Transfer Pricing Recruitment

Transfer Pricing Recruitment

Transfer pricing recruitment connects multinational companies with senior financial executives with experience in international tax regulations and financial analysis. A transfer price manager will navigate the intricacies of determining the prices for transfers between entities and subsidiaries within multinational companies. It’s the responsibility of a transfer pricing executive to ensure that these transactions are compliant with tax regulations with the correct risk management strategy in place.

At FD Capital, our talent pool of senior financial executives includes specialists in transfer pricing. Our specialist recruiters will help you identify the candidate who can unlock your company’s potential. Start your search for a transfer pricing executive today by contacting our team at or on 020 3287 9501 for a no-obligation consultation.

Transfer Pricing Managers and Executives

Transfer pricing managers and executives have a specialist role within the taxation and financing department of a multinational company. Their responsibilities include ensuring transfer pricing compliance and managing documentation, developing a global transfer pricing policy, and overseeing value chain analysis. These financial executives are expected to keep their finger on the pulse, understanding the implication of changes to transfer pricing rules internationally.

The executive is responsible for ensuring the company’s transfer pricing competency, including dealing with potentially controversial issues relating to intercompany transactions and supply chain matters. Their role is to work in-house while keeping the company at arms-length to prevent a biased approach, allowing them to accurately monitor the transfer pricing to ensure compliance.

Recruit a Transfer Pricing Executive with FD Capital

FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency and a specialist in transfer pricing recruitment. Our headquarters are based in London at Great Portland Street in the centre of the capital’s financial district. We’ve built a reputation for our curated and hands-on approach to recruitment, tailoring each step to address the specific needs of our clients to find the right candidate as quickly as possible.

Most of our tax directors are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants and ATII professionals with experience working for industry-leading companies across multiple sectors. These candidates have the taxation knowledge and experience to oversee your company’s transfer pricing strategy as a leading financial analyst.

We recruit transfer pricing executives on a part-time, interim, full-time, and remote basis, providing flexibility for multinational companies at every stage of their development. Are you a financial executive with experience in transfer pricing and international tax regulations? Join our talent pool of financial executives by submitting your CV to today.

The Role of a Transfer Pricing Executive

A Transfer Pricing Executive acts as a financial link between different parts of a multinational organisation, overseeing inter-company transactions. They’re responsible for overseeing transfer pricing engagements within the company, including preparing documentation studies and defending transfer pricing in third-party audits.

As a senior financial professional, the transfer pricing executive will be expected to develop a transfer pricing solution that accounts for tax regulations throughout the company’s jurisdictions and industries.

Responsibilities of a Transfer Pricing Manager

A Transfer Pricing Executive is expected to act as a bridge between departmental leads and the financial analyst team, leading the company’s transfer pricing engagements and consulting the relevant departments.

Their primary responsibilities include determining the appropriate mythologies for documentation and reviewing the company’s transfer pricing models to keep it aligned with regulatory requirements. They’re expected to develop technical solutions to ensure that transfer pricing audits and litigation can be completed.

Transfer pricing managers act as an advisor to the company’s stakeholders and boards, determining the impact that changes to global transfer pricing rules could have on the company’s existing strategy. They’ll need to manage the transfer pricing documentation to ensure compliance and monitor developments to transfer pricing rules globally, advising on prospective changes.


A company’s transfer pricing executive will develop and implement the company’s transfer pricing policies by working in unison with external advisors and the company’s other taxation professionals. They’ll put systems in place to monitor business changes and implement necessary policies to remain in compliance. A transfer pricing manager will also be required to engage with global tax authorities on related transfer pricing matters.

The role of transfer pricing manager requires a senior financial professional to work closely with their colleagues both domestically and internationally. They’ll need to cooperate with the legal and finance teams throughout the company to ensure agreements are maintained throughout each consignment of the company. A transfer pricing manager should also build relationships and networks with third-party advisors, including industry bodies and tax authorities.

What to Look for In a Transfer Pricing Manager

At FD Capital, we take a 1-on-1 approach to recruitment, starting by understanding the specific needs of your business. It’s our goal to help you identify your needs – from filling skills gaps to ensuring succession planning. Our team will curate each step of the recruitment process to meet your company’s requirements, from handling the interview process to shortlisting candidates.

While we’ll help you identify the right candidate, there are a few things to look for in a transfer pricing manager:

They should have a track record of dealing with company taxation finances, including building, and establishing relationships across multiple departments and company sectors. An ideal candidate should have experience dealing with other corporate tax and international financing issues, including transfer pricing.

A transfer pricing manager is expected to work on tight deadlines, presenting accurate documentation to internal and external stakeholders.

Start Your Transfer Pricing Recruitment Today

FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency, specialising in connecting companies with senior financial professionals, including transfer pricing executives. Our leadership team include financial professionals and entrepreneurs who understand both sides of the recruitment process, bringing a unique insight into recruitment strategies.

We offer a 360-degree approach to recruiting with traditional recruitment and headhunting services. Your dedicated recruiter will work 1-on-1 to understand your company’s specific needs and what you’re looking for in a transfer pricing manager. We’ll help you find the right candidate to unlock your company’s potential and streamline your transfer pricing policies.

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