We are developing our site at the moment and we recognise that the current menu structure doesn’t make it easy for users both human and of the search engine kind to find all of the pages and in particular to feature all of those pages with the prominence we would wish, this section is therefore intended to assist with that recognition and contains links to a selection of pages we find of key interest.

Senior finance vacancies – we are showcasing our current roles in this section, it contains its own list section but to assist.

  • Interim Roles – as the names suggest these are short term roles often 3 – 9 months in duration.
  • Part Time Roles – which are roles for less than 5 days per week.
  • Permanent Roles – long term more traditional opportunities.

Finance Directors Job Description – we see this page as developing into something of a template which employers and recruiters alike can use to help them spec out an FD role.

Blog – the latest news and articles from the team here at FD Capital.

Locations – some more specifics on the locations we serve and places where are team members cover.

Vacancies – another section linked to our advertised roles

Contact us – as the name suggest and easy way to reach out to us.

Hopefully you find this section of assistance if you are in need of a Finance Director Part Time, Interim, Portfolio or Permanent or indeed if you are a candidate looking then reach out to us today via our easy to use Feedback / Contact us form shown above.