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The Technology sector is a very dynamic and growing area of the the UK Economy, and its a very exciting and challenging area to work in. Here at FD Capital Recruitment we specialist in FD’s and CFO’s and have some of the best candidates in the UK on our books. If you are looking for an experienced senior finance professional reach out to our team today. Tech startups through to established tech Plc’s are amongst our many customers, all of our Directors have themselves worked on founded tech businesses so its an area and space we know very well.

What difference does a technology background make?

Having a CFO with a technology background makes a significant difference, he or she will already have contacts in the investment and funding space that are actively interested to invest in a tech business, plus familiarity with the challenges of growing and running a business in a fast moving sector.

Appreciating how tech businesses work and operate and what sort of candidates will fit in and have the right chemistry with the rest of their senior team is what makes FD Capital stand out from the crowd, we know and understand people and that is what makes us a leading provider of FD’s and CFO’s.

There are many different areas within the tech sector but having experience with privately owned, plc’s and IPO’s is a great starting point.

Here are some of the benefits of having a CFO onboard.

  • Key member of the C-Suite team, working closely with CEO.
  • Fund raising experience – Venture Capitalists, high net worth individuals and PE Houses including contacts of their own.
  • IPO experience.
  • Experienced at working with third parties including banks, auditors and lawyers, plus merchant banks and registrars.
  • Team leader and mentor experienced at bringing in high calibre staff and developing a team.
  • Knowledge of the product and industry.
  • Startup experience and exposure.
  • Software as a Services (SaaS).

Some models such as the Software as a Service one, has particularly transferable skills, having a team member who has seen a SaaS company through from Seed Stage to Exit is ideal for profile of candidate.

FD Capital are leaders in the recruitment of Technology CFO‘s.

Will candidates have fund raising experience?

Having worked closely with PE Houses and Venture Capital firms ourselves we know what makes these outfits tick and what they are looking for in candidates, so if your business is planning a fund raise, through the VC, high net worth or PE House route, than we have candidates with strong experience in this niche. Let us know what your plans are and what existing funding you have secured already and that will help guide us to select the candidate with the perfect skill set for your requirements. You might be interested in: What to Prepare Before Meeting Venture Capitalists.

What package will a Technology CFO expect?

A competitve package for a London based tech business is around £140-180K basic plus bonus and equity, outside of London the typical range is £120K-£150K. A big part of attraction for a CFO is the prospect of a significant capital gain upon exit. Having the right team member on board is key, as they more likely to achieve success in fund raising rounds and are best placed to prepare a busines for an exit and be involved with the associated due diligence and disposal discussions.

How can FD Capital help?

Established in 2018 we have been specialised in FD’s and CFO’s from day one, we offer Part-Time, Interim and Full Time CFO’s and we pride ourselves on having some of the best candidates on the market. We work closely with Private Equity houses, Venture Capitalists and high net worth individuals to bring you high calibre professionals who are familar with raising funds and working with technology businesses.

You may also find our Fintech CFO page of interest. Many of our team members have been entrepreneurs themselves and owned, run and successfully exited from SaaS businesses. Many of our CFO’s have raised intial and secondary equity and have run A and B series fund raises. We are focussed onto the technology sector and our candidates are strongest in this niche including ERP and busines transformations.

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