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Why Tech Companies are Recruiting CFOs

The current upheaval within the tech industry is only one reason why more companies are recruiting CFOs to navigate the way forward. The impact of rising costs on consumers and the current macroeconomic uncertainty is forcing tech companies put their growth strategies on hold, reduce spending, and re-think development projects.

Human capital is another concern for tech companies. Increasing interest rates, lower-than-expected earnings, and slow growth have accounted for headline-making layoffs across the UK and internationally. Today’s tech CFOs must navigate an increasingly regulated industry, global supply challenges, and macroeconomic uncertainties.

The role of CFO has long evolved beyond financial management. Many of today’s tech CFOs are tipped to be tomorrow’s CEOs with public profiles to match. We’re experiencing a sharp rise in demand for technology-focused CFOs, including those who successfully delivered on IPO and private equity fundraising.

Recruiting a Tech CFO or FD

Tech CFOs are being nicknamed everything from ‘Chief Future Officer’ to ‘Chief Forward Officer’. A CFO’s impact goes beyond crunching numbers and overseeing the company’s financial health. They develop relationships with key stakeholders and play a vital role in streamlining the company’s operations.

Many of our talent pool of tech CFOs specialise within their role, from leading on debt refinancing to developing supply chain resilience and investing in human capital. Technology companies can view their CFO appointment as a potential successor for the role of CEO to ensure company stability long-term.

Every tech CFOs brings a unique set of contacts, experience, and tools to their role. Many now come from diverse backgrounds beyond traditional accountancy, including operations and management. Our recruiting team will work with you to identify what your company needs from its CFO and to find the most suitable candidate.

What Tech CFOs Contribute to Companies

Tech businesses contribute to companies in several ways, from promoting employee retention to implementing cost-saving measures and overseeing investor relations. FD Capital offers a full 360-degree approach to CFO and FD recruitment with our traditional recruitment and headhunting services. We’ll connect you with a CFO who will help you achieve your company’s short and long-term goals.

Tech CFOs serve two primary functions, overseeing the company’s financial health and protecting its assets. Establishing KPIs is vital to put data and forecasting in context. A tech CFO will invest in technology and software to implement real-time data into the decision-making process and ensure financial transparency.

Every tech company can adapt the role and responsibilities of CFO to meet their needs, whether it’s preparing for an IPO or refinancing the company through private equity.

A CFO’s focus on strategy and forward development makes them an ideal candidate for stepping up to the role of CEO. Tech companies may decide to headhunt a CFO as a potential successor to ensure a seamless CEO transition.

The data and financial insights provided by a CFO will influence the CEO’s decision-making process, making the CEO-CFO relationship crucial for the company’s success. Our tech CFO headhunting service enables CEOs to be actively involved in the recruitment process, while still outsourcing the labour-intensive aspects of it.

A tech CFO provides the company with financial credibility, making them more attractive to traditional financial institutions and private investors. They can negotiate better terms for financial products, including credit lines. Our tech CFOs have extensive networks and connections with venture capitalists and private equity investors, ideal for tech companies exploring their funding options. We recommend recruiting a tech CFO at least three months prior to a funding cycle.

The Challenges Facing Today’s Tech CFOs

Today’s technology CFOs can largely be considered ‘wartime’ appointments as the industry evolves in the face of employee cuts, growing regulations, and growing AI and automation. Tech CFOs are currently experiencing both sides of the coin, whether they’re navigating the economic turmoil or identifying development opportunities to expand a financially sound company.

However, every tech CFO will be facing several similar challenges that they must consider alongside the CEO when developing the company’s financial strategy.

1. Looking Beyond Traditional Tech

Tech companies are increasingly looking beyond traditional tech when searching for new revenue streams. Bringing tech to new industries is opening doors for companies to grow, particularly within manufacturing and retail. The rise of AI and automation is further encouraging tech CFOs to look beyond the traditional confinements of the industry to identify new opportunities.

2. Tackling Macroeconomic Uncertainty

Macroeconomic uncertainty is one of the most pressing challenges that CFOs currently face. Consumer spending is declining during the cost of living crisis, sending product demand downwards with most companies experiencing a reduced market capitalisation.

Tech CFOs need to identify ways to boost margins and increase revenues to maintain growth or ensure adequate cash flow. They are also tackling the current macroeconomic uncertainty by integrating automation, identifying cost-currently measures, and exploring potential mergers and acquisitions if financially viable.

3. Adapting to regulations

Financial regulations are expanding within the tech industry as governments and public agencies evolve regulations in line with innovation. Compliance falls under the CFO’s responsibilities, alongside overseeing risk management. Internal and external regulations may impact the company’s operations.

CFOs within the tech industry are facing growing demands for financial transparency, including from investors. A tech CFO will implement KPIs and invest in business management tools to ensure they oversight on the company’s transactions to be in full compliance with regulations.

What a Tech CFO Will Bring to Your Business

Tech CFOs are leveraging digital tools to unlock data and streamline strategy development. CFOs are increasingly stepping up in leadership roles, moving beyond number crunching to focusing on value creation.

