The FD Capital Difference

The FD Capital Difference

FD Capital is an industry leader, revolutionising the way companies can access financial executives on terms that work for their business. Our curated approach to recruitment puts the client at its heart, matching them with candidates who complete the puzzle of their organisation.

We’re sharing the ‘FD Capital Difference’ that has allowed our organisation to grow from its base in Great Portland Street to connect with clients across the UK and beyond.

FD Capital has built an industry-leading reputation as a niche recruitment boutique specialising in FDs and CFOs. Our talent pool and expertise extend to every aspect of business management with specialist knowledge in several key areas.

Debt Refinancing

The current financial turbulence is changing the economic situation that start-ups and SMEs find themselves in. Debt refinancing and debt raising fall under the responsibilities of a CFO. Our portfolio of talent includes financial executives with extensive experience in fundraising, including from commercial lenders.

Several members of the FD Capital team have experience working as bank managers, giving them a unique insight into debt raising. Their experience extends to distressed lending and refinancing.

Equity Raising

The FD Capital team has experience across all manner of fundraising, including seed stage and Series A fundraising. Most start-ups and SaaS companies don’t require a full-time CFO or have the budget to accommodate one. Companies with a revenue of less than £5 million can find that a part-time CFO is a better match for their needs.

Fundraising can feel like an uphill battle for start-ups and SaaS businesses. It’s made even harder for CEOs and teams who don’t have experience within the financial sector. Our CFOs are experts in equity raising, having established close ties with financial institutions, PE houses, and private investors.

Having a CFO on board can streamline the process and makes PE houses and investors more likely to be interested in your company. A CFO adds credibility to your organisation with financial institutions being more likely to lend money when they believe the right risk management measures are in place.

Digital Natives

Technology plays a vital role in assisting CFOs with every aspect of their work. Accounting software is crucial to give CFOs data-driven insights into the company’s operational standing and its cashflow. Our team are digital natives who understand the importance of investing in technology and financial systems for real-time insights.

One of the first moves our CFOs make is to invest in a tech stack. The technology they choose creates efficient systems that make analysis, risk management, and operations easier.

Most CFOs will choose to prepare for fundraising rounds and scaling by investing in technology and software to streamline accounting and efficiency.

SEO and E-Commerce

The FD Capital team includes some of the most skilled e-commerce professionals in the UK. Our professionals are uniquely placed to consult your e-commerce company on how to leverage SEO to scale. The digital evolution of the role of CFO makes them vital to any company planning an online expansion.

E-commerce and SEO remain two of the most underutilised tools across every industry. Hiring a CFO or FD with this experience can fill your skills gap and open new opportunities for your organisation.


SaaS Expertise

Software as a Service is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. Several members of the FD Capital team are SaaS experts and actively working with dozens of companies within the industry.

Deciding to expand your c-suite team is a serious commitment and investment in the future of any company. SaaS companies choose to hire a CFO or FD at different stages of their development and growth cycle.

Hiring a part-time CFO before a merger or acquisition can enable a SaaS company to get its financial systems in order. While it’s common to hire a CFO at times of growth, SaaS companies can also call in a part-time CFO when they’re experiencing a financial downturn. Our team’s expertise makes them adaptable to any situation that a SaaS company may find itself in.

A SaaS company should hire a part-time or full-time CFO when they need additional financial support and a fresh perspective on their strategic decisions. The current global economic situation gives SaaS companies with a healthy balance sheet the unique opportunity to expand and grow at a time of market volatility.

Our Leadership Team

The FD Capital difference comes from our leadership team. We’re a group of financial executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs with experience across multiple industries. Our leadership team has grown from strength to strength since 2020 with a new wave of appointments in summer 2022.

Minesh Parmar, our Chief Executive, has been named ‘Finance Recruitment Solutions CEO of the Year 2022 – UK’ by CEO Monthly’s ‘CEO of the Year 2022’. Parmar was appointed Chief Executive in July as part of our global expansion after previously serving as a Non-Executive Board Member for the company.   Why not attend one of our virtual or live events which can be found here.


Meeting National and International Demand

With industries shifting to remote and hybrid working after the pandemic, we’ve launched our international FD and CFO team to cater to the growing international demand.

We’ve established a strong reputation across the UK for connecting start-ups and scaling businesses with hand-selected financial professionals. This project is seeing us expand this reputation by working with international clients.

We’ve launched several sister companies in recent months, including EXEC Capital. Our international team is taking our talent pool global while maintaining our curated approach to recruitment and business management.

The roles of FD and CFO are continuing to evolve to meet the changing nature of the world of work. Both are taking on increased strategic importance with companies searching for diverse multi-talented professionals with strong transferable skills and industry knowledge. Our talent pool is increasingly working with organisations across the world on a remote basis, providing their expertise to dozens of industries.

Our team have our own podcast where CFO’s discuss interesting topics related to Finance, including Private Equity and Fintech.

Our Social Conscience

Part of the FD Capital difference is our social conscience. We believe companies have a responsibility to follow their social conscience. Positive action can create a wider social impact that has the potential to change the world for the better. We all have a role to play in this mission.

