Hints and tips for those aspiring to be a Portfolio FD.

It’s been three years since I started as a Portfolio FD myself and I get asked for advice on a regular basis by those new to this area.   I’m always happy to share my own experiences and a chat is often a great way to find out if someone is interested to join our network.

So here are some of the questions I get asked.

Is it easy to find Portfolio FD work?

Finding work can be a challenge, whilst there are lots of full time FD jobs, the concept of hiring a part time FD is still new to many companies, though its becoming more popular.

The traditional recruitment agencies are not that helpful for this type of role, occassionally an opportunity will come through this channel but its not often, in the last 3 years I’ve had one role via a midlands agency and one from a London agency, for that reason I don’t invest much time in reaching out to recruiters.

A good source of work are the private equity houses and corporate finance specialists, it’s a numbers game with these, a private equity house will have their own list of FD’s to draw from and while they have interesting transactions they don’t have that many that often.  I use Linkedin a lot, a tip I share is to build 20 new contacts a week and aim to expand your network by around 1,000 new connections each year.  That way when you need a role you have a large network to reach out to, and statistically a much better chance of success.  You need to cultivate a short list of private equity people and keep in more regular touch with those.

How many days per week can I expect to work?

Four days is “full time” I know that sounds a little counter intuitive but you need spare capacity to support clients who have extra demands, and they always do.. Year ends, budgets, fund raising and so on.

Plus you need to keep a day free for marketing, its important to keep reaching out to your contacts each week, making time for coffee meetups and to attend networking events, that way when an opportunity drops out, and that happens all to often also, you have some opportunities in the pipeline.

Are there networks I can join?

There certainly are, FD Capital is a group of FD’s and we work together, referring work to each other and employing FD’s directly ourselves.    When we are too busy ourselves we charge out the time of other FD’s making a markup, we work in an open way so you know where you are.   We pay our FD’s the same day our clients pay us and work as a team to support each other.

Want to learn more?

Call me on 07528969471 and let’s go from there.