FD Capital is the UK’s leading boutique financial recruitment agency, specialising in connecting companies with industry-leading and specialist FDs and CFOs. Our leadership team includes financial professionals and entrepreneurs with experience working with both private and public companies, giving us a unique insight into the evolving industry. We understand the needs of both our candidates and clients.

FD Capital connects companies with specialist FDs and CFOs throughout London, the UK and beyond. Start the process of recruiting a CFO or FD through traditional recruitment or headhunting by contacting our team at recruitment@fdcapital.co.uk or 020 3287 9501.

Our team of recruiters and headhunters operate across all business sectors with our widest talent pool in property management, technology, technical services, and private equity.

Private Equity

At FD Capital, we specialise in recruiting CFOs with PE experience. Our private equity specialists are also digital natives who are engaging with AI and automation to provide next-generation data insights and forecasting for enhanced corporate finance.

The role of a CFO within a private equity company differs slightly. Their principal role is to be an information gatherer, acting as a bridge between the company and its investors. The CFO will communicate the company’s financial position to stakeholders and nurture relationships with investors by building credibility, including with traditional financial institutions.

It’s not uncommon for private equity firms investing in start-ups and SMEs to require the company to recruit a CFO with private equity experience before investing. PE-backed companies will have a greater need for a CFO if their CEO lacks private equity and investing experience.

PE-backed organisations are increasingly recruiting CFOs at the early stages of their funding life cycle. CFOs with private equity house experience are uniquely placed to act on behalf of private equity investors and their companies to maximise value for both sides. A CFO will nurture stakeholder and investor relations to boost financial credibility.

FDs and CFOs in PE-backed companies are growth-oriented. They take a forward-looking approach, rather than looking through their rear-view mirror, as a company’s financial controller may do. An FD or CFO in a private equity-funded company will engage with every department, from human resources to legal and operations, in their role as a strategist and analyst.

Private equity-backed companies will typically want to recruit CFOs and FDs with enterprise-level experience. Many of our talent pool have experience managing every aspect of corporate finance from conducting internal audits to overseeing FP&A and adapting to regulatory changes.


The FD Capital leadership team is made up of financial executives and entrepreneurs with a technology background. We’re one of the leading recruiters for technology CFOs and FDs, working with clients throughout the tech industry, including in fintech and cryptocurrency.

The tech industry is experiencing volatility as it enters a transition phase. While companies like Apple, Alphabet, and Meta are seeing an increase in their share price, the tech industry needs to navigate global uncertainties, new regulations, and macroeconomic uncertainties. It’s why start-ups and SMEs within the tech industry are increasingly turning to a CFO as one of their first C-suite appointments.

Technology CFOs serve a dual function. They’re responsible for the company’s financial health through corporate financing and protecting its assets. A tech CFO will leverage enterprise software and AI to utilise real-time data and accurate forecasting to ensure that KPIs are being met.

Many tech companies are increasingly turning to ‘wartime’ CFOs to survive financially through slow-growth periods or to identify growth opportunities during economic turmoil if the company is well positioned to expand.

Technology CFOs are increasingly developing high profiles in their industry with many tipped to step into the CEO’s shoes. A technology CFO’s forward-looking approach to finance and strategy makes them an ideal candidate for a seamless CEO transition, ensuring company stability. Tech companies that are funded by private equity will need a CFO who can act as a bridge between the organisation and its investors.

We’re also seeing a rise in technology companies recruiting CFOs to promote greater transparency within organisations in the face of growing public demand for the sector to be more regulated.

Financial Services

Our CFO and FD candidates have extensive experience working within financial services. Most of our network of FDs and CFOs operating within corporate finance are ICAEW-qualified accountants.

Corporate and operational finance are two specialist areas where our candidates bring a fresh approach. We’ll connect you with a senior financial executive who can implement new financial structures, secure new funding, and invest in technology.

Corporate finance CFOs are leading the way in the digital revolution, investing in AI and automation to enhance real-time forecasting and data insights. Financial services CFOs and FDs will identify investment opportunities that align with the company’s long-term goals, including potential M&As and expansions.

We understand the challenges that companies within the financial services industry are facing. Your FD or CFO will play four key roles within your organisation – acting as a steward, strategist, operator, and catalyst.


A financial services CFO is a steward, protecting the company’s assets and ensuring that all financial records are accurately maintained in line with regulatory compliance and to ensure transparency. They’ll act in the company’s best financial interest and translate its strategy and financial circumstances to investors and stakeholders. A financial service CFO will also conduct risk management.


CFOs influence a company’s long-term direction as financial strategists, engaging with the strategy of each department to ensure it aligns with the organisation’s financial planning. A financial services CFO will utilise data and forecasting to ensure that the business’ corporate and financial strategies work in cohesion.


Financial services CFOs are company operators. It’s their responsibility to put an efficient financial system in place to utilise FP&A. Operations fall under a CFO’s day-to-day responsibilities as they’ll conduct the company’s financial affairs, including conducting audits and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Our specialist financial services CFOs are a catalyst for change within their organisations. Investing in automation and maintaining a healthy cash flow will enable the company to continue to innovate and boost its efficiency and output.

