Resignation Tips for FD's

Resignation Tips

Resignation Tips For Finance Directors And Chief Financial Officers

You have reached the difficult decision to move on and now it is time to resign from your senior finance position, these times are never easy, you have built loyalty in your team, you have professional friendships and as with all human activities there is inertia.  Typically you have invested a lot of time in the organisation you work for.

Moving on is a step that has to be taken sometimes, you career is advancing, you have a better offer, or a role that better matches your skills, or it is just time for a new challenge, whatever the reason how you handle and approach your resignation will have an impact on your team and your colleagues in senior management.

It is important therefore to carefully think through the decision and find the right moment to speak to the CEO/MD and break the news.

Here’s some tips and advice we’ve put together to help with your senior finance  resignation.

Prepare the team for the news

Before you hand in your notice and immediately after, you need to prepare your team and function for their future.   Good ideas and actions include:

  • Building up the most senior team member so they are familar with more of your work and task, often a Group Financial Controller or FC will be eager to develop and they may be your logical successor.
  • Re-distribute tasks so at least some of your work can be done in your absence.
  • Consider promotions.

The benefit of this approach is that you leave your team with a positive feeling and give them a chance to step up and partly fill or even fill your role.

Always act in a professional way.

Keeping up your standards and acting professionally is always important, particularly if the timing of your resignation is coming at a challenging time for the business.

Clearly explain why you are resigning and when you plan to leave.

Always present your resignation in a positive light, focus on that its right for you to move on, its a personal opportunity but also positive for the business.  The sorts of messages to convey include:

  • A great opportunity has come along for you personally.
  • You have throughly enjoyed your time with the business.
  • It’s an opportunity for the business to build on the progress you have made.
  • New ideas and skills will allow the business to move to the next level.
  • You want to keep in touch with the business and team
  • Explain your motivations in as a postive a way as possible.

Negativity never helps in these circumstances so always attempt to present your departure as a mutual oppportunity.

Prepare yourself so you keep calm and get your message over.

Handing in your notice can be a stressful situation, so make sure your find the best time to speak to the CEO/MD or HR director and prepare yourself so you are not flusters and remain calm during the conversation, make sure you get your points over in a calm and clear manner.

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