We can think of tech CFOs as having three roles within their company: being an architect creating business value, and a catalysts for change and transformation, while also being responsible for the company’s financial health.

Driving digital transformation

Tech CFOs are being empowered through digital tools to streamline their operations and adopt data-driven decision-making. Digital transformation can promote collaboration with stakeholders, including supply chain partners. CFOs will strive to identify and analyse new data to unlock its potential value for their financial strategy and other C-suite leaders.

Financial planning and analysis through data insights can aid a CFO’s risk management strategy. Digital transformation will provide CFOs with a way to invest in human capital by establishing virtual infrastructures to streamline processes.

Tech CFOs will invest in a variety of digital tools, including cloud technology and AI. Implementing digital infrastructure can make the company leaner and reduce unnecessary spending.

Why You Should Headhunt a Tech CFO or FD

Tech companies are continuing to fill C-suite positions, including in the face of headline-making layoffs across the industry. CFOs are at the forefront of evolving tech companies into the future where there are growing regulatory changes and economic pressures.

However, the expanding role of CFO means they are becoming increasing flexibility. CFOs are now more accessible than ever for start-ups and scaling companies through part-time and remote positions. FD Capital is the UK’s leading financial recruitment agency for tech CFOs and FDs on a full-time, part-time, and interim basis.

We offer a 360-degree approach to recruiting tech CFOs and FDs with traditional recruitment methods and headhunting services. Our CFO headhunting services are ideal for companies in need of a quick placement or who want access to passive candidates who are not exposed to traditional recruitment.

Recruiting through our headhunting service offers companies several benefits when searching for a tech CFO:

1. High-Quality Candidates

Our headhunters are experts within the technology and financial industry with access to high-quality candidates who aren’t actively exposed to traditional recruitment processes. These candidates are at the top of their field and not actively applying for roles.

FD Capital has a talent pool of high-quality candidates that we can approach with a suitable opportunity. We have a close relationship with candidates throughout the industry and across the UK, including tech CFOs with experience in private equity.

Headhunting offers companies an expanded talent pool of candidates with the skills and experience that tech businesses at every stage of development are seeking.

2. Shorter Recruitment Times

Tech companies don’t always have time on their side when recruiting a CFO. Economic uncertainty and industry changes are driving companies towards recruiting CFOs who can deliver a proactive strategy.

Our headhunters can work on short deadlines by streamlining each step of the recruitment process. We can provide a shortlist of candidates within as little as 24 hours. Headhunters also provides tech companies with confidentiality, especially if you’re recruiting after a difficult exit or want to minimise public attention.

3. Risk Management

Not every candidate will be the right fit for your company. Headhunters lower the risk of poor candidate selection as they know the specific requirement the company has and what they need from their candidate. Headhunters have access to a wider talent pool to find a candidate with the skills and experience to fit into the company’s long-term strategy and culture.

Headhunters adopt a proactive hiring strategy, whereas traditional recruiters are reactive. Our headhunting team will provide you with access to high-quality candidates and increase your chance of finding a CFO who ticks all the boxes.

When Should You Hire a Tech CFO?

There is no perfect time to hire a tech CFO. We’re seeing companies within the tech industry recruiting CFOs at various stages of their life cycle. It’s worth noting that the current position of your company will largely determine what type of tech CFO you’re searching for.

1. Recruit as soon as it is financially viable

The rise of part-time CFOs and FDs means that companies can make it financially viable to recruit at an earlier stage in their life cycle. Hiring a tech CFO is an investment in your company and its future strategy. A part-time CFO can put systems and processes in place early to future-proof your organisation.

2. When exploring fundraising options

Raising capital is easier to achieve when you have a CFO on board. They’ll implement a risk management strategy and provide your tech company with financial credibility. Tech CFOs and FDs have relationships with traditional financial institutions, private equity houses, and venture capitalists.

CEOs without prior fundraising experience will want a CFO on board to navigate the process and develop a convincing investment thesis.

3. When company finances become complicated

As your tech company grows, its finances become more complicated. It’s no longer a simple case of expenses going out and revenue coming in. A CFO will put financial systems and oversight in place that accounts for every penny and ensures compliance is met throughout.

4. During growth periods

Tech companies commonly recruit a CFO during periods of significant growth to navigate new markets and excess capital and determine future investments. Expanding your company comes with new regulatory requirements and new markets to navigate. The first step you should take before undertaking your growth strategy is to start recruiting a CFO.

5. When regulatory compliance becomes complicated

As your tech company grows, you’ll be dealing with more regulatory compliance. If your CEO does not have a finance background, you’ll want to hire a part-time CFO to ensure your company meets compliance regulations.

A tech CFO’s fiduciary duties include regulatory oversight. Our talent pool of candidates has its finger on the industry pulse, understanding where regulatory momentum is sitting and how to prepare companies for impending changes.

Recruit Your Tech CFO or FD Today

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Our hands-on approach to recruitment starts by identifying the individual needs of your company to select a tech CFO who will fit into your company culture and hit the ground running.

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