CFO Executive Search

CFO Executive Search

FD Capital is the leading CFO executive search recruitment agency in the UK. More companies are choosing to recruit a CFO executive to act as a deputy-CEO, operating beyond the traditional financial focus of the position. A CFO executive search will enable your company to find the talent that can unlock its potential.

We actively recruit specialist CFOs with the skills and talents to oversee diverse projects, from debt refinancing to handling mergers and acquisitions. Our talent pool of CFO executives are industry leaders with financial and business insights that are available to work on a part-time, full-time, interim, and remote basis.

FD Capital has its finger on the rapidly changing pulse of the CFO recruitment industry. Our dedicated CFO executive search team take a curated approach to recruitment, alongside our CFO headhunting services that cover all CFO recruiting possibilities.

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Meet FD Capital

FD Capital is an industry-leading boutique recruitment agency that specialises in CFO executive search recruiting throughout the UK. Our headquarters are based in Great Portland Street, London, with regional offices across England.

We are the leading UK CFO executive search firm, recruiting Chief Financial Officers on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis. The FD Capital team is made up of entrepreneurs, financial executives, and talented CFOs who understand the challenges of building and growing a business.

Start your recruitment process for a full-time or part-time CFO by contacting our team at 020 3287 9501.

Our team of CFO executives are available to work in-house or remotely. Most of our CFO executive candidates are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants with experience working for some of the UK’s leading companies across dozens of industries.

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Finding the Best Financial Talent

FD Capital’s CFO executive search team works with a range of internal and external talent to identify the most suitable candidate that meets your company’s skills requirements. Our headhunting service also provides clients with access to passive CFO executives who are not openly on the recruitment market.

We tailor every aspect of the recruitment process to fit your company. Our team starts our CFO executive search by identifying the specific requirements of your organisation, from the best type of contract to the soft skills your CFO needs.

FD Capital works with CFO executives at every level of the career ladder, from portfolio CFOs who work on an interim basis to top-level CFOs with a proven track record of overseeing mergers and acquisitions.

Why Your Company Needs a CFO Executive

Hiring a CFO is vital for future-proofing your company. Today’s CFO executives are becoming deputy-CFOs as the second-in-command of their companies. They interact with every aspect of the organisation, from employees to board members and supply chain providers.

The flexibility of today’s CFOs means it’s no longer just FTSE 500 companies searching for CFO executives. Recruiting a part-time or remote CFO can prepare your start-up or SME for rapid growth or develop financial resilience to navigate tricky economic waters.

Recruiting a CFO executive will make your company more efficient, productive, and profitable.

CFOs as Today’s ‘Chief Future Officers’

CFOs no longer spend their days crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets. The role has undergone rapid evolution in the last decade, earning the nickname ‘Chief Future Officer’. It’s a c-suite position that involves preparing the company for its long-term future while mitigating short-term risks.

Your CFO executive search should focus on finding a candidate who can form a winning partnership with your CEO. The data-driven insights of a CFO executive will ground the CEO’s decision-making process and feed into negotiations, investor relations, and overall strategy implementation.

A CFO is intimately involved in the future planning of the organisation, working in unison with the CEO and acting as a financial translator for the board. Traditional financial institutions and private investors are more likely to engage with a company that has a CFO executive on their leadership team.

A skilled CFO executive will implement systems and real-time forecasting into the company’s infrastructure, allowing it to react to industry and market changes quickly. Our talent pool of CFOs includes industry specialists in areas like e-commerce, business, and hospitality.

Headhunting Services vs. Traditional CFO Recruitment

Finance Director

Companies can choose between traditional recruitment and headhunting services for their CFO executive search. Both these recruiting methods are available for companies at different stages of their development and growth cycle.

FD headhunting services are ideal for companies searching for a CFO executive as an immediate replacement or who seek confidentiality. Our headhunting services for a CFO executive search take a proactive strategy.

Utilising our CFO executive headhunter service provides your company with exposure to high-quality candidates with a guarantee of filling your position with a suitable financial professional. Our headhunting process is tailored to suit your company’s recruitment time frame and management needs.

By comparison, our CFO executive search strategy takes a reactive strategy. Your position will be advertised across suitable platforms, attracting candidates actively applying for CFO executive roles.

While our CFO recruiters will also reach out to candidates within our network, the recruitment process will typically be longer than working with a headhunter as each stage of the CFO executive search is handled separately.

Start Your CFO Executive Search with FD Capital

Our goal is to ensure you find the most suitable candidate for your CFO executive search. We’ll connect you with a CFO who will be the ideal fit for your company culture and create a positive impact on your organisation.

FD Capital has an undisputed reputation as the UK’s leading choice for CFO executive recruitment. Our talent pool includes financial professionals based in London, the Southeast, and across the UK, available to work in-house and remotely.

Start your CFO executive search today by contacting our team at or 020 3287 9501.

Recruiting a CFO for your business

Outsourcing your CFO

We offer three solutions for businesses and organisations: –

  1. Part-Time CFOs. These professionals give you the skills and experience of having a finance director on your team on a part-time or fractional basis, allowing them to focus on specific concerns for your business or support your existing team. Our part-time FDs and CFOs are available on a fractional time basis.
  2. Interim CFOs are available for short term assignments, such as covering maternity leave or focusing on a specific issue within your business.
  3. Full-Time CFOs. Our team will help you find the right senior financial professional for your business – one that ticks all the boxes and can bring a fresh perspective to your company.

CFO Executive Search

Here at FD Capital Recruitment we specialise in London and FD’s and CFO’s are all we do, so you can be certain we understand your requirements and can find you the perfect candidate for your role and business.

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