Temporary Finance Director

Are you looking for a Temporary Finance Director or CFO?

Here at FD Capital Recruitment we offer experienced Temporary Finance Directors with broad experience of commercial & turnaround roles plus PE/VC backed transactions.

Do you need a Temporary Finance Directors available on part-time or project basis?  Our team are very approachable and helpful, please call us on 020 3287 9501. We all understand the importance of customers and working with family or private equity owned businesses.   We are actively seeking new and interesting regular financial Director or non-executive roles.   Our team has substantial MBO / VC / PE experience so are well placed to assist with fund raising both for debt and equity.

Do you need a Temporary Finance Directors for a strategic, commercial and financial management role?  If so then reach out to us today.

We have lots of acquisition, disposal, profit improvement, systems and cash flow management experience, both in private/family owned limited companies and groups.

How to recruit a Temporary Finance Directors for my Business?

Look no further!  Our team specialise in Part-Time FD’s or CFO’s and if you are a privately owned company, then you’ll enjoy working with our us, as some of our team have 12 years or more years experience as shareholders in their own private companies, so are very familar with working in the SME and family owned businesses.

We offer a strong record of achievement. Very commercial and strategic outlook. Able to guide, mentor and develop members of staff, or else roll up our sleeves and  just get stuck in ourselves!

About our Temporary Finance Directors

Specialties include: finance director, financial director, part-time finance director / FD, exit, disposals,commercial finance, due diligence, part-time finance, outsourced finance, financial management, interim finance, CFO, FD, FC, business partner, ICT, venture capitalist, VC, venture capital, PE, private equity, angel investment, NED, non-exec director, acquisitions, reorganisations, turnarounds and growth situations. All with a record of developing and maintaining strong working relationships.

Our experienced Finance Directors have a demonstrated history of working in a wide range of sectors. Skilled in financial modelling, finance raising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting and Management. Strong finance professionals, many of whom are FCA qualified.

Are you looking for a London based Temporary Finance Director? Or a West Midlands based Temporary Finance Director / FD?

Then give some thought to using the FD Capital network.  Often you will deal directly with a principle so no marked up fees.  We have team members across London and in the West Midlands so you’ll always be dealing with someone local to your business.   Most of our team are ICAEW qualified.

The benefits of a Temporary Finance Directors / FD’s

Here are just some of the benefits :-

  • Access to the skills sets of an experienced professional.
  • Support from our network.
  • Fractional time = fractional costs, one day a week can still represent a lot of value add.
  • Improved credibility with banks and external partners.  We have some great testimonials from banks where we have made a big difference with finance functions.
  • Welcomed by private equity houses, we already have a good working relationship with many of the houses.
  • Introductions we can make to funders and advisors.
  • We can help you recruit finance professional to upskill your finance function, our team have a lot of recruitment experience and connections.
  • Bring in new ideas and approaches from similar or related industries.

Acquisitions and disposals specialist plus turnaround situations.

Do you need a specialist E-Commerce FD?

Do you need help to move your business online? If so we have FD’s available with more than 12 years ecommerce experience, so we can help you capture more from going digital.  Given our recent experience getting your online strategy right is now more important than ever.   Getting your online channel working effectively is more important than ever in the post pandemic world.

If that sounds of interest or you know someone who could use the skills that a Part-Time FD can offer, then reach out to us today and we can have a chat and or a meeting to see how we can work with you.

We have Temporary Finance Directors available now for an immediate start.

Often our team members keep some days a month spare for extra capacity so it is often the case that we have someone available for an immediate start, which is great if you have an urgent requirement.

If you are a company who is considering hiring a Temporary Finance Director / CFO then please call us to discuss your requirements.

Employing a Temporary Finance Directors provides an ideal solution. If you are looking to move your business forward and don’t wish to pay a full-time salary, then look no further.

Temporary to Permanent and Part-Time to Permanent

Temporary FDMany of our team are interested in temporary roles that have the potential to become permanent, this can be a great way to test out a candidate and see if the Chemistry is right with the rest of the senior management team before you commit to a permanent appointment.

FD Capital Recruitment is well known as a provider of Part-Time FD’s so we can offer another option which is Part-Time to Permanent, here you take on an FD on a long term basis but fractionally employed, which can mean anything from a few days per month upwards.  Then as your business scales up, the time commitment increases until that role becomes permanent.  It is a great option particularly for high growth companies that are looking for a fund-raise as the time commitment gradually builds up.  Reach out to our team today and ask them about our Part-Time to Permanent options, we recently wrote a blog post on this topic which you can find here :- Part time to Permanent Finance Directors.

Recruit a Temporary FD or CFO

Make sure to speak with the FD Capital Recruitment team, we cover London and the West Midlands areas but also the Oxford, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds areas.   Call our main number and we will find you the perfect candidate, we have specialists and generalists all available at short notice ready for an immediate start.  We also have an experienced team of Portfolio Finance Directors who have spare capacity and can often be available at short notice.