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A financial controller operates as your company’s lead accountant, overseeing day-to-day financial operations and accounting activities. They’ll ensure accounts are accurate, supervising the company’s financial activities. Financial controllers in Bristol are strategically important to their companies, offering forecasting and budgeting that improves the company’s decision-making process.

Bristol-based companies can recruit a financial controller at any stage of their development, whether to work as their main accountant or in partnership with a CFO.

FD Capital is the UK’s leading recruitment agency for financial controllers. We work with companies at every stage in their development, connecting start-ups, SMEs, and scaling companies in London with specialist financial controllers. We’re located in the heart of London’s financial district with links throughout the city. Our talent pool of financial controllers are

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What is a Financial Controller?

Part-Time FD

A financial controller is a managerial role within companies of various sizes. It’s a financial professional who is involved in overseeing the company’s accounting and financing activities. They will usually report directly to the CFO or the CEO in the case of smaller organisations. They collaborate extensively with external stakeholders, including auditors, to ensure that the company is compliant with regulatory guidelines and processes.

They will establish and implement systems to manage the company’s financial reporting. Financial controllers at publicly listed corporations are responsible for managing the company’s public financial filings.

The duties of a Bristol Financial Controller include:

  • Coordinating the company’s financial regulatory reporting.
  • Directing and managing budgetary and financial forecasting.
  • Managing financial operations, including accounts payable and receivable, cost accounting, revenue recognition, inventory accounting, and billing.
  • Preparing monthly financial statements.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of financial reporting and transactions.
  • Managing reporting requirements and tax filings.
  • Documenting accounting policies to ensure internal controls.

The Responsibilities of London Financial Controllers

The roles and responsibilities of a financial controller in London will differ depending on the managerial structure of the company and its size. However, there are five overarching sets of responsibilities and duties that most financial controllers will have.

  1. Managing company finances

The primary function of a financial controller is to oversee internal audits, identify potential errors, and implement strategies to improve the company’s financial position. They are in charge of the company’s financial accounts and report on a regular basis, usually with monthly or quarterly accounts. It’s their responsibility to handle the company’s payables and receivables.

  1. Oversight of accounting

Financial controllers are responsible for ensuring all accounting distributions are made correctly. Within smaller London companies, financial controllers will oversee cash management, including disbursing cash and managing the accounts payable and receivable. A financial controller is not an accountant but may oversee similar tasks as part of their day-to-day responsibilities.

  1. Internal controls

London-based financial controllers will focus on implementing and overseeing internal controls within their organisations. FCs may be responsible for collecting invoices within smaller organisations. Their overall responsibility is to maintain and monitor the company’s records, including reporting on them to the board and senior management. They may also collaborate with external partners on audits.

  1. Financial reporting and planning

London-based companies will recruit a financial controller to be in charge of their financial and banking accounts. They may be responsible for negotiating lines of credit and will be in charge of providing accurate financial data to ensure accurate budgeting and forecasting. These duties will increase for financial controllers who are working in companies without a CFO as they will need to step up and fulfil their responsibilities.

SMEs and small businesses in London will rely on their finance controller to provide accurate information to help support decision-making, especially those regarding the company’s finances. The finance controller will prepare financial statements, cash flow reports, create budgets, and develop balance sheets.

  1. Financial analyst

Financial controllers also act as financial analysts as they are responsible for reporting on the company’s financial situation and translating their findings for board members and stakeholders. London companies want a financial controller who is a digital native and capable of developing and maintaining spreadsheets, keeping them up to date with real-time data.

While a CFO is responsible for the company’s financial policies, the finance controller oversees risk management, assesses the company’s financial efficiency, and offers policy suggestions to the leadership team.



Chief Financial Officer


Finance Directors


Turnaround Specialists


Private Equity and Venture Capital experienced professionals


E-Commere experts who are also qualified and expert accountants


Bi-lingual skills

When you want to recruit an FC in Bristol, there are a few things you want to look out for. Your Financial Controller should have analytical skills and be able to operate as both a leader, overseeing other employees with financial tasks, and working as part of a team. A talented Bristol Financial Controller will have extensive accountancy experience, with knowledge of your niche and industry.

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FAQs about Bristol-Based Financial Controllers

Whether you’re hiring a financial controller or exploring your career opportunities, we’re answering the most common questions about financial controller careers.

  1. Is a financial controller a leadership or executive position?

The role of financial controller is usually considered to be a managerial role. It may be positioned as an executive role in smaller organisations where there is not a CFO on the team. The financial controller may report to the CEO or CFO as the company develops while overseeing and managing the finance team.

They have a strategic role within the company and can be a catalyst for growth and change. Finance controllers work closely with the executive team to help them develop strategic decision-making.

  1. Is being a financial controller a stepping stone to becoming CFO?

If you aspire to become a CFO, working as a financial controller can build your portfolio and give you the skills to step up the ladder. You’ll develop the operational and strategic skills required of a CFO, alongside soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Candidates for CFO roles who have previously worked as financial controllers are appealing to companies as they have more financial experience than non-traditional candidates and have hands-on experience with manging systems.

Recruit a Financial Controller in London with FD Capital

FD Capital is the UK’s leading bouquet financial recruitment agency, specialising in connecting companies of all sizes with leading industry talent. Our talent pool includes financial controllers available to work on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis, both in-house and remotely.

The FD Capital leadership team consists of entrepreneurs, consultants, and financial executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We offer traditional financial controller recruitment and headhunting services, tailoring each step to suit your company’s specific needs.

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