Private Equity FD or PE FD

Recruiting a Finance Director who has Private Equity experience is an invaluable step if your business is looking to raise venture capital or private equity capital if the business is more established.   There are whole range of specialist investors around that are interested in early stage investment, seed capital, through to more conventional loans which are outside of the parameters of the traditional high street lenders, such as Management Buyouts.

Here at FD Capital we are proud to have on board a selection of FD‘s with experience of raising loans from challenger banks, private equty houses and venture capital specialist.

There are tax advantages to be leveraged in these circumstances such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed investment scheme.

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We understand the importance of success to a Private Equity house, and that they can prefer a hands off style, so its so important for our FD’s to have the drive and determination to succeed without a management structure above them.

We understand that the FD and CFO plays a key role in supporting the CEO who ultimately determines the success of the business, and our experience of private equity FD recruitment its the combination of a CEO and CFO/FD together and their chemistry which is the driving force behind a successful business.

We have a good range of contacts particularly in the West Midlands region, including Frontier Capital, Maven, ThinCats plus many others.

Meanwhile here is a useful video.

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