Stockbroking/Securities CFO

Stockbroking/Securities CFO

Companies operating within the stockbroking and securities industry need a CFO who can give their organisation a competitive edge. The rise of the ‘everyday investor’, thanks to apps and platforms like Robinhood and Trading 212, means the industry is preparing for another transformation.

CFOs are at the forefront of value creation, digital investment, and strategic transformation. Recruiting a stockbroking and securities CFO is an investment in your company that will pay off dividends.

FD Capital is the UK’s leading financial recruitment agency for stockbroking and securities CFOs, connecting companies and candidates across the UK to work in-house and on a remote basis.

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How Stockbroking CFOs Can Drive Change

CFOs are at the forefront of change within industries and organisations. The rapid development of technology and data, combined with changing consumer behaviour, means that CFOs must reshape the way their companies handle finances and develop long-term strategies.

Stockbroking CFOs wear many hats, taking on the role of risk manager, strategic advisor, and talent developer. They’ll be responsible for an ever-changing portfolio of responsibilities, from leading on digital transformation and addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges.

CFOs within every industry are transitioning beyond number crunching and financial reporting to take on a greater role in business strategy. They’re a key C-suite executive who must engage with every aspect of the business, including overseeing stakeholder engagement.

Today’s securities CFOs are investing in AI and automation, utilising forecasting, and analytics to implement KPIs and take a proactive approach to value creation.

Research by PwC suggests that almost 50% of CFOs believe that developing new digital offerings and products is vital for success. 48% of CFOs are using analytics, AI, and automation to drive digital transformation.

Stockbroking CFOs bring strategic value to their companies by investing in enterprise resource planning to streamline strategy and enhance performance. Strategy implementation requires CFOs to engage with every aspect of the company, building relationships and communications throughout the organisation.

Every CFO will want to ensure that their company is transforming at the right pace, ensuring that value creation is not compromising operations and that capital allocation is made correctly.  Enterprise resource planning will feed into this, providing a means for CFOs to implement processes for optimal performance.

Securities CFOs who are overseeing digital transformation must also consider cybersecurity as part of their risk management strategy, while ensuring that they have scaled their ERP system, including whether to keep systems on-site or in the cloud.

What To Look for In a Securities CFO

Today’s CFOs must have the skill set to meet the leadership, operations, control, and strategy demands of the role.

Stockbroking CFOs must be effective business partners, bringing with them the leadership and communication skills to translate the company’s growth strategy to stakeholders. They shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box and challenge the status quo if the data points in a different direction.

CFOs are increasingly taking on more operational roles, requiring them to engage with every aspect of the company’s business model, while keeping their finger on the industry pulse. Their data-driven insights should form a foundation for business decisions and proactive investments. Securities CFOs will identify potential growth opportunities using real-time data as they should have oversight on the current activities of each business component.

Stockbroking and securities are facing regulatory changes. CFOs are responsible for overseeing risk management while staying on top of compliance and regulatory requirements. Financial reporting and internal controls should minimise risk and identify areas for potential incentives.

Securities CFOs are responsible for supporting strategy development and implementing strategy, prioritising funding, and capital allocation. CFOs must develop modelling and integrate KPIs that analyse the company’s performances while accounting for macroeconomic and industry trends.

Your search for a stockbroking CFO should lead you to a candidate who can be an effective team player, while leading on key aspects of the business, including budgeting and operations. CFOs who are digital natives bring extra value, giving your company a point person to lead on digital transformation and data gathering.

Automated reporting and analytics are at the forefront of financial planning with AI and automation enabling CFOs to utilise more accurate and consistent data through integrated and robust digital infrastructures.

Developing Your Career as a Stockbroking/Securities CFO

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We take an active involvement in helping our candidates develop their careers, whether they’re starting as a part-time CFO or searching for a full-time role in London.

You can develop your potential as a stockbroking CFO by gaining a breadth of experience within the industry, particularly those that offer exposure to operational and commercial aspects. More CFOs than ever are approaching the position from non-traditional backgrounds.

Securities CFOs should have a global perspective, particularly on emerging markets. Developing this perspective will enable CFOs to navigate through periods of volatility and industry disruption.

Financial executives hoping to step up to the role of CFO should take advantage of leadership opportunities that can enable them to develop the communication skills they’ll need when overseeing stakeholder relations with internal and external partners.

Digital investment will be a major focus for stockbroking and securities CFOs in the next decade. Candidates can develop their portfolio by getting familiar with evolving technology, including AI and automation, utilising it in analysing, managing, and presenting their data.

Recruit Your Securities CFO with FD Capital

FD Capital takes a curated approach to CFO recruitment, identifying the specific needs of your company to offer a hands-on recruiting experience when recruiting a stockbroking CFO. We’ll connect you with our network of top CFOs and financial executives to find the securities CFO to unlock your company’s potential.

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