Bilingual FD or CFO

Bilingual FD or CFO

Having the ability to speak multiple languages fluently is a huge asset on any CV.  With that language skill comes the familiarity of the culture of other countries and that can be ever bit as valuable when it comes to managing a foreign team and understanding how to be compliant with local rules and regulations.

Recruiting an FD or CFO for language skills is a real benefit for the team, as the senior management will thereafter have the ability to communicate far better with the overseas team, if the FD or CFO is a native speaker then they will be even better received.

If your business has overseas customers or subsidiaries, then recruiting a bilingual FD or CFO makes perfect sense.  Making international acquisitions makes more sense when the senior team have local knowledge and language skills to match.

Language skills are a unique selling point which gives our candidates the edge, that same advantage can be applied to your business.

International Experience

Many of our bilingual team members have lived and worked abroad, maybe coming to the UK as adults or with their families they have retained their language skills, some have read languages at University and then spent time abroad with the courses.    Having first hand local experience is a big benefit when it comes to dealing with teams and customers with different cultures and work practices.

Improving efficiency and expanding international trade is more straightforward when the senior management team has access to a linguist.

Sometimes our team members are qualified accountants from other countries, this can be a distinct advantage as they are therefore familiar with the taxation and Government filing regulations overseas.  Having worked overseas our team members are often better prepared to deal with different cultures due to the experience they have gained during their travels.

Having an internationally minded senior finance professional onboard can bring new ideas and perspectives to a business, plus their local knowledge and contacts may help your business gain an advantage in an international market.

Senior finance professionals who have travelled widely tend to be more rounded with their interpersonal skills and this is an additional benefit to consider.

Brexit and work permits

Another point to consider is that now the UK has left the EU it is more of a challenge to arrange work visas for EU countries, so having an FD or CFO who has dual nationality as well as bilingual language skills overcomes that issue at the same time.  That can be useful if trips need to be organised at short notice, many of our team members have EU passports and residency rights in the UK either through marriage or family connections.

The same benefit applies with other markets such as China, Japan and most countries, having a second passport overcomes the time issues with local visa rules and regulations.

We check all our international candidates to ensure they have the right to live and work in the UK prior to selecting them for interview.

Recruit a bilingual FD

bilingual skillsIf you need a senior financial professional with language skills then reach out to our team today, we are based in London but have near national coverage through our network of financial professionals, we have a wide range of language skills available, from Chinese, Russian and Japanese through to French, German and Spanish, and many more, call us today and will find the ideal candidate for you, if we don’t have one in our network already.

FD Capital has a team of experienced Portfolio FD’s and CFO’s who have worked for us often for many years supporting multi-clients on a part-time / fractional basis, these Portfolio FD often have spare capacity and can support you at short notice.

Bilingual CFO

If you are looking for a bilingual CFO for your business, make sure to reach out to us, we specialise in CFO’s, Part-Time, Interim, Full-time and of course Bilingual ones.  Our candidates have a wide range of language skills ranging from European languages such as French, German and Spanish through to Russia, Chinese and Japanese.

Are you a Bilingual FD looking for new opportunities?

If so then please reach out to us, we are always looking for new recruits for our team, visit our FD and CFO Network page to find out more about our business model and how we operate.   We organise regular social and networking events which is a great way to build contacts and a network of your own, particularly if you have arrived recently to the UK.

Finding a Bilingual Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer

Candidates with fluency in another language and with accountancy qualifications are always in demand, FD Capital Recruitment are fortunate in that we have a large database of skilled accountants and many of our team member have strong language skills.  If you are looking for a particular skills set, just reach out to us for an initial informal chat and we can let you know the availability of the language skills you are looking for.  Most of our FD’s are ICAEW qualified.

As well as fluency level skills we have many FD’s with a working knowledge of another language for example at Intermediate level, and whilst not perfect, nevertheless their skills can be valuable and will be appreciated in international markets.

Whatever your requirements the first step is to reach out to us for an initial discussion, our main number is 020 3287 9501 .

Bilingual FD Recruitment

FD Capital Recruitment can help with the recruitment of bilingual FD’s or CFO’s, we are a network of senior financial professionals based in London and have a large database of candidates with language skills should we not have the ideal candidate in our network already.   Our main office is based in Great Portland Street, London but due to the network nature of our business we have a near national coverage, check the footer of this page to see the main areas we cover.  Our Shropshire office covers the West Midlands region.   We service the rest of the Country through our network of FD’s and CFO’s.

Our team has a wide range of skills sets and we have FD’s and CFO’s available on a Part-Time, Interim and Full-Time basis, our range of senior finance recruitment services can be found here.