How an interim finance director can help recruit a permanent finance director

How an interim finance director can help recruit a permanent finance director

The recruitment of a Finance Director or FD represents a significant investment for any business, not just in terms of the cost but the importance of the role within the business can’t be under estimated.  In this blog post we discuss how an Interim or temporary FD can help the recruitment process of a permanent one, and support the transistion.

Here are just some of the advantages that an Interim FD brings:-

  • An experienced professional can settle down a team which has been shaken by the departure and sometimes unexpected departure of the former FD.
  • Time is freed up for the CEO or MD to get on with the running of the business.
  • A different perspective and motivation, they can bring new ideas and ways of doing things but are 0n board knowing that their role is time limited.
  • Gives re-assurance to external stake holders should as investors or banks.
  • A background of working within the same industry as well as being an experienced Interim manager will itself bring useful skills and benefits to a new organisation.
  • A proven track record and pedigree.
  • Valuable experience from performing similar functions within other organisations.
  • A new network of contacts available for the business to make use of.
  • They can bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to a team which may have been impacted by the departure of the previous encumbent.

What sort of skill set is needed to make a success of the Interim Finance Director role?

As with any recruitment process the chemistry between the senior team and wider business is all important, having the right personality is a great starting point, but it also requires good interpersonal and management experience to settle a team and to keep the team focussed.   Having the ability to engage with the recruitment process of the permanent FD in the positive and right way is a real benefit.  Being a temporary Finance Director can work very well for candidates who have long term time commitments or other external activities.

How an interim finance director can help recruit a permanent finance director?

They can support the MD or CEO whilst the recruitment process is underway and before hand by helping:-

  • By drafting the finance director job specification.
  • By reviewing candidate applications.
  • Forming their own opinion on what the role really requires.
  • Advising on the best mix of skills needed
  • Sifting the candidates to ensure only those with a likely good match go forward to actually meet the team.
  • Once the permanent finance director is chosen, the interim can cover the incoming finance director’s notice period and provide a comprehensive handover to ensure he/she is fully briefed and able to seamlessly integrate into the business.
  • Beyond the recruitment process, banks, investors and other key stakeholders will be reassured that a competent, knowledgeable and reliable finance director is in place through the transitional phase.
  • Similarly, the interim can also provide additional support and mentoring to phase the incoming finance director into the new environment.

Recruit an Interim FD?

Interim FDWe are specialist Finance Director and CFO recruiters, if you need an Interim FD reach out to our team we can match you with the ideal candidate.

An interim FD relishes a challenge and goal-orientated projects across a diverse range of companies and situations. They can ‘hit the ground running’ and are skilled at picking up projects with very little notice or preparation and often thrive when under significant pressure to deliver within weeks rather than months.

The big challenge for any business requiring the services of an interim FD or interim CFO is finding ‘the right one’, that is where FD Capital comes in as we have a first rate team of Interim professionals available, some ready for an immediate start.   We have part-time FD’s within our team who can assist immediately on a fractional time basis, so that is another option to consider.

Whatever your requirement just reach out to us and we can find the solution to your requirements.  Increasingly Interim and Part-Time FD’s are open to going permanent so that is another option to consider.

Learn more about our Interim CFO and Interim FD services.

FD Capital Recruitment are specialist Interim FD Recruiters.

If your business needs an Interim FD make sure to speak with FD Capital Recruitment we specialise in the recruitment of Finance Directors,  on  a Part-Time, Full-Time and Interim basis.  FD Capital has a team of experienced Interim Finance Directors available ready at short notice to step in and start work, call us today on 020 3287 9501 for an initial chat.  We are here to help you.

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The position of CFO or FD is one of the most versatile in any company. Their role is to help you meet your financial goals and scale up your business, whether it’s through fundraising or company expansion.You might decide it’s time to recruit a CFO or FD if you want help with fundraising through government programs or private investors. If you have a merger or acquisition on the horizon, a CFO can ensure the transition is streamlined and runs smoothly. One reason companies choose to recruit an FD is that they are planning to enter a new niche or want to expand their market share in an existing one.

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