Manchester CFO Recruitment

Manchester CFO Recruitment

At FD Capital, we’re proud to be Manchester’s leading recruiter of Chief Financial Officers. Our team oversees recruitment for interim, full-time, and part-time CFOs across Manchester and the surrounding Northwest region.

We’ve built a reputation for our curated and client-driven approach to recruitment. Our goal is to connect talented financial executives with start-ups and scaling companies looking to take the next step in their business journey. The changing role of CFOs makes them a vital part of any company’s c-suite team as a leader and strategic advisor.

Manchester’s growing position on the international stage makes it one of the most exciting business hubs in the UK.  Global brands like Barclays, Deloitte, Google, and KPMG have offices in Manchester.

Whether it’s with companies focused on research and development, e-commerce, or aviation, Manchester is full of exciting opportunities for CFOs and financial executives.

Our talent pool of financial executives includes FDs and CFOs who have worked with public and private companies across the UK. We’ll provide you with a short list of CFO candidates that match the needs of your companies, whether it’s a remote or in-house opportunity.

Meet FD Capital

FD Capital is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in connecting financial professionals with companies throughout the UK and beyond. Our leadership team is made up of entrepreneurs and talented CFOs who have worked with some of the leading companies in Manchester and beyond.

Start your recruitment process for a full-time or part-time CFO in Manchester by contacting our team at 020 3287 9501. Our team of Manchester CFOs are available to work in-house or remotely with most of our candidates being ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants with experience working for some of the UK’s leading organisations.

Are you a financial executive looking to take the next step in your career? Join our talent pool in Manchester by contacting our team at

Chief Financial Officers in Manchester

At FD Capital, we work closely with our candidates to support their career progression as Financial Directors and Chief Financial Officers. Our recruitment team will work closely with you to identify the best opportunities for your skill set and experience.

We also take a client-led approach to our recruitment process. Your recruitment lead will help you identify the needs of your company to find the most suitable candidate. Your Manchester CFO will spearhead your financial department and play a vital role in advising your company’s senior leadership team.

We recognise that every company has its unique needs. Some will need a CFO to promote growth, while others may choose a CFO to change their company’s fortunes. Our portfolio of CFOs in Manchester includes leading experts in e-commerce, turnarounds, venture capital, and rapid growth situations.

Your new CFO will use their contacts and experience in the industry to spreadhead your company’s financial strategy. It’s more important than ever before to have a CFO on your senior leadership team.

Today’s CFOs are taking on an increasingly important strategic, operational, and leadership role within organisations. Gone are the days when CFO worked solely on spreadsheets and balancing budgets.

Starting Your CFO Recruitment Process

Our leadership team at FD Capital includes entrepreneurs, Finance Directors, and CFOs. We have a unique insight into the needs of businesses from a CEO’s point of view. Our team know the difficulties of running a business and the vital role of a CFO in a company’s leadership team.

We’ll start the recruitment process by working with you to identify the needs of your company and the role that your CFO will play. This approach is vital to ensuring you find the ideal candidate the first time around.

At FD Capital, we recruit CFOs on a part-time, interim, and full-time basis to give you the flexibility that your business needs. Our CFOs are also available to work on a remote or in-house basis.

Why Your Manchester Company Needs a CFO

ManchesterHiring a CFO in Manchester can positively change your company’s current trajectory. Our team of Manchester CFOs have experience with finance restricting, mergers, and acquisitions, and overseeing distressed situations. A CFO will make your company more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Hiring a CFO is the best way to prepare your company for major change, whether you’re preparing for an IPO or looking to refinance your company. Your CFO is the second-in-command to the CEO, providing the data-driven analysis that helps ground their strategy decisions.

Our talent pool of CFOs has experience overseeing investor relations and managing exits and strategic planning.

Hiring a CFO in Manchester

At FD Capital, our goal is to streamline the recruitment process to find the best candidate quickly and efficiently for you. We want your new Manchester CFO to instantly become part of your company culture. Whether it’s fundraising or taking your company digital, your new CFO will enable your organisation to realise its potential.

Our team works closely with our clients and takes a hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process, helping identify the skills and experience your company’s CFO needs.

Applying for CFO Positions in Manchester and Beyond

Are you searching for a CFO position in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK? Reach out to our recruitment team today to become part of our exclusive talent pool. You can submit your CV directly to our team at

Are you taking the next step in your career by becoming a CFO? If you’re a finance executive in Manchester looking for your first CFO position, our recruitment team will help you transition into the next stage of your career.

We recruit on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis for companies across the UK and beyond with remote working opportunities. Whether you’re a portfolio CFO or want a full-time CFO role in Manchester, FD Capital is here to support your career journey.

Recruiting Your Manchester CFO with FD Capital.  

Our goal at FD Capital is to connect you with the best candidate the first time around. We want you to find a Manchester CFO who will create a positive impact on your organisation. Identifying your company’s needs for a CFO enables us to streamline the recruitment process.

FD Capital has an undisputed reputation for striving to connect high-quality financial professionals with companies throughout the UK and beyond. Our talent pool includes financial executives in Manchester and the surrounding Northwest area who are available to work immediately.

Begin the recruitment process for your Manchester CFO by reaching out to our team today. We’ll work with you through every step of the process to find the leading CFO who will become a leader within your organisation.

Start your journey with FD Capital to recruit your CFO in Manchester

by contacting our team at or 020 3287 9501.