Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial services CFOs are driving the evolution behind the role, moving from number crunchers and accounting to taking on a greater strategic and operational role. Automation, the rise of fintech, and regulatory changes continue to pose challenges to companies within the financial services industry, leading many to recruit a full-time or part-time CFO.

FD Capital is London’s leading financial recruitment agency connecting companies with experience FDs and CFOs with backgrounds in private equity, corporate finance, and tech. Our candidates are available for immediate starts on both full-time and part-time contracts.

Financial service CFOs are ‘Chief Future Officers’ and forward-thinking financial executives who will boost your company’s valuation and create a strong investor story. Our CFOs have a proven track record of successful IPOs, AIM listings, and increasing company valuations as part of an exit strategy.

Our CFOs have their finger on the industry pulse as experts in cryptocurrency, fundraising, and digital evolution.

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London’s No1 Financial Services Recruitment Agency

FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency based in Great Portland Street, putting us at the heart of the City of London. We have a team of talented London-based CFOs who are available to work on an in-house, remote, and hybrid basis.

Our leadership team includes entrepreneurs and financial professionals who understand the challenges faced on both sides of the recruitment process. Many of them have over 20 years of experience in financial recruitment, making them experts in the industry.

Most of our financial services CFOs are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants with experience working for some of the UK’s leading companies, both public and private. We recruit CFOs for financial service companies through traditional recruitment methods and offer a headhunting service for organisations that want access to passive candidates, increased confidentiality, and a guaranteed candidate.

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What is a Financial Services CFO?

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for overseeing a company’s financial health and acts as a senior advisor to both the CEO and investors. Their responsibilities include financial planning, overseeing investments, ensuring regulatory compliance, and conducting internal reviews.

CFOs are increasingly being viewed as a ‘deputy-CEO’ with many of them now looking forward towards transitioning into the top job as CEOs begin to retire earlier and investors seek out stability.

Most financial services CFOs will have a professional background in accounting or finance with many also having experience in business administration and management. Our portfolio of CFOs are experts in fundraising, cryptocurrency, and engaging with private investors.

Financial services CFOs will invest in technology and automation that allows for real-time data insights to provide more accurate forecasting. They’ll use a variety of internal data and external factors to determine the company’s strategy and resiliency planning. Today’s CFOs are digital natives leveraging the latest technology to boost efficiency and drive growth.

Recruiting a Financial Service CFO in London

Book a no-obligation consultation call with one of our recruiters to find out more about our CFO recruitment and headhunting services. We tailor every step of the recruitment process to the needs of your business and can shortlist candidates within a quick time frame for immediate starts.

- Fundraising Experts

Recruit a financial services CFO to build credibility with potential investors and enhance your fundraising efforts with a financial professional with a track record of delivering on access to capital. Gain capital liquidity by working with a CFO with experience and relationships with traditional financial institutions and private investors. Our CFOs have experience working with private equity, venture capitalists, angel investors, and banks to access capital on favourable terms.

- London-based FDs and CFOs

Many of our financial services CFOs are based in London and the surrounding Southeast region. FD Capital is based in Great Portland Street in London, at the heart of the City of London, with a network of financial professionals throughout the capital. We have candidates available to work both in-house and remotely, as well as hybrid, including for immediate starts.
Investor Relations

Recruiting an FD or CFO will provide your company with credibility for private investors, making them more likely to invest in your organisation long-term. Our candidates have a wealth of experience working with venture capital, angel investors, and private equity houses.

A CFO can fill the skills gap of a CEO without prior investor experience. Our financial services CFOs translate their company’s finances to investors while pitching the company on the CEO’s behalf.


CFOs are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution, exploring its potential beyond the stock market and its future impact on consumer behaviour. Cryptocurrency, including blockchain, is an area where many of our financial services CFOs are choosing to specialise in.

Financial Advisors

CFOs act as a CEO’s financial advisor, providing them with the data-driven insights and forecasting that grounds their decision making. They also act as a bridge between the CEO and investors, along with the board. It’s their responsibility to translate the company’s financial position and explain its strategy moving forward.

Role of Financial Service CFOs in PE-Backed Companies

If your company is backed by private equity, you want to have a CFO on board who is an expert in corporate finance or financial services. Many investors will insist that the company brings on board a CFO before completing the funding agreement.

CFOs act as information gatherers, developing a dialogue between the company and its investors on issues like financial investments, human capital, mergers, and acquisitions.

We’ll connect you with a CFO who understands the investment thesis of your company. Many of our financial professionals have experience delivering successful IPOs and working on AIM listings for financial service companies planning to go public. We also have candidates with experience working on private equity exit strategies to maximise value and reduce value leakage.

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Why You Need a Financial Services CFO?

CFOs within the financial service industry have four sets of diverse responsibilities that reflect the evolving role of CFO as it moves beyond traditional financial responsibilities to becoming a company steward and operator.

