Finance Directors in the Capital

Finance Directors in the Capital

At FD Capital, we connect companies with FDs across the world. While we work with companies across the UK and beyond, we’re based in the capital. London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world with start-ups and scaling companies that are dominating every industry.

The world is changing – even for CFOs in London. FD Capital is London’s leading financial recruitment agency with a focus on recruiting CFOs and FDs. The pandemic has changed London and the financial industry.

There’s a new-found flexibility for FDs with many choosing to work on a part-time, remote, and interim basis. Recruiting a CFO or FD in London requires industry knowledge and specialist recruitment skills. It’s where FD Capital excels.


We’ve built an undisputed reputation for our curated recruitment process with a mission to connect companies with the best finance directors in the industry.

Why should you hire a Finance Director in London? What is the best way to hire a CFO or FD in London? We’re sharing the reasons why London companies are recruiting FDs and the benefits of hiring your Finance Director through a recruitment agency.

The Benefits of Hiring an FD in London

Making a name for your company in London isn’t easy. Whether you’re applying for fundraising or preparing for the impending recession, a CFO is one of the most versatile leadership positions in an organisation.

The role of the FD has evolved beyond number crunching and financial forecasting. An FD is essentially a ‘Chief Future Officer’ within an organisation, preparing it for the future and helping to drive growth.

We’re sharing three of the benefits of hiring a FD in London that will transform your company.

1. Accelerates Company Growth

Few companies in London can undergo rapid growth without a FD. The financial responsibility of a FD includes overseeing the company’s financial health and preparing it for the potential of future instability.

London companies become more efficient and cost-effective when they have a CFO on board. Most CFOs will join a company and conduct an internal audit to understand the company’s position and identify areas of underperformance.

It’s common for London companies to approach FD Capital to hire an FD when they are preparing for rapid growth. The insights an FD offers London companies enable them to plan, raise capital, and build a resilient supply chain.

The forecasting and financial strategy of a FD ground the decision-making process of London companies. An FD is one of the best investments you can make in your London company.

2. Increase Profit and Cash Flow

When a London company hires an interim FD, they instantly get a new perspective of their company’s finances. An FD provides an unbiased viewpoint on the company’s financial health. The goal of an FD is to future-proof the company against economic instability and market volatility by creating a resilient financial system.

FDs are proven to increase a company’s profit margin and cash flow as they can identify risks and threats, including put plans in place to mitigate them. Part of their work includes implementing KPIs to monitor the company’s financial health.

London’s current cost of living crisis and incoming recession makes cash flow even more vital. The benefit of hiring an FD is that they can implement a financial strategy to ensure adequate cash flow.

An FD can also transform the finances of a London company struggling financially. They’ll focus on debt refinancing and increasing liquidity to boost their financial health. A London CFO oversees every part of the company’s finances, from working with PE houses on fundraising to overseeing payroll decisions.

3. Spearheading Fundraising

At FD Capital, we typically work with London companies recruiting an FD to oversee their fundraising efforts. Whether your company is a start-up or seeing rapid growth, a FD will engage with investors, banks, and PE houses for fundraising.

A Finance Director will act on behalf of the company to build relationships with banks and investors. Financial intuitions are more likely to work with London companies that have a FD on board, providing them with better access to loans and fundraising.

Fundraising is essential for a London company to grow. Your organisation is more likely to succeed when they have a FD who has the skills and experience to spreadhead the organisation’s fundraising.

Working with a recruitment agency can enable a CEO to find anFD who they can build a winning partnership with. The FD/CEO relationship is vital to the fundraising success of any London company.

When Should You Hire a CFO in London?

Timing is everything. There are several stages when London companies can benefit from recruiting a CFO, whether on a part-time or full-time basis. CFOs can enter companies at various stages of their life cycle, from fundraising efforts to periods of accelerated growth.

You should hire a CFO for your London company at a time when you need extra financial support. It’s easy to think that CFOs are only brought in at positive times. An interim CFO can change the financial fortunes of your company by putting it back on the right track.

CFOs will put financial systems in place to produce higher cash flow liquidity, ensure supply chain resilience, and improve financial health.

A London company doesn’t need to be making multi-millions in profit to hire a CFO. At FD Capital, we work with companies to recruit FDs and CFOs on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis. The flexibility of an FD position means that smaller companies can access the skills and knowledge of London’s leading financial executives.

How to Hire an FD or CFO in London?

FD Capital exists to streamline the recruitment process for London companies hiring FDs and CFOs. The evolving role of financial directors and CFOs means that companies are approaching the positions with new eyes. Most of our portfolio of Finances Directors are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants.

We work with our clients to identify their specific needs, including their company’s skills gap. FD Capital curates the recruitment process with a hands-on approach to connect London companies with a Finance Director who will fit into their company culture.

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