Insurance CFO

Insurance CFO

Insurance companies are traditionally strong on their analytical insights, but their implementation is typically limited due to a lack of technological investment and enterprise tools.

London CFOs are leading the way by combining the potential of resilient data foundations with next-generation analytical tools to support smarter decision-making throughout insurance companies.

CFOs within the insurance industry in London, including Lloyd of London underwriters, face the challenge of navigating increasing regulatory demands while carving out a more strategic role for themselves.

FD Capital is the leading London recruitment agency for Insurance CFOs, connecting companies and candidates across the UK to work in-house and on a remote basis.

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Meet FD Capital

FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency and a specialist in insurance CFOs. Our headquarters are based in Great Portland Street, London, putting us at the heart of the insurance industry with regional offices across England.

Most of our insurance CFOs are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants with experience working for some of the UK’s leading insurance companies.

We recruit insurance CFOs on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis, providing flexibility for companies of all sizes. Are you a specialist insurance CFO planning to take the next step in your career with a London insurance firm? Join our candidate talent pool by submitting your CV to today.

Why Insurance Companies Need a CFO

CFOs are at the forefront of enabling insurance companies in London and across the UK to become analytical-driven organisations. The real-time forecasting and in-depth data that comes from technological investment enable CFOs to add value to their company. These modern analytics enable insurance companies to react quickly to consumer and industrial changes.

An insurance CFO has the potential to restructure the workings of their organisation by investing in enterprise information platforms. Enterprise information is an important component of any insurance company with good governance requiring precise information keeping.

Recruiting a CFO who can invest in developing your data governance capability will promote better decision-making throughout the organisation, from a c-suite to the junior executive level.

The New Role of Insurance CFOs

CFOs have traditionally been number crunchers within the insurance industry, overseeing the company’s financial department and transactional responsibilities. However, today’s CFOs have evolved their responsibilities beyond tax audits, accounting activities, and financing reporting.

Over 40% of a CFO’s time is now spent on responsibilities outside financial duties, including working on analytics, performance management, and strategic leadership.

CFOs are no longer focusing on past numbers but rather looking at active analytics to get real-time insights. Investing in technology and being digitally savvy is essential for today’s insurance CFOs who can leverage data and analytics to become a strategic CFO. These data-driven insights enable CFOs to have a better understanding of their risk management and become more familiar with every aspect of their company, from consumer behaviour to market positioning.

Insurance CFOs act as the chief advisor to their CEO, utilising technology to engage with better data to enable more informed decision-making throughout the organisation.

Today’s CFOs in the London insurance industry are becoming deputy-CEOs with many being prepared to step into the top job. The CFO will be involved with every business initiative within the company, leveraging their insights and analytical skills to ensure risk management and determine the value of potential strategy decisions on the company’s long-term goals.

The Challenges Facing Insurance CFOs

Insurance CFOs are taking on an increasingly strategic role within their London-based organisations, leading to fresh challenges as the position and insurance industry continues to evolve.

Regulatory changes are a key part of a CFO’s responsibilities and require them to keep up to date with the latest government policy and have their finger on the pulse of potential regulatory changes. Cyber regulation is one area where regulatory changes are fast moving with insurance companies having to ensure their due diligence to avoid hefty fines.

Insurance CFOs face the challenge of balancing their workload between using technology to optimise the organisation’s financial and digital systems while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Consumer expectations are an evolving challenge that CFOs have to address with strategic input. Insurance customers are better informed than ever before with the tools at their fingertips to make up their own decision on the best insurance company for their needs.

More insurance companies are adapting direct-to-consumer insurance channels to meet changing consumer behaviour. An insurance CFO will look for opportunities to maximise value from these channels, while still ensuring a competitive and positive experience for the consumer.

Digitalisation is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the industry with an insurance CFO needing to invest in a team who can support the organisation’s financial systems. Investing in AI and automation provide a unique opportunity for insurance CFOs to enable their companies to become more efficient and cost-effective.

Over 30% of jobs within the insurance and financial industries are expected to become obsolete as automation gears up. Insurance CFOs should look within their financial departments to ensure that strategic positions exist to support initiatives within their organisation. This evolution requires CFOs in the insurance industry to become involved in the recruiting process and support employee development and retention to ensure their workforce is ready for wider automation.

Recruit Your Insurance CFO with FD Capital

Recruiting a CFO for your London-based insurance company will ensure your organisation is prepared for growing regulatory and technological changes.

FD Capital takes a curated approach to recruitment, identifying the specific needs of your insurance company to offer a hands-on recruiting experience. We’ll connect you with an insurance CFO who will form a winning partnership with your CEO and enable your organisation to navigate regulatory changes and growing automation within the financial industry.

Our recruitment team has extensive experience working with companies within the London-based insurance industry, including Lloyds of London underwriters.

FD Capital has an undisputed reputation as the UK’s leading choice for insurance CFOs. Our talent pool includes financial professionals based in London, the Southeast, and across the UK, available to work in-house and remotely.

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