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What We Recruit For

FD Capital is the UK’s leading recruitment agency for senior financial executives, including Head of Finance, Financial Controllers, Financial Directors, and Chief Financial Controllers.

We connect start-ups, medium-sized companies, and scaling organisations with financial professionals across the UK. We operate specialist recruitment divisions and offer headhunting, alongside traditional recruitment services.

Fractional/Part-Time Financial Executives

While a full-time financial executive works for one company 5 days a week, a part-time executive operates on a more flexible basis. Part-time or fractional financial executives are typically hired by smaller companies and start-ups that don’t have the workload or finances to facilitate a full-time position.

A part-time financial executive can deliver the same results as their full-time equivalent. Smaller companies may benefit more from a part-time executive than a full-time one as it’s more financially accessible for them. The flexibility of a fractional financial executive position means the role can be scaled with company growth, transitioning eventually to a full-time role.

Here are some of the part-time financial executive roles we recruit for:

Interim Financial Executives

Interim financial executives work in the business for a limited time. They’re often recruited with a specific project or task in mind. An interim financial executive may be hired to implement a growth strategy, explore new markets, or overhaul underperforming financial systems. A company may choose to hire an interim financial executive in a transitional role until a permanent appointment is made.

Here are some of the interim financial executive roles we recruit for:

Permanent Financial Executives

Senior financial executives are a crucial part of any company’s leadership and strategy team. Recruiting a permanent financial executive allows your company to address its current needs, navigate challenges and plan for the future. Many of today’s senior financial executives have the skills and experience to become C-suite executives. CFOs, in particular, are increasingly becoming a top choice for future CEOs, allowing your company to succession plan.

At FD Capital, we recruit permanent financial executives on a remote and in-house basis.

Here are some of the interim financial executive roles we recruit for:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Finance
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Director

We have several specialist recruitment divisions and work with candidates and clients throughout the UK and internationally.

Financial Leadership

The roles and responsibilities of financial executives are becoming more diverse than ever before. Gone are the days when CFOs and Heads of Finance were strictly number counters. These executive-level and C-suite roles offer crucial leadership guidance with many acting as advisors to the CEO and other C-suite executives.

Many of our candidates are specialists in their fields, from technology to healthcare and e-commerce. They have a diverse range of experience and are familiar with entering new markets, including navigating changing financial regulations and compliance needs.

Here are some of the financial leadership roles we recruit for:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Finance
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Director

Our candidates have experience working with companies of all sizes, guiding them through financial difficulties or assisting with expansion. The new-found flexibility of financial leadership roles means these positions can be curated to suit your company’s leadership structure.

Private Equity-Backed Companies

Private equity firms and investors prefer to work with companies that have CFOs in place early in the investment cycle. Recruiting a financial executive provides a company seeking private equity with financial credibility and a future leadership candidate. These financial executives can act as a crucial bridge between potential private equity investors and your company.

Financial executives with private equity experience have a forward-looking approach and are growth-oriented. Their transitional skill set makes them versatile candidates who can have a meaningful impact in every aspect of a business. They can engage with internal and external stakeholders, translating financial ideas and strategies for board members, investors, and stakeholders. Their goal is to curate a positive investor story with value creation.

Here are some of the financial executive roles we recruit for:

  • Private Equity Head of Finance
  • Private Equity Financial Controller
  • Private Equity Financial Director
  • Private Equity Chief Financial Officer

Tech Companies

Companies in the tech industry need financial executives who will invest in AI and automation as digital natives with the skills and insight to take their organisation to the next level.

Financial executives in the tech industry will seek to reduce labour-intensive financial analysis and streamline decision-making while developing supply chain resilience. Although planning, auditing, and developing strategy are universal for all FDs, a Technology Finance Director will be expected to use the latest in technical innovation to fuel this work.

Here are some of the financial executive roles in the tech industry that we recruit for:

  • Tech Head of Finance
  • Tech Financial Director
  • Tech Financial Controller
  • Tech Chief Financial Officer

Property Sector

One of our specialist fields for financial executive recruitment is for companies within the property sector. Financial executives in this industry must consider the customer experience and account for the company’s image and value for customers, alongside its brick-and-mortar presence.

These financial executives are proactive, considering aspects like preventive maintenance to ensure they are getting a justifiable return on capital for the company. They’ll also analyse consumer behaviour for accurate forecasting and budget allocation.

At FD Capital, we also recruit facility management CFOs and financial executives. These strategic thinkers can think outside the box to identify potential investments to boost growth and achieve the company’s long-term goals.

Here are some of the property-based financial executive roles we recruit for:

  • Property Financial Controller
  • Property Financial Director
  • Property Chief Financial Officer
  • Property Head of Finance


FD Capital is one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies for financial executives specialising in eCommerce. These financial executives are digital natives with the skills and experience to scale digital-based businesses and expand enterprise companies into new markets.

We offer both traditional recruitment and headhunting services for eCommerce financial executive roles.

Here are some of the eCommerce financial executive roles we recruit for:

  • eCommerce Chief Financial Officer
  • eCommerce Financial Controller
  • eCommerce Head of Finance
  • eCommerce Financial Director