Part Time Finance Director London

Part Time FD / Portfolio FD London

London is one of the greatest cities in the World to live and work in, there is always so much to do and see and there seems to be a never ending supply of entrepreneurs willing to get stuck in and bring their ideas forward turning them into businesses.   Often businesses like this are on a rapid growth curve and need a Finance Director to help steer them through their growth phase.  Often there is not the need for a full time commitment during this stage so an ideal solution for a business like this is to recruit a Part Time or Portfolio Finance Director, ie one who works for a few days per month or days per week.

Many of our FD’s have private equity experience as well as PLC and family owned businesses and we can find someone who will be an ideal match.  Some of our team members have expertise with Search Marketing and have worked in Ecommerce which may be an ideal match for a tech company aiming to grow via Search Engine Marketing.

The sheer size of London means there are always a wide range of professionals available but the dynamic nature of the UK job market means that the right people with the right talents are often in short supply.

If you are looking for a Part Time FD or Portfolio FD in London then talk to us we are specialists in this niche and can find the perfect candidate for you today.