fractional FD for your Business?

Flexibility in Financial Leadership: A Business Imperative

The dynamic nature of the business landscape, coupled with the evolving demands of finance functions, has given rise to the need for flexible leadership. Fractional Finance Directors provide organizations with the ability to access high-caliber financial expertise without the financial commitment of a full-time executive. This flexible model allows companies to scale their financial leadership according to their specific needs, ensuring they have the right level of financial acumen during pivotal stages such as growth, restructuring, or strategic planning.

Strategic Focus: Fractional Finance Directors as Value Creators

Fractional Finance Directors are not mere consultants parachuting in for short-term projects; they play a strategic role in shaping an organisation’s financial health. By focusing on high-impact initiatives, such as financial planning, risk management, and profitability analysis, these experienced professionals contribute directly to the organisation’s value creation and sustainability.

About our Fractional FDs

Our talent pool of financial professionals includes Finance Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Venture Capitalists, and business partners. These professionals are available on a full-time, part-time, and interim basis. They operate within financial management, angel investment, private equity, acquisitions, reorganisations, and growth situations – to name but a few.

At FD Capital, we can oversee the recruitment process, helping you find the perfect Fractional FD that is the idealt match for your company.

Every member of our team has a reputation for building and maintaining strong working relationships. Our financial professionals are also experienced in finance raising, search engine optimisation (SEO), finance modelling, financial accounting, management, and entrepreneurship.

Fractional FDs available immediately

Benefits for SMEs: Tailored Financial Leadership

The Fractional Finance Director model is particularly advantageous for SMEs that may not have the resources to employ a full-time Finance Director. SMEs often face unique financial challenges, and having access to a seasoned professional, even on a part-time basis, can provide them with the strategic guidance needed to navigate complex financial landscapes. This cost-effective solution allows SMEs to tap into the expertise of experienced finance leaders without the financial burden of a full-time commitment.

Financial Strategy and Planning: A Focused Approach

Fractional Finance Directors bring a wealth of experience to the table, allowing organizations to benefit from their strategic insights without committing to a permanent role. These professionals can assess the financial landscape, develop robust financial strategies, and guide organizations through critical decision-making processes. Their focused approach ensures that financial planning aligns with broader business objectives, contributing to long-term financial sustainability.

Risk Management and Compliance

Navigating the regulatory landscape and managing financial risks are critical aspects of financial leadership. Fractional Finance Directors, often well-versed in compliance matters, can provide targeted advice to ensure that financial practices align with current laws and regulations. This focused approach helps organizations mitigate financial risks and navigate the complexities of compliance, safeguarding their financial integrity.

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Are you looking for a London based Fractional FD?
Or a West Midlands based Fractional FD?

At FD Capital, we specialise in London and West Midlands-based interim FDs. Our team members work across the West Midlands and London region, meaning that there’s always someone right on your doorstep. We have a specialist team of highly trained financial professionals with years of experience in the industry that can boost the performance and output of your business.

Our bespoke recruitment service means you’re guaranteed to find the right candidate for your business.

Part-Time FD

Recruit a Fractional FD?

At FD Capital Recruitment, we match businesses with a specialist Finance Director or CFO that fits their needs. We have an ethical approach to our recruitment and handle every assignment professionally and in the strictest confidence. Our leading service is recruiting Finance Directors (FDs).

We streamline our recruitment process, whether you’re hiring on a part-time or full-time basis. FD Capital Recruitment oversees every step of the recruitment process to ensure that you find the perfect match for your company.

What Areas do FD Capital Recruitment Cover?

Part-Time FD

Currently, FD Capital Recruitment is based across London and the South East, Birmingham, and Shropshire. We also have candidates in the Manchester and Leeds areas. With CFOs available throughout these areas to guarantee you the option of a local candidate.  You might be interested in: How to become a CFO a step by step guide from FD Capital Recruitment.

We work with clients who are interested in hiring an interim financial professional to turn around their business, oversee a specific finance project, facilitate investments, or provide cover for sickness or maternity leave.

Whatever your needs are, FD Capital Recruitment is here for you

Fractional FD Recruitment

Technological Integration in Financial Leadership

The modern finance function is increasingly reliant on advanced technologies for efficiency and accuracy. Fractional Finance Directors, equipped with a breadth of experience, can guide organizations in adopting and integrating financial technologies. From implementing robust financial management systems to leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making, these professionals ensure that the organization’s financial processes align with technological advancements in the finance sector.

Challenges and Considerations

While the Fractional Finance Director model offers numerous advantages, it is not without its challenges. Organizations must carefully define the scope of the role, ensuring that the Fractional Finance Director’s responsibilities align with the organization’s strategic financial objectives. Effective communication and collaboration become crucial, as the part-time finance leader needs to seamlessly integrate with existing leadership and finance teams.

Additionally, the Fractional Finance Director must possess exceptional time management and prioritization skills to make a meaningful impact within a limited timeframe. Organizations considering this model should also evaluate the potential impact on team morale and perception, as the presence of a part-time Finance Director may raise questions about the commitment to financial leadership within the organization.

About our Fractional FDs

Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of CFO’s, Part-Time, Interim and of course full time. Our original idea being to bring the skills and experience that CFO’s have gained in larger corporates and plc’s and make them available on a fractional time basis. We have grown and grown and had our busiest year so far in 2020 with some of our team working six days per week. We now recruit more interim and full-time roles than part-time ones.

We operate across the London and south east and West Midlands areas, our ambition is to grow the business to a national operation. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CEO with a strong database of companies we have connections within.

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