NED Recruitment

NED Recruitment

Recruiting a non-executive Director or board Chair is one of the specialist roles that FD Capital are experienced at. We have an extensive team of Qualified Accountants with experience of non-exec and Chair roles.

We have also built up a databse of Non-Executives available and actively looking for new roles to support their diaries.

Why Use FD Capital Recruitment for your Non-Executive recruitment?

As we are experienced Directors ourselves both executive and non-executive, and therefore we are ideally placed to understand the needs of clients looking for non-executives to join their boards.  We help a business define the real requirements of the role, by understanding the importance of a cultural fit and then advising on the correct selection and the best candidate.

The position of non-exec is one of the most valuable in any company. Their role is to help you meet your goals and scale up your business, whether it’s through fundraising or company expansion.  Our network of non-execs are experienced in all of these areas.

A committed board member

A key part role of the non-exec is to attend and contribute to board meetings.

Meetings can be a few hours, or up to a full day, its important to read the papers before hand and develop relationships within the board so you can be effective and contribute appropriately.  Each board will have their own dynamics and the Chairman is a key person as they set the scene and drive the agenda.

Often there will be sub committees to sit on, such as the Audit Committee and Remuneration committee.

About us – FD Capital for NED Recruitment

We operate across the London and south east and West Midlands areas, our ambition is to grow the business to a national operation. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CEO, NED’s and Chairs, all with a strong database of companies we have connections within.

Our team are currently based in North London, South London, Crawley, Northampton, Birmingham and Telford, so we can provide coverage from South Cheshire down to Brighton on the South Coast. You can see our coverage on the footer of this page.

About FD Capital Recruitment your partner for Senior Executives

FD Capital are a niche senior finance recruitment network of Finance Directors and CFO’s working together with professional recruiters, we have been active in the senior financial professional recruitment niche since 2018 and are based in Great Portland Street, London.   Our work is split between Part-Time, Interim and Permanent roles, around 50% of our portfolio is currently part-time, though interim and perm roles are growing faster currently.   Many of our network are experienced at search marketing and digital strategy.

We also now have a stand-alone executive recruitment brand called Exec Capital.

We are always looking for new opportunities for our team, so if you need a Non-Executive or a Finance Director / Chief Financial Officer for your business either on a Part-Time, Interim or Full-Time basis, make sure to reach out to FD Capital Recruitment today.  We also offer Digital Marketing Directors on a full-time, part-time and interim basis.


Non-Executive FD / NED FD

Do you need an experienced Finance Director to join your board on a non-executive basis? We have a panel of experienced finance directors who are available for a few days per month or more to offer the support your business needs.

Our Non-Executive Director Candidates

Our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, some are Part-Time FD’s and CFO’s others are entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses and are looking to share their knowledge and experiences in a postive way. Others are ex-government with deep experience within Local and National Government. We have a strong database covering a wide range of sectors and locations, so no matter the specialism and if you are looking for chairs or members, then FD Capital Recruitment are the people to speak to.

NED Chairs and specialist NEDs

We have strong candidates who have experience of chairing committees and boards, across the public and private sectors, and some both. Plus a lot of experienced non-executive directors looking for additional roles to fill out their diaries.

FD Capital has many connections with Local and National Government, as some of our team are former and active politicians, so if you are looking for candidates that are well connected with Local and National Politicians then please make sure to reach out to our team and discuss your requirements, we will find the perfect NED or Chair for your business or organisation.

We have more than 25 years experience in Senior Finance Recruitment both at executive and non-executive level.

Here are some of the specialisms of our NED’s

  • Chair
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance Directors or Chief Financial Officers, FD’s or CFO’s
  • Turnaround / Business recovery specialists
  • Auditors
  • HR professionals
  • Politicians – Local and National

Talk with our team today and we will get started on your non-executive recruitment straight away.

Non-Executive Chairman

Executive Search

We also have a specialist team that handles Executive Recruitment and Executive Search, which operates under our Executive Capital brand.

As a world class executive search firm and senior management recruitment agency, we have a proven track record in executive level recruitment, talent pool and succession plan solutions. Our industry leading consultants are highly skilled at identifying and engaging non active job seekers or passive candidates. We work closely with private and public sector organisations and leading global brands to build capability in domestic and overseas markets.

Executive recruitment includes:-

Plus many more besides. So if you need help with other senior recruitment make sure to reach out to FD Capital today.  You might be interested in: Why a Dual CFO-COO Position Could Be a Gamechanger for Your Business.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on always being friendly and professional, plus our approach reflects that we are team made up of FD’s and professional recruiters, so you can be sure of talking with someone who knows first hand what your issues and situation is likely to be. Many of our team have been entrepreneurs themselves so can really relate to our owner manager client base.

Because we are so experienced we always find the best non-executive candidates.

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