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Part-Time CFO Recruitment

Do you need a part-time CFO? If so then reach out to us today. We are a team of experienced CFO’s and Finance Directors available on a part-time or Portfolio basis, if you need an executive for a few days per month, a day or more per week then FD Capital Recruitment are perfect for your needs. No need to use an agency and pay expensive fees, come directly to us.

Managing a team, through to IPO’s and due diligence work all of these areas are within the skill set of our team members. Whether you need help with a turnaround situation or to improve the standard of your management information.

Employing a part-time professional has many benefits


Cost effective as you only pay for the time worked. You can employ us one or two days per week or more.


High and strong skill sets mean you get access to a lot of experience.


Credibility with external parties such as lenders, auditors and brokers.


Contact network which can introduce valuable new partners.


Likely to be open to a long term committment, part time doesn’t mean temporary.


Opportunity to bring in new ideas and experience from similar sectors.

It really makes sense to use this approach. Also as circumstances change and your business needs alter you can upscale or down scale the time committment, this is an important consideration if you are in a rapid growth phase, two days per week may make sense now, but in 12 months time, three or four days per week may be more appropriate. If you team is behind and or needs to be restructured you may need more time now, then less in the future, all of these options make commercial sense and work for us.

Working together for clients and candidates

Hiring a Part-Time CFO can be a game-changer for your business. You want to make sure you have mapped out the timeline for the recruitment process and that this is clear for both you and the candidates. It’s a good idea to incorporate hard deadlines for when you want to review CVs or have chosen your candidate by.

When you have a Part-Time CFO, they can give you the tools you need to expand or grow your business to meet your short and long-term goals. At FD Capital, we’ll help you oversee the recruitment process by finding the perfect fractional candidate for you.

We’re able to assist you with finding a part-time, full-time, or interim CFO. You can find out more about our recruitment services by contacting us at 020 3287 9501.

Why choose FD Capital for your Part-Time CFO?

We are CFO’s and FD’s ourselves and therefore know exactly what it means to be a Part-Time CFO and how to work effectively according to the time allocation.

If your business is based in either London and the South East or the West Midlands then our team have a good number of experienced professionals in both of these areas, call us today and we can discuss and introduce you to the ideal match for your requirements.

The majority of our Part-Time CFOs are FCA’s (ICAEW) qualified.


FD Capital Recruitment

FD Capital Recruitment are a specialist FD and CFO recruitment and network, we have an active team of CFO’s available some for an immediate start, plus a large candidate database of people we have met and dealt with before. Our main office is in Great Portland Street London, with a satellite office in Shropshire that covers the Midlands. Trading since 2018 we have grown steadily and now have a near national coverage.

Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of Part-Time Finance Directors and Part-Time CFOs, our idea being to bring the skills and experience that finance directors have gained in larger corporates and plc’s and make them available to SME’s on fractional time basis. We have grown and grown and had our busiest year so far in 2020 with some of our team working six days per week.

We operate across the London and south east and West Midlands areas, our ambition is to grow the business to a national operation. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CFOs with a strong database of companies we have connections within.

Do You Need a Part-Time CFO / Chief Financial Officer?

Part-Time FD

The professionals we’ve placed have made real impacts on the companies they were placed in. They have lead MBO’s, delivered fund raises, undertaken successful refinancing, conducted due diligence and M&A activity, led successful exits and strategic planning whilst also being a key business partner to the CEO and the rest of the board.

Part-Time CFOs should be qualified accountants ideally be ACA or FCA (ICAEW qualified) and should also have extensive experience in dealing with commercial decisions, external stakeholders and other board members.

It’s important to have experience in a financial management role and with effective cost control and cash management. Evidence of strong leadership is important, especially concerning the development of staff, as are excellent communication skills.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on always being friendly and professional, plus our approach reflects that we are team made up of CFO’s and professional recruiters, so you can be sure of talking with someone who knows first hand what your issues and situation is likely to be.  You might be interested in: Why your marketing team needs a strategic CFO.

Many of our team have been entrepreneurs themselves so can really relate to our owner manager client base.

Because we are so experienced we always find the best candidates.

Part-Time CFO

Working with a Finance Director network to find an FD or CFO

An FD network such as our own is a great alternative to working with a conventional senior CFO Recruitment service, as we have a team of Part-Time CFOs ready and waiting to meet your needs, our team typically have many years of Portfolio CFO or Interim CFO work experience and can often start immediately. That gives you and us a significant advantage over traditional recruitment agencies who typically don’t know their candidates very well.

If you are a business owner or CEO thinking of recruiting an FD or CFO, then reach out to us today for an initial chat. We can offer a range of options for you


Part Time


Full Time




Specialists within areas such as Turnarounds or E-commerce and bi-lingual FD’s.

All having at the same time PE house and VC experience.

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