Financial Controller Jobs and FC Jobs board

Financial Controller Jobs and FC Jobs board

A financial controller is a crucial part of a company’s executive team. The role has seen extensive evolution in recent years, becoming a key strategic position separate from the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

At FD Capital, we work with financial controllers to empower them to take the next step forward in their careers. Whether you’re recruiting a financial controller or looking for a new opportunity as a financial controller, our team is here to help.

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What is a Financial Controller?

A financial controller is the senior financial professional responsible for overseeing the company’s financial activities, reporting, and annual budgeting. They act as a strategic advisor to the CEO and leadership team while ensuring regulatory compliance and building financial resilience.

Accounting is the primary responsibility of a financial controller, but they need a varied skill set, including being a digital native and a strong communicator. Within smaller organisations, a financial controller may be the most senior financial position where there is not the workload for a CFO. Alternatively, they may report to a CFO in larger organisations with an established financial department.

The responsibilities of a financial controller include:

Part-Time FD
  • Overseeing the company’s financial regulatory reporting and ensuring accuracy with all transactions accounted for.
  • Managing annual budgets with financial forecasting and preparing monthly financial statements.
  • Handling day-to-day financial operations, including accounts payable and receivable, cost accounting, revenue recognition, inventory accounting, and billing.
  • Managing reporting requirements and tax filings.
  • Implementing accounting policies to ensure internal controls as part of the company’s risk management strategy.

Are Today’s Financial Controllers Tomorrow’s CFOs?

Today’s financial controllers are the CFOs of tomorrow. Both positions have seen significant evolution in recent years, moving from bean counters to business leaders with an increasing focus on strategy.

Companies looking to develop their finance teams long-term can invest in a financial controller to develop into the role of CFO as the company expands. Transitioning a financial controller into the role of CFO can be an advantageous form of succession planning for your organisation.

Within larger organisations, financial controllers are often second-in-command to the CFO. Many of the skills they develop as a financial controller are crucial for the role of CFO.

If you aspire to the role of CFO, becoming a financial controller is an ideal stepping stone to building your portfolio and skill set.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Financial Controller

A financial controller’s primary responsibilities are to oversee a company’s day-to-day financial activities, budgeting, and ensuring records are accurately maintained in line with regulatory standards.

They work closely with the company’s leadership team to develop its financial strategy, including implementing internal policies and systems to streamline financial operations.

A financial controller will ensure the company’s financial systems are fit for purpose and well maintained while overseeing its risk management strategy. The main duties and responsibilities of a financial controller fall into five categories:

  1. Financial reporting and analysis

Financial controllers are responsible for ensuring accurate financial reporting. They also gather and analyse data, which is used for forecasting, identifying trends, and providing insights that inform strategy and decision-making throughout the organisation.

  1. Budgeting and financial forecasting

Financial controllers oversee the company’s day-to-day financial functioning, including its annual budget. They utilise data insights to forecast future spending and plan their budget accordingly. Forecasting trends and identifying patterns are crucial to building resilience and adaptability into a company’s budget.

  1. Risk management

Mitigating potential financial risks and building financial resilience are long-term goals for financial controllers. They’re responsible for identifying potential risks and developing a risk management strategy in partnership with the senior leadership team.

  1. Strategic financial planning

Financial controllers have a managerial role within financial departments. They’re a key strategic advisor to the CEO, ensuring that day-to-day operations are in line with the company’s financial objectives.

  1. Internal controls and compliance

A financial controller develops and establishes internal controls to ensure regulatory compliance, including submitting financial records on time to avoid fines and penalties. They’ll conduct an annual audit to identify any potential issues and work with third-party auditors.


Interpersonal skills: Your FD will deal with everyone f rom investors to clients and employees.


They need to have the diplomatic skills to present the company in the best light.Data analytical skill:


The key role of an FD is to analyse the data around your business to facilitate forecasting and performance analysis.Innovative creativity:


Your FD needs to be able to come up with innovative solutions to resolve problems within your company and create growth opportunities


Relationship with CEO: A CFO or FD often steps into the shoes of the CEO, working directly alongside time.


You want to make sure you have a good rapport and connection with the candidate.


Professional network: Your CFO or FD should have a network of professionals across the industry that they can call upon to help with everything from forecasting to fundraising.

FAQs about the Role of Financial Controller

We’re answering three of the most frequently asked questions about the role of financial controller to help you decide if the role is right for you.

  1. What are the Challenges Faced By Financial Controllers?

Financial controllers have a variety of challenges in their role, including budget deviations, unbalanced budgets, incorrect data, mismanaged risks, and reporting issues.

  1. What Makes a Successful Financial Controller?

Successful financial controllers have an extensive background in accounting and financial management with well-developed leadership and analytical skills. They should also stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements by developing their digital skills, including learning to use the latest software.

  1. Is Being a Financial Controller a Stepping Stone to CFO?

If you aspire to become a CFO, working as a financial controller can build your portfolio and give you the skills to step up the ladder. You’ll develop many of the operational and strategic skills you’d need for a C-suite role, alongside crucial soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication.

CFO candidates who have previously worked as financial controllers are appealing to companies as they have more financial experience than non-traditional candidates.

Part-Time FD

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The FD Capital leadership team consists of entrepreneurs, consultants, and financial executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. We offer traditional financial controller recruitment and headhunting services.

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About FD Capital Recruitment

FD Capital are a niche senior finance recruitment network of Financial Controller  working together with professional recruiters, we have been active in the senior financial professional recruitment niche since 2018 and are based in Great Portland Street, London. Our work is split between Part-Time, Interim and Permanent roles, around 50% of our portfolio is currently part-time, though interim and perm roles are growing faster currently. Make sure to check back regularly to this job board and keep in touch with our team for the latest opportunities part-time, full time and interim.  We are very active in the London Private Equity space.

We also offer a range of specialist FD and CFO where the opportunities arise, our current specialisms include:-

Experience with Private Equity / Venture Capital backed businesses.
Turnaround / Business recovery situations
E-Commerce knowledge of SEO / Search Marketing is an increasingly valuable skill
Bi-Lingual skills
Non-executive roles.

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