SaaS CFO Recruitment

Are you a Software as a Service business looking for a Chief Financial Officer / CFO?   Here are FD Capital Recruitment we specialist in Finance Directors and CFO’s and with a particular focus on Private Equity / Venture Capital backed companies and theTechnology sector.  All of our Directors have worked in or owned their own tech companies and its an area we therefore know really well, hence our interest and focus on this niche and space.

The Software as a Service Model

Saas CFOThe Software as a Service or SaaS model is proven and good one, its basis is a recurring stream of revenue typically on a monthly or annual basis, and it allows its customers and users to make use of service on a flexible basis.  The typical model involves an initial funding and R&D phase where the concept attracts investment and a working initial version is launched.

The service is then rolled out and actively marketed, as it grows its customer base it scales up and moves to profit.  If the service is appealing and ideally among the first to market then there is significant potential for profitability.

Finding the right CFO for your business is really important, as the chances of a successul fund raise both at the Seed stage, initial or at A series is greatly improved if you have the right expertise on your team.  This is where FD Capital Recruitment comes into our own, as we have been through the challenges of starting tech businesses ourselves, raised seed capital, raised further capital and managed rapid growth culminating in successful exits.

With this experience in mind we formed FD Capital to be able to share our experience and help other businesses find the perfect talent they need to achieve success.

How can we help you find the perfect CFO for your SaaS business?

We have spent the last three years actively recruiting for SaaS businesses and over that time have built an extensive database of candidates all of whom we have meet (either physically or virtually) and very many of whom we have worked together with other clients.  Most of our CFO’s are ICAEW qualified.

Being experienced CFO’s and recruiters ourselves mean we understand the importance of a candidates experience and that getting to know the chemistry of our clients is the best way for us to select the ideal candidate.

We have a first class reputation for getting it right and finding the ideal candidates for our clients.   Our client loyalty is very high and we get most of our work from referrals from our satisfied customers.  Please reach out to our team today and let us show you what a difference we can make to your business.  We are particularly strong within the tech sectors and have candidates with extensive ERP and E-Commerce experience and SEO.

About FD Capital

We are a leading recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street, London and are focussed on FD’s and CFO’s specifically the tech sector and companies with PE or VC house backing.  If you are looking for the perfect candidate then reach out to us today and we’ll find produce the best people on the market for you.   Most of our opportunities are not advertised as we have a strong network and database of excellent candidates already, we do however advertise roles on our Job board so if you are a candidate seeking a role then it is always worth checking back regularly to see what opportunities we have at any time.

If your business is technology based, in the SaaS sector and seeking intial funding or a second funding round, either A or B series, then we are really interested to speak with you.  Please make sure to reach out to our team today.

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