Financial services CFOs must be strategists who aren’t afraid to act as catalysts for change within their company.

1. Strategist

CFOs within the financial service industry are strategists who play a vital role in determining a company’s long-term growth through financial leadership. They’ll invest in technology that provides real-time data to enhance forecasting and provide more accurate accounting.

2. Steward

CFOs are a steward of their company, protecting its assets, ensuring that it meets financial compliance regulations and that all financial records are accurately maintained. They’ll put the systems in place that streamline these processes and maintain cash flow forecasting. Risk management is a top priority for financial services CFOs who are expected to offer a fresh approach and unbiased view of the company’s finances to its board and investors.

3. Operator

Today’s CFOs act as operators who start their role by examining the company’s systems and infrastructure and putting technology in place to streamline it. The systems that a CFO puts in place enable financial planning, forecasting, and performance analysis in line with KPIs. As an operator, a financial service CFO will also conduct tax audits and ensure that the company is meetings its regulatory compliance requirements.

4. Catalyst

Successful CFOs are a catalyst for change within their company. By putting the right systems in place and balancing a healthy cash flow, CFOs can invest in human capital and technology to enhance business innovation and reduce overheads and turbo-charge growth.

The Evolution of Today’s Financial Services CFOs

The role of CFO has evolved beyond, number crunching, financial compliance, and reporting. Financial executives are now responsible for leading on business strategy, investing in digital transformation, and communicating the company’s vision.

Financial service CFOs work to support the company’s business model transformation through automation and financial processes. They work closely with the CEO, becoming a close advisor whose financial insights guide their decision making. A CFO is also a financial steward for stakeholders and strategic catalysts that can drive growth.

The responsibilities of a CFO will depend on the size of their company and the industry they operate in, as well as the organisation’s funding situation. Many of our candidates are specialists with a background in private equity. Companies planning for IPO or AIM listing will want to recruit a CFO with public company experience.


1. Strategy and forecasting

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) are one of the main responsibilities of a financial service CFO. It enables CFOs to put complex data into perspective to determine how they will impact the company’s short and long-term situation while translating the company’s financial situation into more understandable language for stakeholders.

CFOs will invest in digital tools, AI, and automation to get real-time insights into factors such as sales trends, macroeconomic data, and information on emerging competitors. This information enables companies to bet assess their KPIs.

2. Controllership

Most financial services CFOs will take up the role of financial controller unless another colleague has the role. A CFO will want to implement a risk management framework that protects against potential fraud and unauthorised user access. Investing in risk management software will ensure that the company meets its compliance and regulatory obligations, including GDPR.

3. Operations

Managing the company’s cash flow is a central part of a CFO’s everyday responsibilities. Treasury management involves a CFO overseeing the company’s assets, debts, and liquidity – including exploring options for increased capital liquidity. A financial service CFO will manage the company’s incoming revenues and outgoing payments, including its short and long-term liabilities.

Why Financial Services CFO Are Tech Investors

Financial service CFOs are also technology investors who are leveraging the latest digital platforms and software to enhance their forecasting and streamline financial systems.

CFOs will invest in tech stacks that include:

1. Financial Management Software

Cloud-based financial management systems that provide a fully integrated application suite. CFs can therefore oversee accounting, compliance, risk management, and project portfolio management within one system. These applications offer built-in reporting and machine learning to streamline labour-intensive tasks and pave the way for automation.

2. Financial Planning and Analysis Suite

Our financial service CFOs are digital natives who invest in financial planning and analysis suites to utilise scenario modelling, forecasting, and budgeting for better decision-making. Such FP&A systems play a vital role in a company’s financial and strategic planning.

This technology will also provide CFOs with an overview of the company’s finances using debt-to-equity ratios, current ratio, and quick ratio.

Part-Time, Full-Time, or Interim CFO?

You don’t need a FTSE 500 budget to recruit a CFO or FD. Dozens of our financial executives are available to work on a part-time or fractional basis. You’ll get access to industry-leading experts without the financial burden of a full-time leadership position when working with FD Capital.

We’re increasing recruiting CFOs with PE experience to work on a part-time and remote basis, reflecting the changes in the industry as the role evolves beyond financial management.

Recruiting a Financial Services CFO

Today’s CFOs come from a diverse range of backgrounds beyond the traditional accountancy skill set. Financial services CFOs are at the forefront of digital transformation, investing in cloud-based software to put automation and AI at the heart of their company’s financial management.

FD Capital connects highly-quality financial professionals, including financial services CFOs, with companies throughout the UK and beyond. Our talent pool includes financial services CFOs available to work on a part-time, interim, and remote basis for added flexibility.

We strive to connect start-ups, SMEs, and scaling companies with industry-leading financial professionals who specialise in financial services.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation call with us today to learn more about our recruitment and headhunting services for financial services CFOs. Members of our recruitment team have over 20 years of experience with a network of candidates throughout the UK and beyond.

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