FD Headhunters

FD Headhunters

Overseeing your own recruitment requires more time and is more expensive than outsourcing to a professional head-hunter. Leadership positions, including that of Financial Director, are ones you want to find the most suitable candidate for. Working with FD head-hunters will streamline the recruitment process and give you access to the best financial executives on the market.

FD Capital is a specialist recruitment agency and the UK’s leading FD head-hunters with a proven track record of connecting businesses with talented financial executives on a part-time, full-time, or remote basis. Our curated approach to recruitment identifies the individual needs of each client to headhunt an FD who can transform your company.

We’re breaking down the process of headhunting an FD and why you should choose to recruit through a specialist agency like FD Capital Recruitment.

What is a Financial Director?

A Finance Director is a financial executive responsible for overseeing the company’s budget. They work in partnership with managers to plan and analyse budgets for risk management and build reliance. Their daily responsibilities include monitoring cash flow, overseeing financial transactions, and ensuring regulatory compliance,

FDs will work with their CFO or CEO to build a relationship with investors and board members. Having an FD on board gives your company more credibility with an unbiased advisor who can translate financial forecasting for third parties.

The financial forecasting and analysis of an FD will enable risk assessments and cost-saving strategies. An FD may begin their work at a new company by conducting an internal audit and overseeing financial restructuring.

While a Finance Director has similar responsibilities to CFOs, they don’t have c-suite responsibilities. A company can have both an FD and CFO with the FD reporting directly to the CFO. The FD will manage the day-to-day running of the financial department, while a CFO will oversee investor relations and financial strategy.  You might also be interested in our CFO headhunters team.

FD Capital – FD Head-hunters

FD Capital is uniquely placed to connect SMEs, start-ups, and scaling companies with financial executives, including by headhunting FDs. What makes FD Capital different is that we’re a team of entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and investors who understand the needs of businesses and how an FD can support them.

We work with clients to headhunt an FD with the experience and skillset to unlock your company’s potential. Working with a specialist recruitment agency will streamline the process and enable your company to focus on its day-to-day work, while still being involved in the recruitment process. Our team of FD head-hunters can provide shortlist of candidates in as little as 24 hours.

How to Headhunt an FD

Working with a recruitment agency is the most time and cost-effective way to recruit a financial executive. FD Capital has access to an exclusive talent pool of candidates and will streamline the process of head-hunting an FD.

We’ll start the process of headhunting for an FD by identifying the specific needs of your company, including the working terms of the position. This information enables our FD head-hunters to curate the recruitment process to find the most suitable candidate that can hit the ground running.


Why You Should Head-hunt an FD

Growing your company isn’t easy. You need the right team in place to enable your company to realise its potential. There are dozens of benefits of hiring a financial director, but why should you head-hunt one? These two elements go together.

Understanding the importance of the role of FD shows why head-hunting an FD is vital to find the best candidate for your company.

1. FDs Accelerates Company Growth

Financial Directors are responsible for overseeing the company’s financial health and building resilience against market volatility and economic uncertainty. The pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have shown how vital FDs are.

Most FDs start in a new company by conducting an internal audit to understand the company’s position and identify areas of underperformance. They’ll create more efficient and cost-effective systems through restructuring and investing in technology.

A Financial Director’s insights enable companies to raise capital, build a resilient supply chain, and enable risk management. The forecasting and financial strategy of an FD will facilitate better decision making and build credibility with stakeholders.

2. FDs Increase Company Cash Flow and Profit

FDs provide CEOs and company leaders with a new perspective on their finances. They offer an unbiased viewpoint on the company’s financial health and can translate forecasting into a more understandable strategy for stakeholders. The goal of an FD is to create a resilient financial system that will future-proof the company against economic instability and market volatility.

You want to head-hunt an FD who can increase the company’s profit margin and cash flow by identifying risks and market threats, including developing strategies to mitigate them.

FDs will also implement KPIs to monitor the company’s financial health and evolve existing strategies. Working with FD head-hunters allows you to curate your recruitment to find a candidate with experience within your industry.

Your new Financial Director will implement a financial strategy that ensures adequate cash flow. This aspect is vital in a time of market volatility, particularly if your company is vulnerable to supply chain issues.

Head-hunting an FD can also change your company’s financial fortunes. We can head-hunt FDs who specialise in debt refinancing to increase liquidity and implement financial restructuring.

3. FDs Unlock Fundraising Opportunities

Whether your company is a start-up or experiencing rapid growth, head-hunting an FD will build your credibility and unlock fundraising opportunities with banks, investors, and PE houses.

A Finance Director will build relationships with financial institutions and private investors. Financial intuitions are more likely to provide better access to loans and fundraising to companies with an FD on board.

Fundraising is essential for companies to grow and is one of the main reasons why companies are head-hunting FDs. Working with a recruitment agency can connect you with an FD with the skills to take your company to the next level.

Unlock your organisation’s potential by working with a recruitment agency to headhunt an FD who will instantly fit into your company culture. Call our team of FD head-hunters today for a no-obligation consultation at 020 3287 9501.

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