Risk and Compliance Recruitment

Risk and Compliance Recruitment

Compliance and risk management are at the forefront of every company’s financial department. UK companies are subjected to ever-growing regulation with constantly evolving risk factors across every industry. It’s not just financial services that find themselves the subject of growing regulation as the government continues to implement more regulation around areas like climate change.

Recruiting an FD, CFO or Director level executive to oversee your company’s risk and compliance policies can protect your reputation and financial standing. Our risk and compliance recruitment services are designed to connect start-ups and SMEs with industry-leading talent to help them navigate these complex and ever-growing regulatory requirements.

A part-time or full-time financial executive can oversee the company’s enterprise risk assessments to identify financial, compliance, operational, and strategic risks that the company may be exposed to. An FD or CFO will ensure the company’s financial compliance and develop structures and systems to minimise risk exposure.

At FD Capital, our talent pool of senior financial executives includes risk and compliance specialists. Our financial recruiters will help you identify the candidate who can fill your company’s skill gap and form a winning partnership with your C-suite team.

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Risk vs. Compliance in Financial Departments

The financial department in every company is responsible for overseeing both risk and compliance management. However, these two things differ and are often confused with each other.

Risk management involves an executive identifying and evaluating the risks that the organisation faces. A CFO or FD will typically focus on the financial risks that the company is exposed to. It’s their responsibility to develop a strategy in response to these risks to mitigate them. These financial professionals are therefore able to develop greater resilience for the company.

By comparison, compliance management focuses on ensuring that the company operates in accordance with applicable regulations, internal policies, legislation, and codes of conduct. CFOs and FDs will ensure that the company complies with these to maintain the company’s reputation and prevent economic loss.

Risk and compliance therefore overlap as non-compliance creates a risk for the company. CFOs and FDs are responsible for ensuring that compliance and risk management strategies are developed cohesively.

Compliance and Regulatory Management

Compliance risk represents the company’s potential exposure to material loss, financial loss, and legal penalties in the event of failure to behave in accordance with internal policies, regulations, and industry-specific laws. Compliance risk can often be referred to as ‘integrity risk’.

Organisations of every size – from start-ups to multinationals – find themselves exposed to compliance risks, including private and public organisations. Companies that fail to properly ensure compliance can experience a negative impact on their revenue and see a devaluation of the company’s worth.

What is Compliance Risk Management?

Compliance risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential losses as a result of noncompliance. A CFO or FD will cooperate with department leads to develop an overarching strategy to ensure compliance risk management. They’ll work with other C-suite leaders to develop compliance risk management policies and procedures, including establishing frameworks and mechanisms to streamline this process.

Overseeing compliance risk management is a continuous process for any company. Organisations should revisit and evaluate their compliance risk management regularly to account for any industry or regulatory changes. Our risk and compliance recruitment is ideal for companies establishing or expanding their financial department, including organisations in highly regulated industries.

Technological Risk

Advancing technology means that it’s not just companies in the financial sector that are increasingly searching for risk and compliance recruitment. Data leaks, compromised accounts, system failures, and GDPR have made technological risks almost universal throughout every industry.

CFOs and FDs are actively involved in leading the digital transformation of companies, ensuring that financial information is securely stored. This digital transformation also brings with it increased cybersecurity risks and the need for increased compliance.

FD Capital can connect your company with a specialist financial executive with the industry-specific knowledge and expertise to oversee your company’s risk and compliance management. Our risk and compliance recruitment makes industry-leading talent more accessible to companies of all sizes with part-time, full-time, and interim positions.


How CFOs and FDs Create Cohesive Risk and Compliance Strategies

Many companies continue to treat their risk and compliance strategies as two separate entities, often handled by different departments. This set-up creates a vacuum within the company’s compliance risk management, creating the potential for a disjointed approach and for issues to fall through the cracks. A CFO or FD can operate across departments to create more cohesive risk and compliance strategies.

Delegating the oversight of your company’s compliance and risk management to a CFO or FD can promote better decision-making and streamline strategies. A financial executive in charge of ensuring compliance can educate and provide company-wide information to minimise risk throughout the organisation. Recruiting a risk and compliance CFO or FD will create a clear leadership structure with a senior executive for employees to report concerns to.

CFOs and FDs will usually invest in risk management technology to streamline compliance frameworks and provide real-time insight into internal and external risks.

Recruiting a Risk and Compliance Executive

Hiring a CFO or FD with specialist risk and compliance skills is a long-term investment in your company. Global regulations are increasing with stakeholder expectations rising alongside it. Companies are being exposed to a greater level of compliance risk increasingly year on year.

A CFO or FD will increase shareholder value by ensuring effective governance. These senior financial professionals boost shareholder confidence and the company’s reputation. They’ll also implement greater transparency through their compliance initiatives, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Recruiting a specialist financial executive to oversee risk and compliance can reduce your company’s overall costs by integrating these responsibilities in-house. A CFO or FD can oversee risk compliance management as part of their job description.

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