How much does a CFO earn?

CFO Salary

What does an CFO earn?  What is a typical CFO salary?  These are popular questions, becoming qualified is a barrier to entry into the Accountancy profession so the forces of supply and demand ensure that CFO’s and FD’s are amongst the best paid professionals.

Location specific CFO Salary Guide

Salaries vary by region and by the size of business.  Here is our guide which is based on a survey we undertook in 2019.

Location                                                 SME                                        Medium                                        Large

London                                    £110K-£150K                 £175K – £250K                    £250K – £500K+

Midlands                                 £95K – £125K                £140K – £170K                    £210K – £260K

There are a number of factors in determining the salary range, location and the size of the business concerned are the most important followed by experience and skill sets, having a particular expertise such E-Commerce of Turnaround expertise makes a big difference.

To get an understanding of the areas FD Capital covers please review the following pages to see the disciplines currently on offer:-

  • Part Time FD’s – This is our main focus covering the London and West Midlands areas.
  • Portfolio FD’s – Part Time FD’s who work for multiple businesses.
  • Private Equity FD’s – Finance Directors with experience of working with Private Equity Houses and Venture Capitalists.
  • Interim FD’s – Finance Directors needed for short periods.
  • Turnaround FD’s – Finance Directors with particular experience of distressed situations and turnarounds.
  • E-Commerce FD – Finance Directors with expertise with E-Commerce website and Search marketing.
  • Non-Executive FD – Non Executives or NED’s with finance expertise for boards.

Someone with the right mix of E-Commerce and Private Equity fund raising experience can expect to command a premium salary.

Here at FD Capital we are a niche Part-time specialist recruitment service, and have a wide range of candidates mainly around the West Midlands and London areas though not exclusively.  Reach out to us today and let’s discuss your Portfolio or Part-time CFO requirements.  Dealing with a specialist Part- time CFO business is our unique selling point.

We also offer full-time CFO and FD recruitment, whatever your senior financial recruitment needs, reach out to FD Capital today.

Why Use FD Capital Recruitment for your executive recruitment?

As we are experienced Finance Directors ourselves we are ideally placed to understand the needs of clients looking for senior finance professionals.  We help a business define the real requirements of the role, by understanding the importance of a cultural fit and then advising on the correct selection and if the best solution is for a Finance Director full time, part-time, permanent or temporary.

The position of CFO or FD is one of the most versatile in any company. Their role is to help you meet your financial goals and scale up your business, whether it’s through fundraising or company expansion.You might decide it’s time to recruit a CFO or FD if you want help with fundraising through government programs or private investors. If you have a merger or acquisition on the horizon, a CFO can ensure the transition is streamlined and runs smoothly. One reason companies choose to recruit an FD is that they are planning to enter a new niche or want to expand their market share in an existing one.

Our network of FD’s are experienced in all of these areas.

I am recruiting an CFO what salary should I offer?

If you need help and guidance to attract the right calibre of candidate whilst keeping competitive with the market and your location, speak with our experience team of recruiters, we can help you gauge the right package to attract the skill set you need for your business.   Sometimes your circumstances means it is important to get a candidate with a proven track record, for example with turnaround or fund raising whilst other times a safe pair of hands is the best solution.   Whatever your circumstances FD Capital will find you the best candidates possible.

How Can FD Capital Help?

We are a London based senior finance recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street, London we also have an office in Shropshire that covers the West Midlands.  Our team are very experienced as both recruiters and as CFO’s themselves, we are therefore ideally placed to help you find the perfect CFO.


CFO SalaryThe typical salary for a CFO or FD in London is near £125,000 with a 20% bonus expectation. In the West Midlands, the average salary is £90,000 with a 15% bonus expectation. Across the UK, the average salary of the position of FD or CFO sits at £112,077. The size of the company and the region it operates in will feed into the decision-making process of choosing the salary.

The most lucrative industry for FDs is oil and gas, with an average sector salary of £137,656. Not surprisingly, charities have the lowest average sector salary at £98,149.These numbers are an average, meaning that there are talented FDs who are earning more than this due to their skills and proven track record. While basic pay and a car allowance make up around 75% of an FD’s annual pay, you don’t want to forget about the other 25% that is made up of an employee benefits package.

Most FDs and CFOs have a bonus clause attached to their contract, giving them a % of the profits as an incentive for implementing programs and cash flow initiatives to meet these goals. The average bonus for an FD is 20% of their basic salary, representing 15% of their overall annual package.

Other benefits that you want to offer your FD or CFO include pension benefits and health care. You want your FD to have the incentive to play a crucial role in bringing your business towards its next set of goals.Equity and LTIPs are other employment benefits that you should consider following a period of high company growth, a merger or acquisition, or when the company makes an IPO.

A performance share plan (PSP) is when your FD and other participants are awarded shares or rights to shares within the company as a long-term incentive. Along with an annual bonus, a long-term bonus may be chosen to be awarded after the competition of a major financial event, such as hitting a turnover goal

Recruiting a CFO?

Recruitment is what we do best!

Are your recruiting a Chief Financial Officer or CFO for your business? Do you need a talented CFO to help your business reach its full potential? Then you are in the right place? Talk to FD Capital Recruitment today and we’ll find the perfect CFO for you and your business.

We understand that the chemistry has to be right amongst the senior management team, and a new CFO needs the skills and experience to perfectly match to your business requirements.

Talk to us today and let us find you the perfect candidate.  Often one of our in-house team is available for an immediate start call us now for an initial chat.

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