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Do you need a Turnaround FD?

If you business is going through a troubled period of trading, then drawing on the skill set of a turnaround specialist may be the right decision for your business. Taking tough decisions and restructuring a business is often the right thing in the long term.

A fresh pair of eyes.


Bringing in a specialist who knows how to restructure and refinance a business, and to review your business with a fresh pair of financial eyes is what a turnaround FD does.  It takes a particular combination of skills to be a successful turnaround specialist.  What is needed:-

  • A robust personality.
  • Ability to drive through change often in the face of opposition.
  • Capability to quickly appraise a business and make good decisions often in a pressured situation.
  • Experience from similar or relevent situations that can be adapted and applied.
  • A good understanding of debt finance and how lenders appriase requests.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.

We have a reliable team available with these skills and strong contacts within the broker community so we can access specialist debt brokers as required.  Many of our strongest candidates are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants.


Our goal at FD Capital is to match you with a CFO or FD who is the perfect fit for your company and long-term goals. Whatever way you’ve come across a candidate, there are a few abilities and skills that you want to be looking for.Interpersonal skills:

  • Your FD will deal with everyone from investors to clients and employees.
  • Strong modelling skills particularly with MS Excel.
  • Good knowledge of how banks evaluate businesses in distress and what they require to unlock funds in a distressed situation.
  • They need to have the diplomatic skills to present the company in the best light.
  • Data analytical skill:  The key role of an FD is to analyse the data around your business to facilitate forecasting and performance analysis.Innovative creativity:
  • Your FD needs to be able to come up with innovative solutions to resolve problems within your company and create growth opportunities.
  • Relationship with CEO: A CFO or FD often steps into the shoes of the CEO, working directly alongside time.
  • You want to make sure you have a good rapport and connection with the candidate.
  • Professional network: Your CFO or FD should have a network of professionals across the industry that they can call upon to help with everything f rom forecasting to fundraising
  • Proven Track record at business recovery / turnarounds.
  • Good HR skills and expertise.
  • Previous restructuring experience.

It takes a particular skill set to steer a business through a period of troubled trading, distressed and turnaround situations are often similar from one company to another, so experience of previous companies in the same situation is a key skill that we use to select candidates for this type of role.   Candidates need to be robust, be able to thrive under pressure and support and guide a board through challenging decisions.  Often this means restructuring and reducing headcount, and sometimes replacing employees who have been onboard for a long period with new recruits whose skills are better matched to a changed business environment.

A team player is essential as the CFO/MD will need support, and close working is required with the HR team, both internal and through liason with external advisors.

Business Recovery Plan

If your business needs an urgent recovery or turnaround plan, reach out to us today and we can prioritise the allocation of suitable professionals to come into your business and get turning things around. Here at FD Capital we have an extensive database and team of FD’s and CFO’s who have been through these challenging periods of trading before, and are ready to step in and support your business during a period of change and transition. Our team can help on a Part-Time, Interim / short term or Full Time / long term basis.

So if your current FD is departing or needs to be replaced with a stronger candidate, we can step in on an interim basis and at the same time support your organisation with a long-term replacement strategy.

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Why use FD Capital?

Our team have been involved with the restructures of across many sectors and with many different business sectors ranging from B2B, technology through to transport.  We have experience, with financial modelling and can help you to plan, and implement cost reductions, and work with your bank to secure fresh or refinancing for your business.   We also have good connections with different lenders and financial intermediaries.  We have Part-time FD’s and Full Time FD’s plus CFO’s available for turnaround projects.  You might be interested in: Where your turnaround strategy is going wrong.

FD Capital Recruitment

FD Capital Recruitment are a specialist FD and CFO recruitment and network, we have an active team of FD’s and CFO’s available some for an immediate start, plus a large candidate database of people we have met and dealt with before. Our main office is in Great Portland Street London, with a satellite office in Shropshire that covers the Midlands. Trading since 2018 we have grown steadily and now have a near national coverage.  Our team members have extensive business recovery and turnaround experience.

Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of Part-Time Finance Directors, our idea being to bring the skills and experience that finance directors have gained in larger corporates and plc’s and make them available to SME’s on fractional time basis. We have grown and grown and had our busiest year so far in 2020 with some of our team working six days per week a lot of which was turnaround related work.

We operate across the London and south east and West Midlands areas, our ambition is to grow the business to a national operation. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CEO’s with a strong database of companies we have connections within.

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