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Are you recruiting a CFO or Chief Financial officer for your business?
Do you need a talented CFO to help your business reach its full potential?

Then you are in the right place? Talk to FD Capital today and we’ll find the perfect CFO for you and your business.

We understand that the chemistry has to be right amongst the senior management team, and a new team member needs the skills and experience to perfectly match to your business requirements.

Why Use FD Capital Recruitment?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionising the world of finance. This digital currency does not rely on a central authority and has the potential to impact everything from financial services to the automotive industry and e-commerce. Companies in the cryptocurrency industry need the steady hand of a CFO to navigate through this transformative period.

CFOs are at the front lines of the cryptocurrency revolution, navigating growing demands for regulatory changes and stock market uncertainty. Our specialist cryptocurrency and blockchain CFOs have extensive skills in financial services, making them ideal for leading your cryptocurrency company through the changes to come.

Our specialist cryptocurrency CFOs have entrepreneurial mindsets with proven track records of delivering in financial services, staying ahead of industry innovation, and investing in digital transformation.

The role of CFO has evolved from being a bean counter to a business leader. They interact with almost every aspect of a cryptocurrency business, from ensuring regulatory compliance to financial reporting and stakeholder engagement.

FD Capital specialises in connecting companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with CFOs and FDs with financial services experience. Start your recruitment process today by contacting our team at


The UK’s No1 Financial Services Recruitment Agency

FD Capital is London’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency based in Great Portland Street, putting us at the heart of the City of London and the cryptocurrency revolution.

We have an extensive talent pool of CFOs and FDs with experience in financial services who are an ideal fit for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Our candidates are available to work on a part-time, full-time, interim, and remote basis.

The FD Capital team has over 20 years of experience in financial recruitment with entrepreneurial and financial experience that offers unique insights into both sides of the recruitment process.

Most of our specialist cryptocurrency CFOs are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants with experience working for industry-leading companies, both public and private. We offer traditional recruitment methods and headhunting services for a full 360-degree approach for finding your ideal candidate.

Recruiting a Specialist Cryptocurrency and Blockchain CFO

CFO Interim

Financial services CFOs are uniquely positioned to guide cryptocurrency and blockchain companies through investing in technology, AI, and automation to leverage real-time data and analytical insight for better decision-making. CFOs who are digital natives can hit the ground running as cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists.

Cryptocurrency companies seeking the backing of private equity, or that are already funded by private investors, will want a CFO on board with corporate finance or financial services experience. Private equity investors are more confident when there is a CFO who can translate financial forecasting for them and add financial credibility to the organisation.

Our specialist CFOs are business leaders, information gathers, and digital natives who act as a bridge between cryptocurrency companies and stakeholders. They have their figure on the industry pulse, giving your company an edge over the competition.

We’ll connect your company with a specialist cryptocurrency CFO who understands the investment thesis and long-term vision of your company. Many of our talent pool has experience delivering on IPOs and working with public companies, uniquely positioning them to assist in scaling businesses within the cryptocurrency industry.

Our team will work with you to recruit a specialist CFO who can maximise value creation, deliver on digital transformation, invest in human capital, and develop private equity exit strategies.

Role of a Cryptocurrency/Blockchain CFO

who will drive industry change and create a positive investor story.

  1. Strategist

CFOs are strategists whose financial planning determines the company’s long-term growth. They’ll invest in human capital, oversee operations, and utilise technology that provides real-time data analysis to make forecasting more accurate and incorporate KPIs for better decision making.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) fall under the responsibility of a cryptocurrency CFO. FP&A enables CFOs to translate data into understandable language for stakeholders, creating a perspective to determine the strategic impact on the company’s short and long-term situation.

CFOs take a bird’s eye view of the company with eyes firmly fixed on its future, rather than taking a rear-view approach. As strategists, they will utilise macroeconomic data, consumer behaviour, and information on emerging competitors to track KPIs.

  1. Steward

CFOs are a steward of their cryptocurrency company. It’s a role that’s increasingly important as regulatory compliance tops the agenda of cryptocurrency leaders and as calls increase for more financial transparency. A cryptocurrency CFO will ensure the company maintains its financial records and meets its regulatory compliance.

As a steward, your CFO will oversee risk management and provide an unbiased view of its finances to your investors. Private equity investors and financial institutions rely on CFOs to offer them a window into the company’s strategy and finances.


Cryptocurrency CFOs will act as an operator, overseeing the company’s systems and infrastructures, including investing in digital tools and enterprise planning systems to streamline forecasting and performance analysis. CFOs as operators will conduct the company’s tax audits, ensure regulatory compliance, and track KPIs.

Recruiting a CFO?

  1. Catalyst

CFOs are catalysts for change in the cryptocurrency industry. They’ll put the systems and strategies in place to streamline forecasting, maximise value creation, and support a successful exit strategy. CFOs who invest in human capital and technology enhance business innovation, turbo-charge growth, and reduce overheads.

Recruiting a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain CFO


E-Commerce Expertise


Turnaround specialists


PE House / Venture Capital


Rapid Growth situations


Debt refinancing


Distressed situations


Mergers and Aquisitions


ERP integrations


Business Transformations


M&A activity


Due Diligence and sale preparation

Our Culture

FD Capital connects cryptocurrency and blockchain companies with highly-quality financial professionals who have experience in financial services. We offer both traditional recruitment and CFO headhunting services to find your ideal candidate.

Our financial executives are available to work on a part-time or fractional basis, ideal for cryptocurrency companies that are still in the start-up stage or rapidly scaling.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation call with us today to learn more about our recruitment and headhunting services for specialist cryptocurrency and blockchain CFOs. Start your CFO recruitment or headhunting by contacting our team today at


Recruiting a CFO?

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Are your recruiting a Chief Financial Officer for your business? Do you need a talent to help your business reach its full potential? Then you are in the right place? Talk to FD Capital Recruitment today and we’ll find the perfect candidate for you and your business.

We understand that the chemistry has to be right amongst the senior management team, and a new CFO needs the skills and experience to perfectly match to your business requirements.

Talk to us today and let us find you the perfect candidate. Often one of our in-house team is available for an immediate start call us now for an initial chat.

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