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What To Look for When Choosing a Senior Finance Recruitment Agency

Recruitment can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks for any organisation. You want to make sure you find the best talent possible and the candidate who will hit the ground running. It’s no surprise that most companies within the industry choose to work with finance recruitment agencies to streamline the process.

Whether you’re hiring a junior finance executive or a CFO, you want the confidence that you’re making the right decision. Your company may be on a hiring spree after rapid growth, or you could be replacing a colleague who is moving on elsewhere.

Alternatively, you may be a CFO looking to take the next step in your career with the help of a finance recruitment agency. Recruiters work both ways – with both candidates and companies.

No two hiring situations are the same. Unlike other senior finance recruitment agencies, FD Capital prides itself on taking a hands-on approach to every application process. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and financial professionals who understand the needs of start-ups and scaling companies in finding the right talent.

What should you look for when exploring finance recruitment agencies in London? We’re sharing with you the checklist of things to look for and what sets FD Capital apart as one of the leading finance recruitment agencies.   FD Capital is your centre for FD and CFO recruitment.

Client Relationship Management

All senior finance recruitment agencies care about client relationships. Whether you’re a candidate or a company, you should feel like the recruitment agency has your best interests at heart.

The best recruitment agencies are those who will go the extra mile. They’ll advise candidates on how to develop their CVs while helping companies identify exactly what they need from new recruits.

At FD Capital, we’re a boutique financial recruitment agency that takes a curated approach to recruiting. Our team works one-on-one with every client and spends time nurturing relationships. It’s our privilege to be able to help you develop your career or take your business to the next level.

What makes FD Capital different is that our leadership team is made up of CEOs, former CFOs, and entrepreneurs. We understand the needs of both clients and candidates. This heightened awareness is why we pride ourselves on taking a hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process. Our success is your success.

Financial Industry Experience

The financial industry is its own microcosm. Those who are experts within the industry are best to oversee recruitment. While you may be attracted to a recruitment agency that operates across the board, a specialist financial recruitment agency is better placed to find you the right candidate or position.

We’re acutely aware of how the financial industry is evolving. Positions like that of CFO are becoming virtually unrecognisable as they become more focused on operational and strategic responsibilities. You want to put your trust in finance recruitment agencies in London that are familiar with the industry.

A recruitment agency that has its finger on the pulse will help you make recruitment decisions that will future-proof your organisation. Senior finance recruitment agencies will typically be made up of recruitment experts with knowledge of crypto, tech innovation, and the changing industrial landscape.

Experience within the financial industry is invaluable during the recruitment process. You can benefit from the network around the agency and its talent pool to find the most suitable candidate or company for you.

One of the first things you should do before working with a recruitment agency is to ask about their finance qualifications and experience. If you’re a candidate, ask the agency about how they can help with your career development within the industry.

Effective Hiring Processes

The reason why companies hire finance recruitment agencies is to streamline the process. Every senior finance recruitment agency in London will have its own hiring process. Take the time to ask the agency about their timeline and processes, whether you’re a company or a candidate.

The most effective finance recruitment agencies will strive to oversee the process on time. Most will work with a specific time frame and have processes in place to narrow down candidates.

At FD Capital, we start the process by helping companies identify exactly what they need with new hires. Identifying the skills and experience your company needs will allow us to identify the most suitable candidates to shortlist initially.

Developing the hiring process is a two-way street. We always take on board the views of the company involved and work to their timetable. Our team oversee recruitment for part-time, full-time, and interim financial positions – along with remote working opportunities

The Agency’s Reputation

A company’s reputation should speak for itself. While financial recruitment agencies specialise in hiring CFOs, FDs, and financial executives, they shouldn’t be solely focused on KPIs.

The most sought-after senior financial recruitment agencies spend their time building relationships, being respectful, and working closely with their clients. No two companies or candidates are the same. FD Capital strives to take a tailored approach to every situation, from advising candidates on boosting their CVs to producing candidate shortlists.

Candidate Development

Finance Director

Candidate development is important for both companies and financial professionals. Finance recruitment agencies in London that stand out from the crowd are those who go the extra mile.

Whether your company specialises in e-commerce or cryptocurrency, the industry as a whole is moving faster than ever before. That means candidate development is crucial.

We work closely with our talent pool to identify their strengths and areas to develop their CVs. Our team knows the importance of soft skills and act as mentors to our talent pool. The finance recruitment agencies in London are only as strong as their talent pool. We take a hands-on approach to working with our candidates to help them get to the stage of their careers.

Are you a financial executive ready to take the next step in your career? Join our talent pool today by reaching out to our team at If you’re searching for a financial recruitment agency that will take a tailored approach to your recruitment, get in touch with us today.

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FD Capital works closely with our clients to identify their needs, creating a close working relationship between businesses and our team of talented FDs and CFOs. Our recruitment service allows you to find the perfect candidate on either a part-time, interim or full time basis.   We are known as one of London’s leading CFO Headhunters.

We curate a list of candidates that are hand selected for your company with the skills and experience you need to scale your business.

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