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Digital innovation and technology continue to move at the speed of lightning. Every business needs to be focusing on staying ahead of the curve and reacting quickly to changes within their industry. One area where you’re guaranteed to see changes in the role and responsibility due to technology is that of Finance Director. A specialist Technology Finance Director might sound like a foreign concept for now – but we expect them to become a staple of the c-suite leadership team within the next decade.

The financial sector is no strange to innovation and technology change. If you want to be making the most effective and insightful decisions possible, you need to be leveraging technology to work in your favour. Having a Technology Finance Director can help you become savvier with your budget, streamline your system, and produce processes to make your business boost productivity.

For your business to thrive – and survive – you can’t afford to overlook the technological role of a modern finance director and how the role is increasingly becoming one of its own.

If you’re recruiting for a technology FD ie an FD with a background in technology businesses, you want to find someone with previous experience within the technology industry and who is prepared to hit the ground running. At FD Capital Recruitment, our database of candidates includes high-performance individuals with a proven track record within the technology sector.

The changing role of financial director

The tech industry is always developing, stretching into other industries and niches to have an impact on our day-to-day business operations. This evolution has an impact on the roles and responsibilities of finance directors, who have seen their positions drastically change within the last decade.

Previously, the FD was the go-to person to look at and deal with traditional administration tasks, including auditing the company and planning the budget for the incoming year. Most of this work was manually done by the FD with their small team, relying on themselves to provide the insights and data analysis to feedback to the leadership team.

While these responsibilities are the same, how FDs go about them have changed. Technology Finance Directors operate both inside and outside the industry niche, leveraging their skills to utilize the latest technology to develop their strategic insight and implementation of the strategy.

The growing changes within the tech sphere have caused operations to grow at a pace that outdoes that of education. It’s not unusual for a financial director to find themselves grappling with a new system that they’ve never seen before.

Today’s financial directors need to be more IT proficient than ever before to keep up with the times and meet the needs of their job description.

Technology Finance Director


A Technology Finance Director needs to use their skills and knowledge within the tech industry to think innovatively to produce systems and strategies to encourage long-term growth. They’ll want to analyse data and AI systems to ensure that the company’s finances are in good working order while being a positive influence on the development of future policy and strategy for the company.

While planning, auditing, and developing strategy are universal for all FDs, a Technology Finance Director will be expected to use the latest in technical innovation to fuel this work. See also our Software as a Service Finance Director page.

Embracing change with technology financial directors

Digital transformation continues to evolve every year. If your organisation is in a disruptor market – like fintech – you want your team to be up-to-date with all the latest technological developments concerning finance and business strategy.

Hiring a technology FD means that you’ll have someone on your team who can embrace the challenges of an ever-changing digital sphere. They can utilize data to see what your consumers want from the business while tailoring systems to meet the evolving needs of the company. Having an FD with technological experience can be a massive benefit for the day-to-day running of your business.

A technology FD can identify emerging trends, leverage the latest software, and budget for necessary systems like cloud migration to improve the overall running and business operations. Without a technology FD on your team, it’s easy for your business to get left behind and miss out on opportunities to get ahead of the curve.

The skills to look for in a technology finance director

Technology has the potential to revolutionise the day-to-day running of your business. You can take previously manual tasks and create workflows and CRMs to make them automated and controlled to free up your workforce and make them more efficient and productive.

A technology FD will be able to analyse and act on this data and knowledge gathered by AI systems. They can develop crucial insights into where the company should invest for technological growth, including the value of cloud usage and functions like pay per play. These tasks feed into responsibilities like decision-making and forecasting.

Your technology finance director will need to be analysing the need for technological investment within your business regularly. They’ll choose the best digital tools to create tailored outcomes and unlock potentially hidden opportunities for growth within the business.

Whether you’re a technology business or one looking to evolve to meet the growing changes in digital technology, a technology FD can be a gamechanger for your business or organisation.

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