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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is the term given to the process of streamlining business activity by connecting data points around an organisation and using the data collected to provide accurate business insights both real time and historical. Here at FD Capital Recruitment we are very familar with the challenges and potential that ERP offers and have excellent candidates available who can help your business or organisation leverage ERP to the maximum out of it.

An Example of how ERP can lead to business success


One of our clients a public transport technology supplier provides ticket solutions to bus companies around the UK, they have introduced card reading devices to buses, so customers can pay for their journey by swiping on boarding and on alighting, they are charged only for the exact journey they make, the system allows for real time data to be shared with the bus driver and the routes manager so they can see capacity utilisation using mobile devices.  It is allowing their customers to improve the user experience and for their management to gain a detailed insight into how efficient, effective and profiable each route is.  They are using a system based upon MS Dynamics, now known as MS Business Central.

Their CFO and senior management can view easy to understand graphical based reports, and their managers maps with utlisation and GPS information on, all without needing to be out on site.

This sort of ERP represents a real business transformation for all concerned and is a great example of the type of clients we work and partner with, this particular client is in the FT 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe, and when you see and understand their product, it is not hard to understand and realise why.

This is exactly the type of client we enjoy working with and ERP, SaaS and Fintech are among our areas of greatest focus, we work closely with PE Houses, VC funds and high net worth individuals and if that sounds like your type of business then we would love to work with you, please reach out to our team today.

How can a CFO with extensive ERP experience help my business?

Having a CFO on your team who understands the potential and has experience of working with ERP implementations is going to be a game changer for any technology business, as the ability to appreciate the potential and assist with the implementation of ERP type systems has the potential to give an organisation a significant advantage.  To learn how we can find the ideal candidate for your business with extensive ERP experience, please reach out to our team today and arrange an initial discussion.  You might be interested in: The Enterprise Management Incentive / EMI Scheme.

About FD Capital Recruitment

We are a specialist FD and CFO recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street London and from there service London and the South East, we also have a national network of FDs and CFOs so we can support a recruitment anywhere nationally.  Our team work closely with Private Equity houses and Venture Capitalist and we have a focus on the technology sector, so if you are in the tech space and are looking for your next FD or CFO, then reach out to our team today and we will be delighted to find the perfect candidate to match your opportunity.

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