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E-Commerce CFO Recruitment

CFOs with an E-Commerce background and currently very sort after, as more and more businesses move their business models over to an online basis, then having a senior financial professional with that background makes increasing sense. FD Capital Recruitment is well known in London for being a technology and PE house specialist recruitment boutique, we are focussed on FDs and CFOs and understand this niche very well.  Our team is made up of Chartered Accountants and professional recruiters. So we are ideally placed to service your E-Commerce CFO requirements.

E-Commerce has been growing faster than off line sales for 20 years now, and is becoming clear that the future of retail and business in general is online, it therefore makes sense to recruit your senior team with that trend clearly in mind.

The Technology sector is a very dynamic and growing area of the the UK Economy, and its a very exciting and challenging area to work in. Here at FD Capital Recruitment we specialist in FD’s and CFO’s and have some of the best candidates in the UK on our books. If you are looking for an experienced senior finance professional reach out to our team today. Tech startups through to established tech Plc’s are amongst our many customers, all of our Directors have themselves worked on founded tech businesses so its an area and space we know very well.

What impact will an CFO E-Commerce specialist make?

E-Commerce CFOHaving a background with technology companies is always a requisite for an CFO but a background with E-Commerce is a game changer, understanding how search engines work, the importance of user metrics all go hand in hand to achieve success.  Here at FD Capital Recruitment we are very strong in the technology space, many of our candidates are amongst the best on the market, some have owned and run their own Software as a Service businesses, and have therefore been through the process of understanding and appreciating how the leading Search Engine Google works and operates.

This insight gives our CFO candidates a huge advantage as they can share their knowledge and experience with the rest of senior management, being able to grow sales online is crucial as part of a strategy of achieving online success.

Are you a Software as a Service business looking for a Chief Financial Officer / CFO? Here are FD Capital Recruitment we specialist in Finance Directors and CFO’s and with a particular focus on Private Equity / Venture Capital backed companies and theTechnology sector. All of our Directors have worked in or owned their own tech companies and its an area we therefore know really well, hence our interest and focus on this niche and space. You might be interested in: How to become a CFO a step by step guide from FD Capital Recruitment.

Financial Technology or Fintech for short, has become a very exciting area to work in. The internet has matured and is now mainstream, allowing large numbers of users access to services and products that were simply not possible or available historically.

Having a CFO with a technology background makes a significant difference, he or she will already have contacts in the investment and funding space that are actively interested to invest in a tech business, plus familiarity with the challenges of growing and running a business in a fast moving sector.

Appreciating how tech businesses work and operate and what sort of candidates will fit in and have the right chemistry with the rest of their senior team is what makes FD Capital stand out from the crowd, we know and understand people and that is what makes us a leading

About FD Capital Recruitment

We are a specialist FD and CFO recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street London and from there service London and the South East, we also have a national network of FDs and CFOs so we can support a recruitment anywhere nationally.  Our team work closely with Private Equity houses and Venture Capitalist and we have a focus on the technology sector, so if you are in the tech space and are looking for your next FD or CFO, then reach out to our team today and we will be delighted to find the perfect candidate to match your opportunity.

Having worked in London tech and PE niche since 2018 we have built up a strong database of candidates that are amongst the best on the market, reach out to our team today and lets find the perfect candidate for your business.

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