The leading European Directory – Europages

The leading European Directory – Europages

Europages is a leading online directory that caters for the European business community, the company behind the site is called Visable which is a pretty good name for a business seeking to improve the visibility of companies on the internet.

They claim to have 2.4million buyers per month across 15 languages and receive around 3,000 business listing per month. The idea is simply you create a listing in your home country and the site and its team translates that and uses it across 15 other sites which are all in the language of their target audience.  Just that feature in itself gives you access to a much bigger market than you would expect as the EU is home to around 447million people.

If you are promoting a site online then links from reputables places help to boost your online rankings so have links from 15 good sites is therefore more helpeful than just a single one.

Anyway I tried their service our this week, and it does seem pretty impressive, here are our listings, lets see how many enquiries we get and if these all or indeed any of them get picked up and indexed by the various search engines.

I was able to list Reporting Accounts our sister site and FD Capital Recruitment, it took a while for Google to crawl and pick up the backlinks but after a couple of months all the versions got into their respective Google indexes.

Europages UK – Our own UK market place, this version is focused onto the UK

Europages CZ – Their Czech site  FD Capital Recruitment

Europages DK – The Danish version

Europages DE – Targetting the German speaking world, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. – Estonian FD Capital Recruitment

Europages FR – French site

Europages LT – Latvian Site

Europages LI – Lithuanian Site FD Capital Recruitment

Europages SE – Swedish orientated directory

Europages IT – Italian version of their site

Europages HU – Hungarian site

Europages ES – Spanish version FD Captial Recruitment

There are more sites in their network, but the above appear to be the main ones in terms of traffic and Domain Authority.  The links are nofollow which means their links don’t pass authority but that still appears to have a benefit due to the Trust Flow from the these domains.

Business contacts within the European realm are thriving – and more and more medium-sized companies are leveraging this chance to go global. EUROPAGES can be their sales hub! The uncomplicated user navigation enables suppliers to create a strong company profile in no time at all and collect buyer contacts from all over the world.

Our language service package includes up to 15 different languages. Your text is edited by our experts and professionally translated into all your desired languages.

Offer your products internationally with a presence on the 26 EUROPAGES versions. Your company profile appears to everyone searching on Google and is at the top of the search results – regardless of which language your potential customers are using.

The concept is a good one and of course they have registered the relevent domain name in each of the European markets they operate in, so there is good chance this works reasonable well.

Back in the day, Google hit directories hard, but the ones they targetted were little more than a list of links, whereas Europages seems to be much better than this, the targets for Google’s action at the time was websites that were little better than a list of links, now Europages has a lot of great features including recommended similiar companies so I think the fact that it performs so will in the Search results suggests that it is not been treated or classed as anything other than a high quality site.

We are seeing good results in the form of visitors from the respective websites, we have seen more orders since around the time we listed out sites, but as we don’t currently track conversions in that level of detail we can’t attribute the extra traffic, enquiries or sales to Europages, but it maybe is helping our websites to move in the right direction.

In order to build improved rankings a website needs quality links pointing to it, as these past Trust and Authority.  But also targetted visitors who are looking for exactly the product or service that your website offers are likely to stay on your page longer than someone who arrives by accident and therefore the user metrics of these sorts of visitors should be good.

There is therefore a place in your backlink building program for high quality directories such as those within the Europages network of sites.  It makes sense to have a diverse and relevant backlink profile, but of course not one that has too high a proportion of any one type of link within in.

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