Listed Company CFO

Listed Company CFO

Life as the CFO of a listed company is radically different from operating within a private organisation.

Higher stakes, larger public attention, and investor relations bring their own challenges to listed company CFOs. Unlike their private company counterparts, these CFOs must be prepared for anything with a resilient investment thesis, operating on faster timetables and with hard-stop milestones that must be met.

Listed company CFOs are all about value creation, producing a strong investor story that will support the company’s growth into the future. They’re strategic leaders within public companies, overseeing performance management, nurturing talent development, and taking a high-level overview of the company’s finances. A listed company CFO shouldn’t be afraid to be bold and challenge the status quo.

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The FTSE 100 is calculated by weighing the stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. Companies in the FTSE 100 include household names like the BT Group, Imperial Brands, Kingfisher, and Lloyds Banking Group. FTSE 100 CFOs need a specific skill set to prepare them for navigating the challenges of overseeing the finances of a major publicly traded company.

It’s why over half of FTSE 100 CEOs themselves have a finance background. Today’s CFOs are increasingly stepping up to take the CEO role, making recruiting an FTSE 100 CFO a key part of succession planning within major organisations.

Listed company CFOs at FTSE 100 companies are target-orientated, seeking to link performance with key incentives and develop strong communication between internal and external stakeholders. The CFO will seek to demonstrate tangible proof of performance and growth.

An FTSE 100 CFO must be prepared to be a challenger within their organisation, asking the tough questions, conducting internal audits, and overhauling systems and processes found to be behind the times.

Your listed company CFO should champion bold capital reallocation decisions and act as a bridge between the company and its shareholders, seeking ways to boost long-term value while still making short-term gains.


The FTSE250 Index is the capitalisation-weighted index of the 101st to the 350th largest companies on the London Stock Exchange. Companies are promoted and demoted from the FTSE250 quarterly with FTSE250 CFOs facing many of the same challenges as their FTSE 100 counterparts.

A listed company CFO at an FTSE 250 organisation faces growing uncertainty in today’s economic situation, requiring them to take a proactive approach as a change-maker and driving force behind value creation.

FTSE 250 CFOs must be critical value drivers and engage with every aspect of the company to understand its operations, from supply chains to production and consumer engagement. They’re a multitasker who must understand the interworking of often multinational companies.

Value creation for listed company CFOs requires them to take a non-biased approach to the company’s strategy, finances, and growth. They’ll invest in digital transformation and enterprise planning tools to utilise real-time data and forecasting to ground the decision-making process. Listed company CFOs who are proactive can find natural allies throughout their C-suite team, while also not being afraid to challenge perceived norms if the data points in a different direction.

Standardising data and translating financial forecasting is a vital role for any FTSE 250 CFO. It’s their responsibility to oversee stakeholder engagement and help investors and external partners understand the company’s financial situation and future direction. Implementing KPIs and focusing on performance management empowers CFOs to deliver results and abide by their capital allocation.

AIM Listed Company CFOs

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is a sub-exchange within the London Stock Exchange, designed for small but high-growth companies keen on raising capital to enable expansion. It currently has over 800 listings, including a range of pharmaceutical, technology, and finance companies.

Our talent pool of CFOs with IPO experience includes experts in navigating the AIM market. Companies aiming for an IPO on London’s AIM will value a financial executive with experience in this listed environment.

An effective AIM-listed company CFO will drive a strategy for value creation by focusing on capital structure, growth, and margin expansion. They’re often the second-best person after the CEO to create a consensus around the company’s long-term strategy and operational planning.

CFOs within AIM-listed companies shouldn’t be afraid of thinking outside the box, evolving the company’s portfolio and reallocating resources accordingly.

Are You Looking to Take Your Company Public?

You might be looking for a listed company CFO if you’re preparing for an IPO.

Financial executives with experience working on IPOs or at other listed companies know how to implement a pre-IPO strategy, prepare the company for the realities of going public, and can communicate a credible investor story to potential shareholders.

CFOs with experience at a listed company bring a holistic approach to taking a company to IPO. They can develop a schedule that incorporates achievable deadlines and conduct internal audits to maximise value creation.


CFOs with IPO experience will offer a fresh approach to the company’s finances and operations while not being afraid to challenge existing systems if they’re found to be ineffective. The appointment of a CFO with listed company experience will enhance your company’s credibility with financial institutions.

We recommend starting the process of recruiting a listed company CFO to oversee your IPO as early as possible. Taking a company to IPO is a massive undertaking and will require internal restructuring, external auditing, and developing investor relations.

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Outsourcing your CFO recruitment to a specialist recruitment agency like FD Capital is the most effective way to find a listed company CFO to lead your company’s value creation strategy. FD Capital provides traditional recruitment services and CFO headhunting services, tailoring our recruitment process to fit the requirements of your organisation, for a full 360-degree offering.

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