How We Work

How We Work

FD Capital enables companies to unleash their potential with industry-leading FDs and CFOs who can deliver rapid growth, increase valuation, and oversee M&As.

Our team of CFOs,  FDs and more recently Financial Controllers, are available for an immediate start with many being experts in working with private equity and in the tech industry. FD Capital are based in London with a presence across the UK.

We strive to empower both our clients and candidates with a hands-on approach to recruitment, keeping our finger on the industry’s pulse as the roles of FD and CFO evolve beyond financial management.

Our goal is to streamline the CFO and FD recruitment process and find the right candidate to fill every role.   Read more here about how FD Capital likes to make a difference.

FD Capital offers recruitment services for fractional and permanent financial executives, alongside FD and CFO headhunting services. We offer a full 360-degree approach to recruitment.

No two recruitment processes are the same. Our team has over 20 years of recruitment experience with a portfolio of candidates who have worked with private and public companies. Our headhunting and traditional recruitment services provide access to both active and passive candidates.

We’ll work with you to identify your company’s needs, address the skills gap, and determine what you need from an FD or CFO.

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Our FD and CFO Recruitment

Industry Leading FDs/CFOs

You want an FD or CFO who can hit the ground running and deliver real change. Our candidates have a proven track record of transforming companies, delivering IPOs, and scaling start-ups.   Read our press release page to keep up to date with our industry news and events.  FD Capital is your centre for FD and CFO Recruitment based in London with a national coverage.

The Evolution of the CFO Role

The role of CFO is evolving at a lightning pace. Gone are the days of number crunching and spreadsheet juggling. Our candidates tick all the boxes as strategists with communication, finance, and operational experience.

London and Beyond

Our FDs and CFOs are available to work for London-based companies and throughout the UK, as well as working on a remote basis. We’ll help you find a local candidate who knows your industry and niche.

FD Capital is a long-term business partner with our clients, invested in your success and dedicated to finding the best recruitment options for your FD and CFO needs.

Companies are investing in FDs and CFOs to provide credibility with financial institutions, boost investor confidence, and lead investment in AI and automation to enhance efficiency and real-time data forecasting.

Fractional and Part-Time

You don’t need a FTSE 500 budget to recruit a CFO or FD. Dozens of our financial executives are available to work on a part-time or fractional basis. You’ll get access to industry-leading experts without the financial burden of a full-time leadership position.

20+ Years’ Experience

Many of our experts have over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, completing hundreds of successful placements. We have a wide talent pool of potential FD and CFO candidates to pull from, as well as conducting traditional recruitment.

Meet FD Capital


FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency, specialising in connecting companies with CFOs and FDs, including on a part-time and remote basis. Our leadership team includes financial professionals and entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in financial recruitment.

We have an unbeatable reputation for our hands-on approach to recruitment, tailoring the process to the needs of every client. We’ll start the recruitment process by identifying the specific needs of your company to find the most suitable candidate.   If you are a candidate looking for roles, make sure to visit our Finance Director Jobs and CFO Jobs Board on a regular basis.

Why not tune into our podcasts?  We publish new episodes regularly on topics of interest including Fintech and Private Equity.

Scale Your Business

Our experienced FDs and CFOs have been at the forefront of innovation, working with household names, SMEs, and start-ups. They’ll unleash your company’s potential and implement a strategy for rapid growth.

The CEO-CFO Partnership

We know how vital the CEO-CFO relationship is to deliver a successful strategy. Our recruitment team works alongside CEOs to identify exactly what they want from their ideal candidate.

Affordable Recruitment Options

Take your start-up or SME to the next level with our affordable part-time, fractional, and remote recruitment options. We’re making CFO and FD experts more accessible than ever to help the next generation of industry-defining businesses.

Successful Exit Strategy

Are you looking to exit your business? Our FDs and CFOs have extensive experience in navigating successful exit strategies and increasing company valuation prior to M&As and private equity investment.

Boost Your Fundraising Strategy

Unlock your company’s fundraising potential by recruiting an FD or CFO. They’ll build credibility with private investors and financial institutions, enabling you to access capital and expand your fundraising efforts to meet your growth plans. If you are looking for private equity funding, then talk with our team as we have extensive contacts within the London Private Equity space, and have great candidates with lots of PE funding experience.

UK’s Leading CFO and FD Recruiter

FD Capital is proud to be the UK’s leading provider of CFO and FD headhunting and recruitment services. We’re based in Great Portland Street in London with satellite offices across the UK.

Designed to Work for You

Our goal is to streamline the CFO and FD recruitment process to meet your company’s needs. We build flexibility into the process, tailoring each step to suit your specific requirements. Our headhunters can provide a list of potential candidates at short notice.

Remote or In-Person

We’re evolving with the industry. Our FDs and CFOs are available to work in-house, remotely, or on a hybrid basis.

Risk Management

Outsourcing your FD and CFO recruitment reduces risks and is a more time and cost-effective alternative to internal recruitment. We guarantee to find the most suitable candidate for your company.

Taking the Next Steps

We strive to connect start-ups and SMEs with industry-leading financial professionals.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation call with us today to learn more about our recruitment and headhunting services. Members of our recruitment team have over 20 years of experience with a network of candidates throughout the UK and beyond.

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