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Chief Financial Officer or CFO

Whether you are looking to recruit a CFO or you want to apply for a position as one, then FD Capital Recruitment is the prefect choice for you.

Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer Recruitment is all we do; our specialist team have many years of experience working with businesses and their owners to find the right CFO for them.

We offer a bespoke service, so whatever your sector or your location we have the network and expertise to find the right candidate that fits your needs.


Over half of all FTSE 100 CEO positions are financial professionals, showing how significant it is that you find a quality CFO. Finances have always been the backbone of any business, but it has taken on new importance in recent years. Your CFO works in partnership with the CEO to drive the business forward. Gathering the data and information is only half the battle, as the CFO is the person who will analyse the information and provide the commentary to help it make sense to the rest of the company.

This data feeds into the strategic goals of the organization and brings them to fruition. More of the finance side of every business is becoming automated. You no longer need a full financial department for your business. Thins like your payroll and expenses can be automated with the help of a Chief Financial Officer who oversees the process and ensure the data capture is correct. Any CFO has big shoes to fill, meaning it can be difficult to find the person who is the right fit.

You want someone who will be able to analyse your financial data and interpret it in a way that allows them to develop a strategic plan to meet your business growth or expansion goals. An CFO has to be able to continually interpret information and make accurate forecasts to facilitate decision-making within the organization.  A CFO with a background ofVC funded business can also assist with VC fundraise.

A CFO should be able to understand the changes that are ongoing within the global environment – including economic, political, and technological change. They should understand shifts in consumer behavior and the growing trend of ‘activist’ investors who wreak havoc on the stock market with a social-justice mission.You’re going to rely on your CFO to use their interpersonal skills to communicate their findings and predictions to everyone from key stakeholders to employees in the organization.

Here are some of our specialisms:-

  • Technology CFO – The tech sector continues to grow rapidly and is one of our key focus areas.
  • SaaS CFO – Software as a service is a model we know particularly well.
  • ERP CFO – Enterprise Resource Planning connecting data points together and using that to accurate business insights.
  • Fintech CFO – Finance and Technology go hand in hand in the 21st century.
  • E-Commerce CFO – making the most of the online sales channel is the future for so many businesses.

CFO Recruitment and Executive Search

Part-Time FD

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach. We always handle each assignment and opportunity with the same professional and confidential. Recruiting Chief Finance Officers / CFO recruitment is one of our mains strengths. We can find the perfect candidate for you either on a Part-Time or Full-Time basis.


At FD Capital, we can oversee the recruitment process and find you the Chief Financial Officer that is the perfect match for your company. We’ve worked with dozens of companies who have previously had little to no luck during the hiring process. Most of our CFO’s are ICAEW members.

CFO Interim Management

Look no further! Our team specialise in Interim and Part-Time CFO’s or FD’s and if you are a privately owned company, then you’ll enjoy working with our us, as some of our team have 12 years or more years experience as shareholders in their own private companies, so are very familar with working in the SME and family owned businesses. If you need a CFO interim then we have some of the best CFO’s on our books already.

We offer a strong record of achievement. Very commercial and strategic outlook. Able to guide, mentor and develop members of staff, or else roll up our sleeves and just get stuck in ourselves!

Virtual CFO Recruitment

A new option which has increased hugely recently is to recruit a Virtual CFO, the benefit being that you can recruit nationally rather than being limited by your geographic area.

If you are thinking of a remote or virtual Chief Financial Officer for your business make sure to reach out to FD Capital we have a team who have been doing just that, and working from home for the last year so are really used to the challenges that this brings. Here are FD Capital Recruitment we are specialists in part-time and virtual finance directors, if you are open to this type of role for your business then reach out to us today on 020 3287 9501 we will find the perfect candidate for your requirements. Over the last 18 months businesses have realised the potential and benefits of remote working and are embracing this work model. We are getting increasing interest in part-time roles. Call us and let us help your business go virtual.

We have professionals based in London and the West Midlands who are available for immediate starts.

Working together for clients and candidates

Hiring a CFO can be a game-changer for your business. You want to make sure you have mapped out the timeline for the recruitment process and that this is clear for both you and the candidates. It’s a good idea to incorporate hard deadlines for when you want to review CVs or have chosen your candidate by. When you have a CFO, either full-time or fractional, they can give you the tools you need to expand or grow your business to meet your short and long-term goals. At FD Capital, we’ll help you oversee the recruitment process by finding the perfect candidate for you. We’re able to assist you with finding a part-time, full-time, or interim CFO. You can find out more about our recruitment services by contacting us at 020 3287 9501.

Our interim and search teams work closely together, supported by a dedicated team of researchers. They use their combined expertise to identify and engage a well-matched candidate shortlist for every opportunity.

Recruiting a CFO for your business?

If you are a business looking to recruit a new Chief Financial Officer to help guide your business, give our specialist CFO team a call. We would be delighted to assist you find the right candidate for you and your organisation.

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