Part-Time Saas Finance Director

Part-Time SaaS Finance Director

Software as a Service or SaaS for short is the term given to the technology business model which is built around recurring revenue, typically on a monthly or annual basis.

Are you looking for a low cost way to bring an experienced senior financial professional onboard?  Then an ideal solution to consider is to bring in a Part-Time Finance Director or Part-Time CFO, which we can help with!

Here at FD Capital Recruitment we specialise in FD’s and CFO’s of all kinds.  Part-Time, Interim and Full-time Finance Directors and CFO’s are what our business is all about.

The SaaS business model

SaaS Finance DirectorSaaS businesses go through an intial development phase which is usually cash intensive as resources are needed to develop the produce or solution and the business is pre-revenue.

The business then moves into the revenue phases where sales are made and subscribers are built up.   There is a lot of investor interest in this type of business, and Venture Capitalist and Private Equity houses are keen to get involved. You might be interested in: How To Create Winning Investor Pitch Decks to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

The final phase for a SaaS business is its exit which hopefully brings substantial rewards to its founders and shareholders.

How can an FD or CFO help

During each phase of a SaaS business lifecycle an FD or CFO can add value, in the initial stage they can produce pitch decks, and financial models to support a fund raise.

The the growth phrase an FD can track and report on progress and monitor progress against target and budget.

In the exit phase and FD can help with due diligence and negogiations with prospective buyers.

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We regularly advertise roles, check out our Job Board for our latest ones.

Our dedicated Saas Finance Director page can be found here.

How can a SaaS Finance Director add value?

Actively outreaching to funds and investors is one of the main tasks that a SaaS business needs to undertake to get the companies name out there and to get VC’s and PE houses interested.  Producing the usual management information is a given, supported by metrics that are invaluable to the Management team of a SaaS company, these include, Churn Rates, Average Revenue per subscriber and of course tracking the value of a company based on its forecasts for growth and market penetration.

How can FD Capital Recruitment support a SaaS Business.

FD Capital Recruitment are well known in London and increasingly around the Country as a niche provider of Finance Directors and CFO’s.   We put forward candidates with great previous SaaS track records, so you can be sure, that your senior financial professional will have an existing great background in this sector and can therefore hit the ground running.

At FD Capital we offer Part-Time FD’s and CFO’s all with strong previous SaaS track records.  We are well know for finding the very best candidates in the market.

As we are Finance Directors ourselves we really understand the SaaS model and one of our founders owned and ran their own technology businesses for 12 years so we are better placed than anyone to understand the requirements of SaaS.

No matter what stage your SaaS business is in, we can help find you the ideal candidate, for initial fund raising, your roll out stage or your exit phase.  Our team have great experience in all of these phases.

Here is a great video that covers the model and its key metrics.

If you need help with other your other executive recruitment make sure to reach out to our team and explain your requirements, we now have an executive recruitment team that can help with all your needs.  We are a network of experienced FD’s and recruiters working together, matching the best candidates with our clients.  We regularly advertise roles, check out our Finance Director Job Board for our latest ones.

We are based in Great Portland Street, London, but also have a national coverage.  So no matter where your business is based if its a SaaS model then we can help you make it a success.

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