Private Equity FD

Private Equity Financial Director

FD Capital are specialist in the recruitment of experienced finance directors within private equity backed companies.

We understand the importance of success to a Private Equity house, and that they can prefer a hands off style, so its so important for our FD’s to have the drive and determination to succeed without a management structure above them.

We understand that the FD and CFO plays a key role in supporting the CEO who ultimately determines the success of the business, and our experience of private equity FD recruitment its the combination of a CEO and CFO/FD together and their chemistry which is the driving force behind a successful business.

Whether you are at a seed stage, early stage VC company or a more mature Private Equity backed business, we can help.

If you need help getting HMRC clearance or building a pitch deck and financial model then reach out to us.

Our PE/VC team has mant years of successful experience and a first class track record in this market nice.

If you are a Private Equity FD or a company looking to recruit one then please reach out to us.