Are you looking for a Portfolio FD role?

I have built up my own network of contracts and work, but I regularly get enquiries or requests from my clients which I can’t fulfill. I am therefore always seeking Finance Directors who are willing to work either on a Portfolio basis meaning more than one part time role or on interim work assignments.

These roles offer a higher than usual day rate, but the work does tend to be more variable than traditional roles, so for example you may find the time required steadily reduces down or grows, which then becomes a challenge to fit around your other commitments.

Fitting together multiple roles like this is very rewarding both financially and in terms of work experience. I specialise in fund raising and Search Enging Marketing which are not a skills always in demand from the same clients, though it tends to be the case that most businesses need my skills some of the time. Hence why being a portfolio matches well to my skill set.

I also ran my own businesses for twelve years which gives me greater empathy with SME businesses and their owner managers. None of those skills are in any way a requirement. But if you are on the outlook for a suitable role or are an SME business that could benefit from my skill set then please feel free to reach out to me today.