Hire an FD

Hire an FD

At FD Capital, our goal is to streamline the recruitment process when hiring a Financial Director (FD). We work closely with our clients and take a hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process. Our team is made up of financial executives and entrepreneurs who understand the challenges businesses face.

We’ll help you identify the skills and experience you want in your Financial Director to connect your company with a skilled financial executive. Most of the Financial Directors in our talent pool are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants. They are available to work in-house or remotely, as well as on a part-time, interim, or full-time basis in the UK.

Our specialist team of Financial Directors have experience overseeing fundraising, auditing companies, and conducting debt refinancing. Read on to find out more about why you should hire an FD.

Why You Should Hire a Financial Director

The role of Financial Director is about more than facts and figures. They’re a key advisor to the board and report directly to the company’s CEO. SMEs and scaling companies may find a Financial Director to be a more suitable appointment than a CFO. Financial Directors will oversee the financial department and play a senior leadership role in the company.

Our portfolio of Finance Directors has a wealth of skills and knowledge, including expertise in turnarounds, venture capital, rapid growth strategy, and e-commerce. Investing in an FD can prepare your company for the future, whether it’s recession planning, market turbulence, or company expansion.

We’ll work with you to identify the specific needs of your business and shortlist candidates who have the knowledge and expertise to meet your company’s requirements.

The Role of Finance Director

While a Finance Director has similar responsibilities to their CFO counterpart, they don’t have the same c-suite responsibilities. A company can have both an FD and CFO in their organisation with the FD reporting to the CFO. The FD will manage the day-to-day running of the financial department.

A Finance Director will oversee the budgets for each department, working in unison with the departmental managers to plan and analyse budgets. Their primary responsibilities include ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring cash flow, and overseeing financial transactions.

FDs will also strive to build a relationship with investors and the board, working with either the CFO or CEO to do so. Their financial forecasting and analysis will include implementing risk awareness and cost-saving strategies.  An FD may begin their work at a new company by conducting an internal audit.


The difference between CFOs and FDs is harder to notice in smaller organisations where the two roles overlap most. A CEO or Chief Operating Officer can take on some of the responsibilities of an FD in these cases.

Financial Director vs. Chief Financial Officer

It’s important to note that a Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer are two different positions – although they can have overlapping responsibilities. Understanding the differences between a Finance Director vs. Chief Financial Officer can help you determine which position is most suitable for your business.

The Role of Chief Financial Officer

The main differences between an FD and CFO sit in their day-to-day responsibilities. A CFO is responsible for the company’s overall financial operations and sits on the company’s senior leadership team in partnership with the CEO. The role of CFO will differ between organisations, but most will be responsible for developing financial strategies and implementing business plans.

A CFO will have their finger on the industry pulse, monitoring economic trends and identifying potential growth opportunities. They’ll also be involved with implementing employee retention strategies and forecasting expenses.

The most obvious difference between a CFO and FD sits in their credibility and connections. A CFO will build relationships with financial institutions and oversee fundraising responsibilities, including engaging with potential investors.

While an FD will manage the financial department, a CFO will oversee the FD in organisations that have both employees. The CFO will have greater leadership responsibilities, including supervising and monitoring financial activities and managing IT systems. You can view the FD as a managerial role, while the CFO is a company leader who drives growth and development.

Why You Should Outsource Your FD With an Agency

Outsourcing your FD streamlines the process and makes it stress-free. At FD Capital, we take a tailored approach to recruiting, identifying the individual needs of each business to connect them with a candidate who will instantly become part of the company culture.

Cost and Time Effective

Internal recruitment can be expensive and time-consuming. It an average of 30 days to fill a position internally with an HR department. Recruitment agencies are a more cost and time-effective option, removing the manual labour involved while keeping you in the loop.

Utilising a recruitment agency will also give you access to an extensive talent pool of FDs that can be quickly shortlisted for immediate starts.

Shortlisting Candidates

The administration work involved in recruiting, including candidate screening and shortlisting, makes the process more time-consuming. Working with a recruitment agency removes these tasks and gives you a short list of the most suitable candidates.

We’ll narrow down the applicants to find the best-fitting candidate with experience in your industry and the skills to meet your specific needs. Our team can shortlist candidates within 24 hours for time-sensitive positions.

Agencies Have Industry-Specific Knowledge

FD Capital is the leading provider of specialist FDs with a talent pool that includes individuals with experience in industries as varied as construction, e-commerce, hospitality, and publishing. Our clients get insight into the financial recruitment industry, including salary expectations.

Filling Temporary Positions

Are you hiring a CFO or FD at short notice? A specialist recruitment agency will have a pool of candidates available to start work within a few days of notice, whether it’s for a new role or covering maternity or sick leave. The outsourcing process is quicker than advertising externally while ensuring a shortlist of high-quality candidates.

Are you hiring a part-time or full-time FD? Begin the recruitment process by contacting our specialist FD hiring team at recruitment@fdcapital.co.uk.

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