Investment Management CFO

Investment Management CFO

The role of CFO has evolved drastically within the last decade. It’s transitioned from number crunching and spreadsheets to take on a greater strategic and operational focus. Today’s CFOs are quickly becoming tomorrow’s CEOs. That statement is particularly true with investment management CFOs who are driving strategic change and transformation within their organisations.

FD Capital is the leading financial recruitment agency for investment management CFOs, connecting companies and candidates across the UK to work on a full-time, remote, and part-time basis.

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Why You Should Recruit an Investment Management CFO

Investment management CFOs are at the heart of the decision-making process for companies looking to develop into the future, whether through internal or external investing. Large-scale transformations and investments require an investment management CFO who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Recruiting an investment management CFO provides an opportunity to overhaul financial systems and operational processes, from production to purchasing and R&D funding. Most investment management CFOs will start in a new position by conducting an internal review to identify weak links within the company and implement more efficient systems.

Investment management CFOs are therefore able to play a significant role in transforming their organisations. Our CFO headhunting service is an ideal option for companies with a specific type of CFO in mind and who want to forge a close working relationship between their CEO and new CFO.

An investment management CFO will have an organisation-wide overview, taking a top-level view of the company’s finances to determine strategy and identify value creation and investment opportunities. Recruiting an investment management CFO provides your company with a C-suite executive to oversee performance by leveraging data to integrate KPIs, forecasting, and utilising real-time data insights.

The Future Role of Investment Management CFOs

Investment management CFOs have a diverse range of roles that can be set to suit the company’s workflow and current needs. Over half of the CFOs surveyed by McKinsey in 2017 pointed to execution reporting, M&A transactions, risk management, and regulatory compliance as falling under their responsibilities. Almost 40% had responsibility for IT and digital investment, including managing cybersecurity.

The future role of investment management CFOs includes providing assertive, proactive, and strategic leadership. They’ll play a key role in strategic decision making through investing in technology and data, particularly for CFOs with industry-specific expertise. Other C-suite leaders are expecting CFOs to step up into the role of strategic leader as the role continues to evolve. CFOs have an opportunity to mould their role to improve effectiveness and engagement across the organisation.

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CFOs are increasingly adopting an investor’s mindset, focusing on creating a positive investor story when seeking investors and choosing to invest themselves. Investment management CFOs consider stakeholder engagement a top priority, acting as a bridge between their organisation and external partners.

Capital discipline also plays a role for CFOs when taking an investor’s mindset, translating it through to their day-to-day management style to ensure efficiency. CFOs will adopt the company’s financial processes accordingly to ensure that performance management tools are being utilised to the maximum.

Investment management CFOs are increasingly embracing the potential of technology as part of the evolution of their role. Utilising data and real-time forecasting enables CFOs to have their finger on the pulse and to understand complex business and industry movements.

Big data and digitalisation are top of any CFO’s inbox with many choosing to invest in AI and automation to reduce manual labour and leverage business insights from data integration. Enterprise-resource planning is increasingly falling under the remit of CFOs as part of their long-term organisational planning.

Planning for the Future with Investment Management CFOs

Investment management CFOs take a long-term approach to the company’s strategy, instead of looking back through the rear-window. They’re expected to see the wood between the trees, identifying growth opportunities and putting systems in place to enable future expansion. Investment management CFOs must balance their long-term growth strategy with stakeholder engagement.

CFOs are uniquely positioned to lead on company’s future planning, focusing on innovation, while understanding the industry’s regulatory protectory and its microeconomic forecast. Investment management CFOs will determine their stakeholder engagement and capital allocation accordingly to boost the company’s short-term profits and long-term development.

Companies seeking to expand their work within growth-related strategy, including entering new markets or industries and exploring potential M&As will want a CFO on board. Investment management CFOs will implement trend forecasting that accounts for industry trends, geo-political and economic factors, along with consumer behaviour as part of their risk management strategy.

CFOs will also focus on competitor analysis by investing in data intelligence to determine opportunities for the company to develop a competitive advantage. These factors all play into a CFO’s ability to implement value creation into their long-term strategy and to ground strategic decisions that ensure both risks and potential returns are considered when expanding the company’s portfolio.

Digital technology is at the forefront of any CFO’s long-term strategy, presenting an opportunity to drive productivity, maximise resources, and implement greater company-wide integration. Investment management CFOs will look to data for a way to ensure maximum value for the organisation and drive business transformation. CFOs have an opportunity to accelerate and streamline the decision-making process.

CFOs are exploring digital technology, looking for the most effective combination to ensure consistent and accurate data that can feed into KPIs to enable performance management and real-time review. Investment management CFOs lead on the company’s long-term strategy by producing an integrated technology infrastructure as a digital innovator.

Recruit Your Investment Management CFO with FD Capital

FD Capital connects companies throughout the UK with investment management CFOs with industry-specific experience. Our talent pool of senior financial executives with proven track records of delivering on long-term investment strategies and growth plans.

FD Capital’s recruitment team has extensive experience working with start-ups, SMEs, and rapidly scaling businesses to build their C-suite leadership team. Our recruitment and headhunting services are uniquely positioned to recruit an investment management CFO to enable your business to realise its potential.

FD Capital is the UK’s financial recruitment agency for CFOs and senior financial executives. Our investment management CFOs are available to work throughout the UK on an in-house and remote basis.

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