At FD Capital, we actively encourage our clients and candidates to consider their organisation’s corporate social responsibility. While your social conscience can help to build your business’ reputation, it’s also a reflection of your company’s value. We take this idea to heart.

Corporate social responsibility typically falls into four categories: ethical workplace practices, charity work, volunteer projects, and environmental initiatives. FD Capital is working to incorporate all of these into our social conscience initiatives.   We are committed to improving the environment and are doing our bit to help tackle climate change, see our Ecologi page and our Tree Nation one.

We’re committed to working with global organisations to help refugees, orphans, and the less fortunate in our own communities. Our social responsibility partners range from organisations across the UK to charities in Ukraine.

Living Wage Foundation

FD Capital has signed up as a member of the Living Wage Foundation to promote greater equality throughout the industry by leading by example. We encourage our recruitment partners to create a stronger economy by signing up for the Living Wage Foundation.


Beam is a London-based organisation striving to build a fairer society by using technology to create a positive social impact.

We’re proud to work with Beam monthly to help them transform how the lives of those left behind. The cost-of-living crisis is a constant reminder of the need to support those less fortunate in our own community.

The Agape Orphanage

Our charitable work extends beyond the UK. One of our longest partnerships has been with the Agape Orphanage in East Ukraine, which we’ve been supporting for over 6 years.

The Agape Mission began in May 2004 when Alexander and Vera Fedorchuk settled in the Kherson region of Ukraine and focuses on working with orphans. The organisation has actively been working to encourage adoption opportunities and provide humanitarian help. It assists in providing basic supplies and necessities to the less fortunate, including orphans, refugees, and the homeless.

The work of Agape is more vital than ever before. We’re proud of the work we have done with Agape for over 6 years, allowing it to grow across Ukraine. Our support alone is not enough.

Calling out Government and financial institutions when they get things wrong, such as the recent misguided policies of the bank of England.

The Value of a CFO or FD

What makes FD Capital different is that we understand the value that a CFO or FD can bring to a business. We’ve seen these financial professionals change the fortune of organisations in every industry.

The evolution of these roles means they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of companies. It’s why we take a curated approach to recruitment. We strive to connect organisations with financial executives who can add value to their companies. These are just a few of the ways our team works with organisations.

Accelerating Growth

Forecasting and strategy are two key responsibilities of a CFO. They oversee the financial health of the company and track its progress while accounting for risk management and market volatility.  We can offer FD’s and CFO’s with a background in Corporate Finance as a solution.

The value of our CFOs comes from their ability to make a company more efficient and cost-effective. Our team identify areas of under-performance and overhaul systems that are ineffective to reduce costs and accelerate growth.

These insights are vital to the decision-making of a CEO, helping to accelerate company growth with a strategy developed using real-time analysis. Our financial executives can be hired to prepare companies for periods of scaling or rapid growth, including before mergers and acquisitions.

Managing Cash Flow and Profitability

Our team provide an unbiased perspective on your company’s finances. Many are hired to overhaul poor financial systems and implement better cash flow management to boost profitability. They conduct internal audits that identify vulnerability, accounting for every penny in the organisation to ensure it is performing to its potential.

A CFO adds value by identifying and communicating any risks or threats to the company’s financial health, including how to mitigate them. Our team creates robust financial systems that boost profitability and cash flow.

Cash flow is more vital than ever for businesses as they prepare for a recession and the cost-of-living crisis. The best way to prepare your company for the upcoming economic volatility is by bringing a part-time or full-time CFO on board.

They’ll ensure adequate cash flow with a strategy to increase liquidity through pricing and financial changes. Increasing liquidity can be achieved by managing capital and debt to re-direct funds. A skilled CFO will pay for themselves by creating an effective cash management system that reduces risks and maximises efficiency.

Oversee Fundraising Projects

CFOs add value to companies by exploring fundraising opportunities. Having a CFO on your leadership team provides your company with more credibility and access to financial institutions and investors.

Banks and PE houses are more likely to work with companies that have a CFO on their leadership team. They’re a stabilising figure that financial institutions believe will provide them with an unbiased perspective on the company’s finances.

Our team nurtures these relationships in their role as CFO, enabling companies to access funds and loans on better terms. Fundraising is an essential part of any growth strategy, but it typically falls into one of the main skill gaps that CEOs have. Most investors will want to work directly with the CFO and value their perspective on the company’s finances and growth strategy.

We work to connect companies with CFOs who have previous experience in fundraising within their industry and the relationships they need to realise their potential.

Provide Forward Thinking

Our CFOs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every company they work with. The work of our CFOs extends beyond spreadsheets and numbers, engaging with almost every aspect of the business. They provide forward thinking and a new perspective on the company’s direction and mission. Our CFOs add value by acting as a link throughout the organisation, engaging with cash flow management, supply chains, and even employee retention.

The value our CFOs offer is part of the FD Capital difference. CFOs deliver the best results when they can form a winning relationship with their CEO. It’s why we take a curated approach to recruitment, identifying the specific needs and company culture of each organisation we work with. We want your new CFO to feel like the missing piece of the puzzle in your company.

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