Part-Time CFO’s

We now offer CFO’s as well as FD’s on a part-time basis.  If you need a Chief Financial Officer in London, the South East or the West Midlands, then reach out to us today, we have a growing network of experienced CFO’s across London and close to Birmingham so we can service all your needs.   Following from the success of our Portfolio FD offering we have now broadened that to include CFO roles.

There are many benefits possible with a part-time CFO.  These include:-

  • A far greater level of credibility with external advisor and funders such as banks or private equity houses.
  • Lower cost as time is pro-rata and can be matched to the business need.
  • A contact network which can be drawn on to help find specialists as the business needs evolve and require.
  • A hugely experienced professional with many years of experience.

If you are looking for an FD instead then the following pages might interest you.

Part Time London based FD’s

Part Time Birmingham based FD’s

If you need a CFO or FD on an interim basis we can also assist with that.

If you are thinking of going down this route, why not call us on 07528 969471 and we can have an initial chat and meeting to decide how best to move forward.