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Are you developing e-commerce as part of your business strategy?  Then recruiting an FD from an E-Commerce background makes sense.  Our team include professionals who have worked within technology businesses and pure E-commerce ventures.  We even have an FD who spent 12 years working as a Search Marketing professional and therefore is dual skilled as both an experienced Financial professional and as an SEO expert.

What does an E-Commerce specialist bring

Understanding how to grow and develop a website requires detailed experience including:-

  • Understanding Google and their alogorithms and updates.
  • Pay Per Click and natural search.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • The ability to understand and interpret SEO tools such as ahrefs.com, Moz.com and semrush.
  • Ability to formulate an online marketing plan and strategy.
  • Contacts and connections to drawn upon from the wider Search Community.
  • Experience and understanding of techniques to market a website.
  • Backlink building and link detox.
  • Penalties manual and algorithmic.

Increasingly businesses are realising that their future growth and success depends on having the right digital strategy.  This is particular apparent following the recent pandemic shutdowns, which has shown business the importance of having an effective online channel.

Understanding your competitors and being able to replicate or improve upon their online strategies and approaches is a very strong skill to have available to your business.

A director with detailed understanding of this area can plan and help you move ahead of your competitors, having a strong E-Commerce orientated FD or CFO onboard will add significantly to your team.  One of our CFO team members owned and ran their own Ecommerce and content sites, before exiting them in 2016, he built up a website to over 125,000 unique visitors per day with 525,000 active members and offered SEO services on a professional basis.  Having access to those skills is a very high value add for any business and we offer that as a service at FD Capital.

Why use FD Capital for your E-commerce FD needs?

We have the perfect combination of Recruitment, E-Commerce and Search Marketing skills so we can find the perfect professional for your business needs.  We have E-Commerce specialists available on a part-time basis including one of the most experienced E-Commerce CFO professionals in the UK today – Adrian Lawrence FCA  you can find his profile on Moz.com here.