Podcasting as a way to promote your business

I’ve been working part time for Reporting Accounts for the last 12 months, currently one day per week, as part of this assignment I am helping with their daily podcasts, it really is interesting, I record a series of podcasts on topics that appear in the financial press and they are released during the week and I am presented as their in-house financial expert.

What is good about using podcasts is that you can syndicate the same content and distribute it to a variety of different news outlets that handle audio types of files, there are general plaforms such as soundcloud and niche ones such as podcasts which does what it says on the tin.

Our content seems to be doing well and we are getting orders and enquiries which can clearly be traced back to the various podcasts I have recorded. It is really rewarding to see that I am helping the company with its financial strategy and accounting and at the same time with its online marketing.

A couple of examples where are content is appearing are shown below:-

Podcasts – this website was bought by Twitter a year or two ago so as you can imagine it is backed by a huge player in the online space.

I like the directory feature on Podcasts the result of which is if you post regularly then your podcast is never more than two clicks away from their home page, which must mean more chance of visitors and more authority associated with their main pages.   I am posting each of my episodes here separately at the moment as a trial to see how much progress we make.

Breaker audio – which seems to be a good quality place for podcasts

Podomatic – seems to be a very strong site and with a nice layout, you also get a secondary type of profile on a sub domain, I am not sure the value of this but you can see our podomatic version here.

A good feature with podomatic is that they have a directory which features new and popular podcasts, plus a community type feature where you can see related podcasts and follow members and their podcats.

Out of the sites I am using so far this seems the best outside of the major brands.  I am yet to create a profile on the strongest site of all itunes, but that is one my “to do list”

Soundcloud A site I am less certain about is Soundcloud this is more of a pure music channel where you can save the tracks you like and for a monthly subscription listen to as many as you want, there is also an active user based with social features such as sharing and following, plus commenting. 

I’ve enjoyed listening to the music but doubt if this will bring much traffic or users, but its free to upload tracks so is worth a go.   It is a huge brand and has very strong traffic metrics so there is a chance it may work.

What is good is that by using different approaches there is a better chance of evaluating the potential of each of these “channels” and having even a trickle of traffic from multiple sources can accumulate up to be a worthwhile traffic stream overall.

To learn a little more about our progress with podcasts please visit our website’s blog where we have been writing about our progress with podcasting.

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