New Senior Finance Jobs section

We’ve added a new section to our website today, as three new roles came in at once and we don’t have the capacity to handle those at the moment in house.

I have a network of partners in the Birmingham and London recruitment market so it is no issue to work with them to help me fill the roles.

You can now apply directly via our Jobs section this need some development to professionalise it further but it does make sense as you can apply for live vacancies and they should also get picked up by Google far better and faster as I have used Google’s job markup language. Hopefully they will also appear from time to time on Google’s rich snippet carousel which is particularly eye catching and appears at the top of Search Pages.

Anyway I feel we are a step further forward in our development, it clearly is a success that we are leveraging our wide network of contacts and private equity in this way and being asked to help fill their Senior Finance roles on such a regular basis.

Hopefully we can expand this area further still as time goes along.