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FD Capital are specialist in the recruitment of experienced finance directors within private equity backed companies.

We understand the importance of success to a Private Equity house, and that they can prefer a hands off style, so its so important for our FD’s to have the drive and determination to succeed without a management structure above them.

We understand that the FD and CFO plays a key role in supporting the CEO who ultimately determines the success of the business, and our experience of private equity FD recruitment its the combination of a CEO and CFO/FD together and their chemistry which is the driving force behind a successful business.

Whether you are at a seed stage, early stage VC company or a more mature Private Equity backed business, we can help.  If you need help getting HMRC clearance or building a pitch deck and financial model then reach out to us.  Our PE/VC team has many years of successful experience and a first class track record in this market niche.

What type of FD is most successful within a Private Equity backed business?

In the current climate a successful FD needs to combine strong technical skills with entrepreneurial drive and dynamism and at the same time be a good team leader and player.  Our experience shows that the the profile that best matches a PE backed business is one which combines the following:-

  • An engaging personality who can communicate effectively, bringing ideas and drive to an existing management team.
  • Experience of similiar industries and being able to evidence successful turnarounds and or business transformations.
  • Good contacts and ability to convince and bring onboard external parties.
  • A network of contacts that can be drawn upon when needed, across the PE and VC space, fresh fund raising often needs new investor sourcing.
  • Plus excellent chemistry between the candidate and the CEO/MD and Chairman.  You might be interested in: How To Create Winning Investor Pitch Decks to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Why Use FD Capital Recruitment for your executive recruitment?

As we are experienced Finance Directors ourselves we are ideally placed to understand the needs of clients looking for finance professionals.  We help a business define the real requirements of the role, by understanding the importance of a cultural fit and then advising on the correct selection and if the best solution is for a Finance Director full time, part-time, permanent or temporary.  We have wide experience of dealing with PE houses, high net worth individuals and VC’s so we know what is needed and have candidates available with all the right attributes.

Do you need an FD to help with your Private Equity fund raise?

If you need an experience senior financial professional with recent fund raising experience, then we can help, our candidates are skilled at forecast modelling and producing pitch decks that work and have raised funding for their clients.  Having the ability to pitch and convince funders to invest is necessary skill to close out funding rounds.

An existing and extensive network of contacts in the PE space is a real asset as it means more potential funding partners can be approached and an existing relationship combined with a proven track records is a great way to reach through to the decision makers involved.

What are PE houses expecting from an Private Equity FD?

Private equity investors are looking for an exit typically in the range of four to eight years, they also expect growth to continue on a path which will lead to the maximisation of their investment, so having an private equity FD in place who can help achieve that, and communicate effectively if things are on track and take effective corrective actions if they are not is part of the expectation.  They typically avoid early stage businesses and focus instead on high growth companies with a proven record.  At FD Capital we have many years of experience working closely with PE houses and VC firms.

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What makes a good Private Equity FD?

Quite simply the experience of working with PE backed companies, the more experience the better, and the more successful fund raises the more attractive a candidate becomes to PE houses and Venture Capitalists.  We have a strong datasbase of private equity FD’s available some for immediate starts.  You might be interested in: Finding the ideal Private Equity Backed CFO for your Business together with
FD Capital.  FD Capital is also working with VC funding platforms such as

What can an FD do for a PE backed business?

Some of the key benefits provided by a CFO or FD include:

  • Insights into company performance to improve profits.Introduces better controls and systems.Improves cash forecasting and management.
  • Utilizes forecasting, modelling, and planning.Increases the company’s credibility with external parties, including banks and PE houses.
  • Brings experience and expertise in a niche field.
  • Allows your company to plan for the future and formalise business strategy. Recruit skilled employees to up-scale your business.
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You might be wondering what a CFO or FD could do for you as a business owner or MD. Adding an FD to your team can be a gamechanger for your company and how you operate day-to-day. Having an FD on board can free up your time, as they’ll oversee all the financial aspects of your business that might otherwise distract you from other important elements.  When an FD can analyse your performance, they can implement systems that will boost your company’s performance and potentially save you money long-term.  Our team have experience with EMI schemes and many other approaches to incentivise the team.  You might be interested in: The Enterprise Management Incentive / EMI Scheme.

Most SMEs choose to bring an FD on board as they don’t have a finance department. In this scenario, having a CFO or FD can streamline the processes within your business. Whether it’s making the accounting process easier or implementing systems, your FD can help you save time or money daily.The manner of their job means that CFO or FDs can have difficult conversations on your behalf, whether it’s a contractor failing to pay on time or a difficult customer. One of their primary responsibilities is to help you manage your cash flow.

When you have a CFO or FD, they should be one of the most senior employees within your company. As they oversee your finances, you can involve them in the everyday decision-making process to help you manage your funds while hitting your goals. If you have ambitious goals for your company’s future, having an FD on board can help you implement the strategies you need to achieve them

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