Tax Director Recruitment

Tax Director Recruitment

Taxation is one element of your business you can’t afford to get wrong. It’s often a skills gap within start-ups and scaling companies who find themselves struggling to understand how to navigate the tax system. While it’s possible to outsource elements of your tax work to an accountant, an in-house Tax Director offers leadership, strategy, and financial guidance.

Your Tax Director will oversee the company’s taxation work, designing and implementing a taxation strategy for the financial benefit of the company. A part-time Tax Director is an investment in your business, providing a value that pays for itself. They’re a leader within your organisation, acting as a vital communicator with stakeholders and financial institutions.

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FD Capital | The Leading Recruiter of Tax Directors

FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency and a specialist in tax director recruitment. Our headquarters are based in Great Portland Street, London, putting us at the heart of the taxation industry with regional offices across England. We’ve built a reputation for our curated recruitment process, tailoring each step to connect clients with the right candidates to unlock their company’s potential.

Most of our tax directors are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) or ATII qualified accountants with experience working for industry-leading companies across multiple sectors.

We recruit tax directors on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis, providing flexibility for companies of all sizes. Are you a tax director looking to expand your career and take the next step forward? Join our talent pool of financial executives by submitting your CV to today.

Why You Should Recruit a Part-Time Tax Director

Start-ups and scaling companies are often the organisations that can benefit most from a Tax Director. However, this isn’t always financially possible, and your company may not have the workload for a full-time position. That’s why many of our clients are recruiting part-time tax directors. We’re making industry-leading talent more accessible for the companies who need their help the most through part-time recruitment.

Recruiting a part-time tax director can be a win-win for your company. It’s a more financially viable option with a leadership position that can be scaled in line with your company’s growth.

  1. Fill your company skills gap

Most start-ups and scaling businesses find themselves being held back due to a skills gap. Entrepreneurs and founding partners often have a specific skill set with areas like taxation being a blind spot. Hiring a part-time Tax Director fills this skills gap and enables full-time executives to focus on their day-to-day activities. We’ll curate the recruitment process to identify the ideal candidate who can unlock your company’s potential, addressing your tax strategy needs and other leadership requirements. Bringing the right soft skills to your business is just as vital as taxation knowledge and industry experience.

  1. More Financially Accessible

Recruiting a full-time Tax Director can put unsustainable financial pressure on a company, especially during its early growth stage. Hiring a part-time Tax Director enables you to employ on a contract that works financially for your company’s current position. The role of Tax Director can be scaled up in line with your company’s growth and as the need arises for them to work longer hours.

Hiring a part-time Tax Director also removes additional costs that you might not consider, such as training and equipment. Most tax directors who work on a flexible basis can start working right away.

Choosing to hire a part-time vs. full-time CFO is more financially sustainable for smaller organisations. Hiring a financial professional on a part-time basis is more cost-effective as it removes additional costs, such as equipment and training. Your part-time CFO can hit the ground running and start working right away for a seamless transition.

  1. Risk Management

Recruiting a management role always brings with it risk. You’re investing in a high-level position and need to find a candidate who is the right cultural fit for your company. Hiring a part-time Tax Director provides your company with more flexibility, enabling you to trail the position as an interim role before committing to a long-term position. Your company makes a smaller investment in a part-time position, lowering your risk if you decide to terminate the contract or shuffle your management structure.

The Role of Tax Director

A Tax Director is responsible for managing the company’s taxation policies and providing financial services throughout the business. The company’s financial department will usually report directly to the Tax Director, who may then report to a CFO. A Tax Director will play a management role within your organisation.

The primary responsibilities of a Tax Director include submitting the company’s tax returns to HMRC and other UK authorities. They’ll provide tax guidance and support to the company’s senior management teams and departments. Tax directors act as senior advisors to the company’s C-suite team, including the CFO. They may also engage directly with senior stakeholders and board members to communicate the company’s financial position and taxation strategy.

A Tax Director will also engage with other employees for accounting and reporting on the company’s finances. They’ll oversee accounting for income taxes in the company’s financial statements and will be involved in compliance operations and team management. These senior financial professionals will also play a vital role in implementing a taxation strategy during an M&A, ensuring the company understands the taxation implications of such processes.

A Tax Director is responsible for the fiscal affairs of a company. If they work for a multinational company, they must understand the taxation system in both the UK and other countries where the company operates.

Recruiting a Tax Director for Your Start-Up

Build a strong financial strategy for your company by recruiting a Tax Director with FD Capital. We offer a 360-degree approach to recruiting with traditional recruitment and headhunting services. Your dedicated recruiter will work 1-on-1 to understand your company’s specific needs and what you’re looking for in a winning candidate.

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