International Tax Recruitment

International Tax Recruitment

International Tax

An International Tax Director provides taxation support to your ongoing business operations while assisting with overseeing expansion plans. They play a leadership role in developing and implementing financial strategies to navigate international taxation policies and oversee restructuring if necessary.

Companies that operate across multiple companies need an International Tax Director who can align the company’s financial strategy to ensure compliance and understand other country’s taxation policies.

At FD Capital, our talent pool of international tax directors are industry leaders with financial and business insights across multiple sectors. We actively recruit specialist financial executives with the skills and talents to oversee diverse projects, including international tax directors. FD Capital recruits on a part-time, full-time, interim, and remote basis.

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International Tax Director

An International Tax Director is responsible for overseeing the taxation strategy of a multi-national company, ensuring that it complies with the tax regulations in every country in which it operates in. They either work in-house in a management role or provide advice to companies on tax policy while working at an accounting firm.

Recruiting an International Tax Director ensures that your company is compliant across every territory and can utilise tax regulations to their advantage, potentially saving money.

Meet FD Capital

At FD Capital, we’re an industry-leading boutique recruitment agency that specialises in senior financial executive recruitment throughout the UK. Our headquarters are based in Great Portland Street in the heart of London’s financial district with regional offices across England.

We recruit International Tax Directors on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis, providing flexibility for companies at every stage of their development. The FD Capital team consists of entrepreneurs and financial executives who understand the challenges of building and growing a business internationally.

Our team of financial executives are available to work in-house or remotely with most of our candidates being ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants or ATII Professionals. They have experience working for some of the UK’s leading companies across dozens of industries, including with global partners.

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What is an International Tax ?

Multi-national companies often manufacture, produce, and sell their goods in multiple countries and jurisdictions. In these scenarios, a company may be liable to pay corporate income tax in different countries. These taxation implications will depend on the specific actions and financial activities of the company in these countries.

International Tax Professionals are responsible for calculating the company’s tax liability and ensuring that it is compliant across every jurisdiction. Several countries have put international tax agreements in place to facilitate cross-border commerce to prevent companies from facing double taxation.

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An International Tax Director will usually be familiar with several other jurisdictions outside of the UK. This knowledge may include a second language skill and knowledge of the country’s domestic and international tax regulations and systems. An International Tax Director will determine how these regulations impact the business and how the overall strategy can be adapted. Some companies may benefit from moving their manufacturing to another country or opening a new manufacturing plant elsewhere that has more friendly corporation taxes.

They’ll interact with senior company management to determine how to navigate taxation regulations to avoid higher financial penalties and taxes. For example, an International Tax Director may recommend that the company reduce its manufacturing in a specific country if it operates on a tiered tax bracket.

Responsibilities of an International Tax Director

The responsibilities of an International Tax Director can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your company and its growth strategies.

Start-ups exploring expansion into new countries may decide to recruit a part-time International Tax Director to provide financial planning and strategy support. Most international tax directors will have the following responsibilities:

  • Providing tax consulting advice for the company’s current and future activities both domestically and abroad.
  • Advising the company on large-scale and complicated cross-border transactions, including transfer pricing, IP alignment planning, mergers, acquisitions, and group restructurings.
  • Developing an international tax strategy and staying up to date with taxation policy and regulatory changes in other districts.
  • Project managing of cross-border planning projects to oversee tax implications.
  • Reviewing tax technical memorandum and reports.
  • Liaising with domestic and international tax authorities.
  • Cooperating with other departments to ensure compliance on transactions and strategy.
  • Liaising with stakeholders and third-party institutions on the company’s financial and taxation strategy and position.

Challenges Facing International Tax Directors

The current economic situation and global picture pose several challenges for international tax directors. These challenges are faced by every company that operates on a multinational basis with an International Tax Director being best placed to lead on them.

1. The Impact of COVID-19

Governments throughout the world moved to support businesses during the global pandemic to protect their economies. These business support measures have resulted in complicated tax situations.

Over 130 jurisdictions have made significant changes to their tax codes since the pandemic to mitigate further negative economic consequences. The pandemic has resulted in revised requirements for issues like tax filings and collections, along with the suspension of tax audits and further leniency on tax litigation.

2. Staying On Top of European Commission FAST Rules

International tax directors in the UK will often be engaging with jurisdictions in Europe. The European Commission is currently moving forward with an ambitious modernisation plan set to simplify tax compliance. The taxation package was adopted in July 2020 with new initiatives to support Europe’s post-COVID recovery and to promote sustainable long-term growth.

The goal of the European Commission’s “FAST” strategy is to streamline taxation and enable companies to adapt to business technology. The Tax Action Plan is due to be fully rolled out by 2024.

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Build a strong taxation and growth strategy for your company by recruiting a Tax Director with FD Capital. We offer a 360-degree approach to recruiting with traditional recruitment and headhunting services. Your dedicated recruiter will work to identify a tax director with the skills and experience to suit your multinational company’s current and future needs.

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