Property/Facility Management

One of our specialisms within CFO and FD recruitment is property and facility management. These financial executives need a specific portfolio of skills and experience to deal with a customer-facing company and the impact it has on the organisation’s financial planning and forward strategy.

A property management CFO will have to consider the customer experience within their strategy to ensure the brand maintains its image and value. It includes taking proactive steps, such as investing in preventive maintenance and overseeing corporate budgeting to ensure that there is a justifiable return on capital. A property management CFO will utilise forecasting and data to analyse consumer behaviour.

Specialist facility management CFOs must deal with the known versus unknown aspects of their corporate budgeting. While they can account for planned capital improvements, they must account for unknown costs that could negatively impact cash flow in the future.

Our specialist property management CFOs are digital natives who understand how technology is innovating the future of the industry. IT-based solutions and automation enable CFOs to implement streamlined systems, increase transparency, and reduce costs.

Fintech and Cryptocurrency

FD Capital is the leading recruitment agency for FDs and CFOs who specialise in working within the fintech and cryptocurrency industries. Our team has a wealth of experience at the forefront of the industry’s innovation, from overseeing mergers and acquisitions to preparing companies for IPO.

Fintech is a niche determining the future of corporate finance and financial services. An FD Capital CFO will future-proof your business and prepare it for the next decade and beyond by evolving your organisation through leveraging the potential of financial investment and investor relations.

Our specialist CFOs have an entrepreneurial mindset and work dynamically in partnership with their CEO to transform and change companies in line with industry innovation.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

FD Capital is the leading recruitment agency for SaaS companies searching for an FD or CFO to oversee fundraising and corporate finance. Our portfolio of financial executives has experience delivering on seed and Series A funding for SaaS companies.

Start-ups within the industry are increasingly hiring fractional CFOs as one of their first C-suite appointments. Potential investors and stakeholders are more comfortable engaging with companies that have a CFO on board as it boosts financial credibility, particularly with traditional financial institutions.

Many of the SaaS CFOs we recruit operate on a part-time basis for start-ups and SMEs who are exploring fundraising opportunities. It’s an affordable way for scaling companies to access industry-leading talent with a specialist SaaS CFO. Investing in a part-time CFO can open new fundraising opportunities for SaaS companies. A part-time CFO will fill the skills gap of a CEO without prior private equity experience.

Banking and Investment Banking

Banking and investment banking are two of the most sought-after fields of expertise for CFOs. FD Capital is uniquely positioned as a London-based financial recruitment agency with links across the City of London.

Our candidates are at the forefront of the changes occurring within the banking industry in the face of digital innovation, the rise of fintech companies, and the growing number of everyday investors empowered by trading apps. These challenges are leading to CFOs taking on a greater role within traditional financial institutions and investment banks.

The role of banking and investment banking CFOs has changed drastically since the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis with an increased role for technology and greater regulatory challenges.

Merger and Acquisitions

Specialist merger and acquisition CFOs need to have a unique set of soft skills, experience with stakeholder relations, and corporate finance expertise to maximise value for their company. Your FD Capital recruiter will help you identify the skills and experience you need from your CFO to deliver a successful M&A.

Your FD or CFO will identify potential M&A opportunities and incorporate risk management into their strategy to get the most value out of their deal.

An M&A specialist CFO is responsible for gathering the data – including positive and negative factors – to present an objective look at the other organisation and the potential value the acquisition could bring.

Companies planning an M&A that occurs across jurisdictions may require a specialist CFO with experience dealing with international legal systems and taxes. FD Capital has a talent pool of bilingual CFOs with experience in M&A.


FD Capital specialises in connecting insurance companies in London, including Lloyd of London underwriters, with FDs and CFOs. Our headquarters are in Great Portland Street, putting us in the heart of the City of London.

FDs and CFOs are enabling insurance companies to navigate the challenges of increasing regulatory demand and changing consumer demands. They’re adding value to insurance companies by implementing real-time forecasting through technological investment, enabling companies to react quickly to industrial and consumer changes.


E-commerce is one of our growing specialists at FD Capital as we see a rise in demand for CFOs and FDs with a background in e-commerce and digital infrastructure. A specialist e-commerce CFO will focus on optimising the company’s income and eliminating excessive expenditure by leveraging real-time data and forecasting to predict consumer behaviour.

Our specialist e-commerce CFOs have experience working alongside marketing and operational teams to create a joint-up and cohesive strategy. An e-commerce CFO takes a high-level view of the company’s finances and strategy while maintaining a forward-thinking approach.


A growing number of hospitality companies are turning to CFOs to navigate changing consumer trends and tricky economic circumstances. A hospitality CFO is an information gatherer who will invest in AI and automation to utilise trend predictions within their capital budgeting.

These CFOs will utilise financial management to access critical real-time information and forecasting to boost the company’s value and visibility. They’ll want to link their financial strategy with operation and performance KPIs to streamline planning and reduce budget timelines to ensure cash flow management.

Entrepreneurial CFOs will develop business process management and promote strategies that enhance the guest experience and optimise revenue. Hospitality CFOs will ensure asset management with systems that utilise real-time data for an enterprise-wide view of property management with integration with KPIs.